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  1. This information is NOT at the behest of my would-be Antagonist, it is for those who truly question anything I have said about the HYPERFIRE 24-3G trigger in the S&W MP-10. That said, I seriously doubt that anyone really expects me to disassemble it, re-assemble in factory configuration (to take a picture), and again assemble the components that are currently functioning perfectly? There are other comments other than mine about the fact the 24-3G will not fit into an ambi-equipped S&W MP-10. Including HYPERFIRES own site explaining ‘what it won’t fit’ http://www.hiperfire.com/resources/what-lowers-will-the-hipertouch-fcgs-not-work-in/ Also, this links to a video comparing top of the line triggers. The audio is poor but improves as it progresses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhkmzcjjny8#t=1093 Interestingly, they give favorable evaluations to ALL of the triggers. So rest easy, whatever you have chosen in the top of the line category is a ‘good’ trigger. No brand is being slammed! I trust this information will clear any confusion. Best to the audience, illusion <thumbsup>
  2. I promised only one shot across your bow. Help me keep that promise and STAY OUT OF MY FACE... You are only feeding a childish ego. Thank You Kindly <thumbsup>
  3. Sorry SURVIVALSHOP.. Saw this post AFTER I replied. Yes, it IS and it DOES exactly that.
  4. DUNNO! That is a moot point with me the plug was my MP-10 'fix'. Anything left-handed (to Me) is akin to a teat on a boar ... I am a right-right handed person ::)
  5. Was not trying to 'sell' anything or even convince anyone to purchase a Hyperfire. The 24-3G I have is on the par with a Jewell target trigger on a M-700 so it works for me. Consider it another arrow in your quiver should someone ask plusses and minuses on a 24-G3 you can at least answer. I have never touched a Geissele so cannot make a personal comment.. From what I hear they are great triggers, but at least in my mind, I cannot see how they could be better for me than the one I have. Difficulty of installation in some applications accepted. Thank You for bearing with me ::)
  6. Isn't that a bit callous, what has 'this guy' ever done to intentionally offend you? <dontknow>
  7. ..Thought that was what I said <dontknow> Perhaps a picture:
  8. I discovered this question after I said I would refrain from chatter, but I guess it's aimed at me so I will respond. The apparatus on the top of the 24-series triggers http://www.hiperfire.com/hipertouch243g.html is interrupted by the ambi-bolt release lever (on a S&W MP-10 ..for sure) that is not present on non-ambi lower receivers. If the release lever is removed it clears and operates flawlessly. Without, it does not fit.
  9. DEAL! Guess I put my foot in my mouth, eh? Personally I prefer information based on fact instead of conjecture no matter how old it is. Just opened an old wound and didn't realize I was doing something improper. Sorry, I'll keep my comments to myself and stay out of 'old' threads. Won't happen again.. Thanks
  10. OUCH! ($$) Just ordered one form AP Sunday.. probably one in the same.
  11. Who knows, MAYBE it was the only $hitty barrel he ever produced.. But you have to admit the 'fix' would have left the same poopy taste in your mouth too. Used the barrel for a test-bed trying everything I could think of but it never got any better. Even went so far as to make a tension barrel out of it which was the final try... nice and light but same old junk as It started out. I am a long-time BROWNELLS customer, but there seems to be a lot of griping on AR barrels they're selling if you take time to filter the feedback. <dontknow>
  12. Appears to be the same, except I got it from the Rainier website. One of their people said it was ratchet rifled.. don't know who made the blank.
  13. MAGWA; Looks a lot like a TIMNEY to me. Cost is the same as the 24-3G which I dearly love, so cannot justify buying something else. The only problem I had was having to remove the southpaw contraption, which I could care less about http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y4/wsp617/1_zpsd7546e37.jpg. I machined a plug to replace the release lever and suggested Terry Bender (owner) might consider making them available out of polycarb or something like that as an accessory, but never heard back. Not hard to make...
  14. So It Does: http://www.hiperfire.com/resources/what-lowers-will-the-hipertouch-fcgs-not-work-in/
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