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  1. D.R.D.

    Your ideal build

    · .308AR Build - Pretty much a Flakor build with a few key mods: - Falkor Defense Ambi Billet Receiver Set · Falkor Defense QPQ BCG · 20” Bartlein rifle-length, 5R, heavy contour (.936) 1:10-1:975 LH Gain twist · Falkor 19” Tranny Handguard · Brake: JEC Quick Brake & thread cover · Geissele Hi-Speed DMR · Grip –Ergo · Stock: Magpul PRS · Charging Handle: Radian Raptor-SD · SLR 9 Low Profile Adjustable Gas block .936 & tube (nitrided) · Lower parts kit w/o grip or tcg - Fulton · Armaspec ST45 - 45 Degree Short Throw Ambi Safety Selector Switch · Falkor Castle nut & End Plate · Falkor upper parts (port cover, spring, forward assist) · DPMS Receiver Extension tube · Slash’s XH Heavy Buffer & Spring
  2. D.R.D.

    Muzzle Brake Options

    Nathan Wright at Muzzle Brakes and More can make you pretty much any diameter and have it turned down to he neck size you want for a few bucks extra
  3. D.R.D.

    EDC Flashlights?, by Brother Jacob

    Love this one: http://www.sunwayman-usa.com/sunwayman-v11r-neutral.html -Compact -Bright -Simple on/off/momentary tail cap operation like Surefire. No Strobe. -Variable brightness (bezel rotates, but firm) -And the damn clip stays in my pocket unlike so many others I wasted money on
  4. D.R.D.

    Which Handgun Caliber is better ?

    Interesting: (from the comments below the article) "Ok you made the comment “surgeons can’t tell by looking at a cadaver on a slab which caliber put them there.” Two problems with that. 1 If it’s on a slab in a morgue it would be a pathologist or coroner looking at it. Any experienced of those could definitely tell the difference by the size of the entry/exit holes and surrounding tissue damage. That’s their job. 2. Having worked on many a poor soul in a trauma OR for almost 25 years, where surgeons do see the damage, I can say with a personal record of about 72% accuracy that just looking at x-rays I know whether it’s a 9mm or a 45acp. That goes up drastically once I see the actual wound. Even the high end expanding 9mm self defense round make small dime to nickel sized holes, unless they hit long bone, the bone is shattered and small pieces of the bullet are mixed in with the bone fragments. . The 40 makes nickel to quater sized holes long bones are also shattered and big pieces of bullet are present. The 45acp rounds make lemon sized holes, long bones are powdered and the mostly intact bullet is found past the bone not in its fragments. When it comes to vitals hit, heart, lungs, liver. Heart hits well all calibers the victim is gone by the time they reach us. Lung, 9mm unless it’s in the hylum no problem ewsy fix sew up the hole, 40 you’re missing a small chunk of lung to fix same with the hylum, 45acp well that lobe of the lung is a goner. Hylum hits 9mm if the Pulmonary artery and vein are not directly hit pain in the arse but fixable, 40 same, 45acp d.o.a. even a near miss shreds the P.A. and P.V. Now on to the liver. 9mm makes messy holes that are fillable with coagulants, 40 larger holes that require the use of lots of electrocautery as well as the coagulants, 45acp usually we have to resect that section of the liver to stop the bleeding due to that area is pretty much liquified. This has been my actual experience working in US Navy during Desert Storm and a level one trauma facility in Washington DC for more than 2 decades. We have a VERY active gun and knife club and the police, secret service and miltary police shoot lots of people with a combination of these rounds, the bad guys add even more. You see as many holes as I have you can easily tell the difference."
  5. D.R.D.

    $70 .308 barrel!

  6. D.R.D.

    Barrel Sale

  7. D.R.D.

    LaRue Trigger on sale $99

    "divorce sale."???
  8. D.R.D.

    1:8 for a 308?

    StainTrain, What are you finding stabilizes best at distance out of 16" or 18" with a 1:10 twist?
  9. D.R.D.

    1:8 for a 308?

    I have actually spoken with Litz about this very topic. Of course he said it comes down to BC for long range, and that the tighter twist is really best suited for much heavier rounds like this one that he designed: http://www.buyabmammo.com/308-winchester-185gr-berger-match-juggernaut-target.html
  10. D.R.D.

    1:8 for a 308?

    .308AR barrel with a 1:8 twist? You'll probably have to go custom. I've only seen that on a couple shorter barreled R700's and custom guns. Never seen a factory barrel on an AR in .308 with that twist. What length are you looking for, and why such a tight twist? You planning on using super-heavy bullets?
  11. D.R.D.

    Titanium Barrels

  12. D.R.D.

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    To help with your optics choice: http://opticsthoughts.com/?page_id=476
  13. D.R.D.

    Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    If budget is a concern: Aero Precisions Upper - GTG Aero Precision Lower - GTG Aero Precision 15" keymod handguard - GTG BARREL, I'm thinking 18" don't know what brand though. Rifle Length. - Go Criterion at Futon Armory. Super tight budget: Ballistic Advantage or Faxon Rise Armament Compensator or Lantac Dragon - Those are "ok" if you want a comp. VG6 is a bit better. For a brake, go Muzzle Brakes and More ""Beast"- 3 or 4 ports Rise Armament RA-434 High Performance Trigger (maybe RA-140) - Meh. I have the RA-140. Wait for the Giessele holiday sales Rise Armament .308 BCG or Aero Precision .308 BCG - go Aero LuthAR MBA1 rifle stock - It's light, but I found it very uncomfortable compared to Magpul LuthAR chubby grip - whatever you like OPTIC, I'm thinking I might go with a lower end Vortex - Save up. Don't wast money here. JP low pro adjustable gas block - Budget: Radical arms. Saving up: SLR or Superlative Arms Good luck!!
  14. D.R.D.

    Muzzle Brake Options

    One more thing....it seemed the best results for .308 specifically were with a 4-port MBM. Of course, the wider diameter brakes perform better in that class.
  15. D.R.D.

    Muzzle Brake Options

    Yeah, APA and PA use steeper baffle angles, but somehow MBM is able to get equal or better results with his specific shape and angle. Of course, his best results at recoil reduction were brakes on larger calibers with 4 or 5 ports.