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  1. I am needing the spacer that goes in front of the buffer tube that connects to the back of the grip, it fills in the gap when you extend the buffer tube back. Like the one shown in this pic. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/613589/dpms-stock-extender-1-ar-15-aluminum-matte
  2. Yes I am seeing that as well. Well I guess if someone has one to sell that will be the only way I can get one. If you see one for sell please let me know and thanks for your help.
  3. Forgot this will fit the Lar 8 308. I noticed that it is a AR 15 part.
  4. So would this work https://www.midwayusa.com/product/613589/dpms-stock-extender-1-ar-15-aluminum-matte Did not see it for sell on the web address you gave but found this one. Is it the same and this ar 15 part will work with the PRS stock minus the screws?
  5. I have heard about the 1" stock extender, but what about the front of the buffer tube, is there not a gap there that needs a spacer that is right above the grip? and if so were do I get it and what is the part number. Thanks for the help
  6. I have not got the PRS stock yet do to me reading on other post about the PRS stock having problems with the cheek rest and charging handle for the 308 version. they all say that they have put a spacer or something in to make it fit, but they do not say what and were to get it. If anyone has the RRA Lar 8 and have the PRS 308 stock on there's, could you tell me that it does fit with out any spacers or were you got yours or what you did to make it work right. Love this site it has help me alot.
  7. I have a RRA Lar-8 308 with the A2 stock on it from RRA. I am wanting to put a PRS A2 stock on it but I can not find the spacer or what ever I need to make the stock go back further so that the charging handle will not hit the cheek rest. I would like to know were I can get them with part numbers to make it easier to find. Please Help!
  8. I will try moveing it back and see if it help. Thanks will let you know.
  9. I thought that the bipod should be close to the muzzle? Were should I have the bipod, does it still jump putting it back closer to the mag well?
  10. That seems to be what everyone is saying, so I think I will save up to get the barrel and jp item . Nice RRA, did you use the spacer on your Magpul PRS stock? and who did your threading on your barrel to place the JP on it?
  11. Thanks will go look at the video and I know what you are talking about now. Thanks Will let you know if there is a differents. Thanks again for all the suggestion.
  12. I am going out to the rang Wed. so will slow down and try what you suggested. will let you know if it got better.
  13. So getting the barrel threaded is cheaper, will look into that and see what the differents is. So it looks like my best option is to get a muzzle brake. Thanks for the help. will keep up on this post to see if some one has any other idea's. Thanks again glad I came to this sight.
  14. I am saving up for a RR crome molly threaded barrel, will take time and wanted to know if there is somthing else that would help, without a lot of money.
  15. I have heard about the JP. but was wanting to see if there was something else before I went that route. Would a heavyer buffer and better sping help at all? And thanks for all the suggestions keep them coming.
  16. Have heard most say they can shoot and see there impact on target. Would like to see mine as well if possible.
  17. I have a RRA LAR-8 Varmint for about a year now and have had problems with muzzle jump. I am not flenching. I have changed out the bipod and helped a little. I shoot at the rang that has concrete benches, but I use a sand bag under the bipod. I have tryed useing a bag insted of the bipod but still jumps at the muzzle. I do reload my own ammo and have tryed useing less powders and different variation. It does not hinder me from getting good groups as you can see by my four shot group at 200 yds. see pics Is there anything else I can try to tame it with out a muzzle brake. RRA LAR-8 Varmint Operator A2 stock Blackhawk Travers Bipod TRO free float rail
  18. Hi, I am new to this forum or should I say this is my first. I have had my RRA LAR-8 for about a year. I am still working up the loads for it and so fare is the best rifle I have owned to date. I will post pic in a few. Glad there is other RRA lovers out there. I to am looking to get the Magpul PRS and glad I read this post to know it needs the extender on it to work. Have you had any problems with it at all ? Hope you all have a good New Year.
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