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  1. Just checked it out, it looks pretty awesome and the reviews are pretty positive. Do you have experience with Aero? And thanks everyone for those other links. I'm still looking around before I make a decision so let me know if you have any other ideas
  2. Adam

    New guy!

    Thanks for the warm welcomes!
  3. Thanks for the input and info, and Washguy thank you for those links I'm checking them out now! Sending me your rifle suggestions is probably the most useful thing for me since I am new to firearms and like to use your recommendations to learn more. If anybody else has suggestions like Washday that'd be appreciated! Oh, and sweet pics wolfgang!
  4. I'm a New Englander and this had me laughing :P
  5. Shepp thanks for your input! I am looking for something I can shoot on a bench and on open land, and also something to occasionally hunt with (both reasons why I wanted a .308). And yes, from what I can tell so far the DPMS seems to have a better reputation here than on other forums I was browsing where every other person would trash talk the brand. Are there major reasons why I would want the gen II over the gen one?
  6. Adam

    New guy!

    I think so, it seems like a very active community already!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase my first firearm and I've settled on a .308 since I'm especially interested in learning to shoot long range, and having some knock down power at those ranges. I've been trying to educate myself on what features to look for, but as far as I can tell there isn't much consensus on manufactures / barrels/ triggers/ alloys/ etc etc etc.. So I'm coming here because I listened to a podcast where Robocop mentioned that this community is very good at cutting through all the BS of what you do & don't need in a .308. Since I've never owned a firearm, I believe the best option would be to purchase one instead of trying to build my own. I don't need anything TOO fancy either because I'm positive that some of the higher end rifles are far more accurate than a new shooter like myself could ever put to use. I'm hoping to stick to a something in the neighborhood of $1500, have a free floating stock (hand guard?), and a barrel length around 18-20'', and other than that I am open to your advice and comments. I am interested in DPMS for the affordability, especially the 3G1, LR-30B, and the GII Hunter- BUT I have read very mixed reviews about DPMS. Are there comparable models from other manufacturers at similar prices? Models from Armalite seem to be more expensive, although I have heard the quality is better. Would a first time rifle owner like myself even notice if the DPMS is/isn't accurate? Also, a random question- would I get my ass handed to me after 10 or 20 rounds without having a muzzle break? Thanks everyone, I can't wait to read what you have to say!
  8. Adam

    New guy!

    Howdy everyone, I'm the new guy from New England. I figure this is the place to be since I'm in the market for a 308 AR!
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