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  1. Oops, yes, I should have said "at" not "in" I have the Nikon in 4-12x40.
  2. I have both the PA 4-14 (with the ACSS reticle) and the Nikon M223. I find the PA is not as crisp and clear as the Nikon, but I do like the illuminated reticle on the PA. Basically, for me it came down to price. I begrudgingly went with the PA instead of buying the M308. $250 vs $500. For half the price I am quite happy with PA. I don't know how well it will hold up, but I will find out! the reticle "cant problem" you might hear about was with an older run(as I understand it) the reticle was slightly "unlevel", mine is level.
  3. I've got the 4-14 ACSS from PA. I did quite a bit of research, but basically it sight unseen. I'm pretty satisfied with it overall. I agree the glass is clear, and I like the reticle. And I wanted FFP with BDC. But it is heavy and the turrets clicks are mushy, but they can be adjusted/lubricated according to some posts I saw. Maybe they will just wear in. I really wanted the illuminated reticle for two eye aiming at the 4x per the acog BAC, but I just can't get it to work all that well. Only the horseshoe lights up, so when the background is dark you can no longer use the bdc or rest of the reticle. Comparatively my Nikon P223 in the same magnification is clearer, lighter and has a kind of reflective reticle that shows up well on dark backgrounds. I think the PA scope was a great value and I plan to use it as long as I can.
  4. The clearances (especially on the top) are not large, but it should be adequate without any grinding on the Gas Block. I already high-temp/med-strength loctited the new gas block in place, so I can't get pics.
  5. I could not find information anywhere whether this would work or not, but I got my new APEX handguard and it fits nicely over the railed gas block on my oracle. My rifle has the Koelbl single rail gas block (not the sportical version). Having said that, after checking I switched out to an adjustable gas block from Red Barn Armory. BTW this is my first 308AR and first post!
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