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  1. I think the guide rod would fit the opening but perhaps the carrier group does not have adequate depth or length. The carrier travels too far and would "bottom out" on the rod, unless the spacer was used.
  2. And in regards to the cratering, a situation of over-pressure would show on the chronograph, right? I fired rounds of several manufacturers through the chrono and velocities were exactly what I would have expected or perhaps a bit lower. 1658 gr match Hornady at 2500- 2600 i think? Listed velocity on box was 2700 fps I am assuming from 24 in barrel. So I believe it is just the large firing pin hole and not true high pressure from a headspace issue. But I guess that doesn't explain the ejector marks on his brass. Or perhaps I am putting too much faith in the velocity readings as a pressure indicator?
  3. Just FYI for anyone interested. JP Enterprises tech said they may offer a “work around solution” for those wanting to use the captured buffer springs in G2 and other non-compatible rifles. It sounds like it could involve using a spacer at the front or the buffer rather than at the rear like when using the captured buffer spring in longer rifle length buffer tubes. This will give adequate clearance for the G2 bolt carrier. Sounds like that might work, right?
  4. My fired cases from my G2 Hunter look the same. Called DPMS and they said it was because of the larger firing pin hole (.083?) used and cratering was normal and ok. Occasionally my case necks look that way as well but not often. Gun ejects to 3:00. Why would they use such a large firing pin hole? Would an adjustable gas block fit or help? I know it would not help the cratering. Otherwise gun shoots accurately, 1 inch groups with match ammo, and runs without a hitch. Ok for me as an amateur but I could see how someone who knows what a “good gun” is would be less than impressed.
  5. Yeah at first glance it looked like it would work but calls to DPMS resulted in an “I don’t know, Buddy” and Jp Enterprises just said no but couldn’t explain why. I don’t know enough about them to even put forward a reason but will keep digging. @ BigP- I usually don’t like climbing into the stand with a round chambered and so ease a round in once I’m on stand, but the gun is just too loud. I have to rack it pretty hard for a round to chamber properly and its noisy. Just looking for a way to quiet it down. Anyone have any ideas about the JP buffer spring could be modified?
  6. Hello everyone I recently bought a Gen 2 Hunter and really like the gun. Not that I have a lot to compare to, but its accurate and lite, so will suit my needs for deer hunting. But the buffer spring is loud. Really loud. I would like to be able to ease a round into the chamber quietly. I had an AR with the JP SCS and it was really nice and would like to use one on this rifle but have been told it will not fit. They would not say why exactly but I have to believe that it would be possible to modify the SCS to work? Any ideas or does anyone know an AR gunsmith who would do this type of work? And on a side note...Why on earth did they use such a big firing pin hole in the bolt face? Everything i shoot in it craters, but they told me don’t worry about it that it was safe... Thanks
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