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  1. and after a few moments reflection, condescending and rude is unacceptable to me personally. adios amigos, enjoy your hole in the web
  2. like i said, i have the PSA PA10, and the Mega Arms Maten i just finished. if those don't qualify then i need to go elsewhere. altho, i do believe they are both classified as AR10 versus LR308
  3. i use mega billets and they all had the threaded pin, have a forged mega and you have to drive the pin in. i use a tooth cut to less tha 1/2 inch and use it as a guide, get everything in place with the toothpick and then let the roll pin ,,,well roll,,,it drives out the toothpick and you're good to go. i use the blue 2" painter tape wrapped around the area to prevent those unsightly dings <laughs>
  4. anyone tried this tool for tapered sight pins?
  5. opiates,,codeine, gotta hurt, those will cure the hurt
  6. nope, having a wonderful day. how about you? to quote captain mccall from lonesome dove, "i can't abide rude behavior" , so i ignore it. greatest invention on the planet, the ignore function. plus getting to use "henceforth" is always a pleasure
  7. used to fall and we had some bounce, doesn't work that way now, it friggin hurts. heal up and next time you need to go down the hill, lay down first and roll,,,you might hire some one to police your roll zone first tho
  8. i have a 3x9 on a 20" 6.8spcII, and the 3x on a 5.56, just ordered one to replace the 3x on the 5.56. the p-308 isn't in stock yet at optics planet,,,and i may change my mind while waiting. took them both to the range yesterday, dialed them in. happy with the results, they'll do what i want them to do once i move the 3x to a carbine length
  9. no, i don't have an AR10, i have two AR10's - five 6.8 spcII - three 5.56. as for FAUX PAS versus fopaw you simply aren't making sense, or perhaps it's an inside joke. at any rate put me on your ignore list, you're certainly on mine henceforth. have a lovely day
  10. thanks, academy is running the 3x9 on sale now
  11. the P was built for the 5.56, that's what the reticule is designed for. but i only care about cross hairs. and likely has lesser lense quality, but Nikon's bad glass is still good glass
  12. i put a P223 on a 20" 6.8 spc and took it to the range today. got it dialed in and it works great on the 6.8 spc. wondering how well it would work on a 308, figure it would work well for awhile but if it would stand up to the pounding?
  13. are those lucchese boots in your avatar? love my lucchese boots, have a pair in buffalo that must be 40 years old now
  14. it's only paper that people trade valuable stuff for. not even good toilet paper
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