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  1. I totally get what your saying I was just thinking about the fact that some slots could be machined waay oversize. My point is the bottom of the slot in the receiver holds the catch and in turn the mag UP. The top location of that slot really means nothing as it basically just determines clearance and NOT location. I was just thinking he should be getting reference numbers on the location of the BOTTOM of that slot as that is the surface that determines the final location of the feed lips. EDIT: Maybe just get a measurement from the top surface of the lower receiver to the top of the catch would be a more relevant measurement?
  2. Call me a dick but shouldn't you be referencing the lower portion of that slot anyway? that is the surface that essentially holds the catch and mag up. Theoretically that slot width could vary quite a bit and not mean poop as long as the bottom wall of that slot was close. Print calls for a .250 finish width so Id be willing to bet most manufacturers just sail a 1/4' end mill in there and then clean up the walls to a slightly larger dimension. If they get carried away and drop that wall too far down it may be the problem you have going on. Just my .02
  3. Not sure if this will help but all the info I have points to 11/16" or .687" with a nominal 1/4" .250" wide slot. Same goes for the AR15 as well so if you guys are getting .650 then I would think its buried in there enough.
  4. We have armed guards posted at banks to protect our federally insured money and that's ok. But we wont do the same to protect our children???
  5. Just ran those loads this morning. 38gr cycled the action fine but was definitely weak, Standard deviation seems to point to 40.5 to 41 grains which gave me an average of 2530fps with a 168gr hpbt . Ran up to 42.5 grains of varget which pushed a 168gr up to an average of 2621fps.
  6. Thanks SS, I've been spending a lot of time over there reading. So much info I think I'm going cross eyed.
  7. I was thinking that myself. I figured between being a nato case and a slower burning powder, not to mention probably my favorite rifle. I would chicken out and start small and see how she reacts.
  8. I just dumped some powder charges last night starting at 38gr and working up to 42 gr of varget to test out this weekend. I recently sliced a LC case down the middle the other day. I want to do it to a commercial case to have a side by side comparison.
  9. @survivalshop and @Sisco Ive started sizing cases and doing research on loads for my M25. I started checking available free length until I touch the lands and its almost .100" longer than the 308ar chamber I just played with. I really don't want to seat a projectile that far out, Or do I? The mag Will dictate my max but how big of a jump to the lands can I get away with? What are your opinions and or experiences? Thanks
  10. I know, I know, it's not a true "group" as its only 3 shots but I loaded up 100 more of these to see what I can do. This was shot this morning at 120yds at about 30°f
  11. Perfect timing SS I was just about to do some research on loading for my m25 ?
  12. Definitely like the way varget meters. I've never tried RL15 but have heard of it. Once I get the 308ar dialed in I want to do the same with the lrb M25 and she what she likes. With a 22" 1:12 barrel I'm sure it will be different.
  13. Thanks for the link and doing some math SS I'm liking 44 grains but currently experimenting with 42.6 - 43.5 in .1 increments. We shall see....
  14. Primer just started to flow into the firing pin hole at 45 grains nothing crazy I could just feel a slight "burr" with my fingernail. Im going to do more playing around 43 and 44 grains so im not worried. as for Deviation and spread? You can calculate that if you like. The fps shown was what I got for each shot in each group. Although it was shot through a $100 chronograph so make of it what you will.
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