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  1. D.R.D.

    My Remington 700

    Very nice. Did you add a recoil lug? How do you like that stock?
  2. D.R.D.

    Need a scope for a new rifle

    Check out the Burris XTR II 4-20x50. I just got one with a Horus 59 reticle for under $1200. You can get it for under a grand with other reticles. SniperCentral, CS Tactical and others gave it a pretty good nod, and it's got a really durability record so far according to them (meaning , they hardly see them returned for servicing, unlike Vortex and others). Great warranty, Japanese glass I think, etc, etc.
  3. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    Thanks. I appreciate your help. Got some other parts on order. so I'll keep you posted. Cheers
  4. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    You're looking at the UTG. Regardless what they told you on the phone, you can plainly see it's 7 11/16" internal depth. The Vltor measured a tiny bit over 7 3/4"
  5. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    The attached image is of the UTG Pro. I measured the Vltor side-by-side before putting it on, and it was only ~5/8" deeper. Both are very well lubed, as is the spring.
  6. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    This is the one I ordered: Product #: 348370 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/348370/vltor-a5-recoil-system-carbine-receiver-extension-buffer-tube-7-position-mil-spec-diameter-ar-15-aluminum-black?utm_medium=email&utm_source=service&utm_campaign=order-confirmation&utm_content=product-description-link
  7. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    So then, I guess I wondering if there is any risk to doing nay damage to the receiver or BCG if I put this: https://dsgarms.com/armec0040 with the H3 Buffer or this: https://www.kakindustry.com/lr308-carbine-buffer-heavy with the EA1095 spring or the shorter spring and .308 carbine buffer? ...all would be running in the Vltor A5 7 5/8" tube.
  8. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    Alright, so I got the Vltor A5 extended (7 5/8") tube. It turned out it was only 1/8" longer than the UTG Pro I had on before. Now this is happening. It's not even ejecting. I even opened up the gas block all the way. No dice. Tried 5 different mags. Multiple settings withe the gas block too. No cycling. Considering the heavier buffer to slow the cycling, but I can't help feeling like even though the bolt can lock back, there's not enough room in that tube for the H3 buffer & EA1095 spring. So even if I put in the XH Carbine Buffer, it's still the same 3.250" as the H3. One additional things I noticed: If I insert a mag loaded with two rounds, chamber a round, then pull back the charging handle a 1/2" to check that the round was chambered, the next round won't fire - as if the bolt won't go all the way forward again and the firing pin doesn't connect with the primer. I simply hear a click. This whole thing is frustrating, especially since it's shooting sub MOA. Might as well have a bolt-gun at this point. LOL!
  9. D.R.D.

    FS larue MBT trigger

    Er....why would anyone pay that when they are now shipping NEW for $87 until xmas? *Link removed*
  10. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    I spoke with Clint at Heavy Buffers as well. He agrees with what 98Z5V wrote. Given the recoil of 168-178gr loads, and an effective break, I wouldn't want to go lighter than 5.4 oz. on that buffer. So, I ordered the Vltor extension. It will be in next week.
  11. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    Ok, so here's what I've got. Bolt seems to go all the way back, mag & bolt catches engage properly when manually pulled back. Check out the gas tube position. External length of the tube is just shy of 8" Internal length seems to come in at 7 1/4" What about dropping in one of these: http://heavybuffers.com/car10xh.html Would I be able to use my Armalite spring, or have to use the Heavy Buffer's spring? Aren't there slightly shorter springs that I could use instead of the current one to solve the same issues?
  12. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    This one? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1003409554/vltor-a5-recoil-system-carbine-receiver-extension-buffer-tube-7-position-mil-spec-diameter-ar-15-aluminum-black I did in fact measure it when I first received it - but I only measured the exterior length, and compared it to a AR15 receiver extension tube. I didn't measure the internal depth. Figured I was good to go, especially when it seemed to lock back when built. What about dropping in one of these: http://heavybuffers.com/car10xh.html Would I be able to use my Armalite spring, or have to use the Heavy Buffer's spring?
  13. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    Won't be able to get to this for a few days due to work...so don't eat all your popcorn just yet...
  14. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    So, for best results with a rifle length gas system, how far should it protrude compared to the photo above?
  15. D.R.D.

    Ye ole' cycling issue...

    Yeah, that wasn't my build, just a thread I responded to, I believe. It was a build idea, not my actual rifle. Matt, LOL - yeah, that damn LW. I only had to speak with them once, it was delivered on time, and shot less that a 3/4" group with the first 4 shots out of the tube. I should probably replace it.... ;-) 98ZV5 - I'll measure as soon as I can, then lube it silly, and try again with 3 different mags and let you know...