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  1. thanks guys, if you here of more info...please post to this thread.
  2. hi, dont have a need for any at this time but i would like to know where the best place is to find replacement "small parts" for my 308 gen ii. its a dpms 24" gen ii bull to be exact. its kinda hard to keep up since the company was sold and bought a couple of times. also, are parts even being made by Remington or whoever owns it now? wish i knew the whole story behind the selling of the co. and who to contact about the rifle if need be. thanks for your help!
  3. yeah i have seen some of the vendors who have bought up the parts( maybe call them thieves) cuz the prices i saw before dpms went under these parts are now over 50% higher in price. anyhow i just wanted to know if i would ever need them.
  4. are you saying they are no longer manufacturing parts for these Gen ii rifles or any other DPMS rifle?
  5. ok, thanks guys. i`ll keep the information in case i need it.
  6. hello, 2 yrs ago i bought a new dpms gen ii ( 24in stainless bull bbl.) i just now have had time to get it out of the safe and examine it , and try to work a good load for it. but news to me...i find out dpms had been sold and no longer has any customer support ( that i know of ). if i have a manufacturing problem with it, how or where do i call for any type of support/help? or am i s.o.o.l?
  7. thanks guys. i already have all the manuals. i just wanted to know if anyone had any specific data using 147gr surplus bullet pulls. only 150gr in manuals. i knew i could probably start out slow using 150 data i but i thought maybe someone in here might have used 147gr pulls and had their own data wrote down that they could share.
  8. hi, i sure somewhere in here there is data for 147 gr. pulls. but there are so many pages to sift thru i was hoping someone can send me a link or share some data for these bullets. powders i have for use are blc2, h335, imr 4895, reloader 15, varget & 8208xbr for this particular cartridge. thank you for any help!
  9. edit...i have already ordered one of these. $16 i believe. i`ll only be using at bench so if it functions fairly well i`ll be happy. no intentions on using for any other purpose.
  10. thanks, but no need to measure. but with my set up, it must be close to flush. i know this because my other ar10`s are the same way with how i shoot off the rest i have.
  11. since this thread still has some traffic...i`ll ask another question, ASC mags for my dpms 308. how are these? i`ve been looking for a 5 round mag to use @ bench. dpms only has 4 round. since i always fire 5rds per test load when reloading, i dont want to use a 4 rounder. ASC seems to be the only one who makes 5 rounders. mag limiters won`t work in case your wondering why i don`t use them...the length of the mag while in a bench rest does not cut it.
  12. thanks for the heads up! but i just found one today @ 399.99. SWFA trade-in. as new in box no less!!!!
  13. thanks s.s. , appreciate the link. but i did`nt mind the history lesson. i knew a tad about it anyhow lol
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