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  1. FreQRiDeR


    That’s a lil pussycat! We have a huge puma (Mtn Lion) on a killing spree in our neighborhood in the Sierra Foothills! It’s killed over a hundred animals already! Sheep, pigs, chickens, goats, calves. It even got one of my old llamas, Stormy a few weeks ago! And those llamas are huge and put up a fight! It doesn’t even eat the stuff it kills! Just kills for sport!
  2. FreQRiDeR

    "Generic" AR-10 load for mixed brand brass

    You will never get anywhere near the lands with a 150 grain bullet in a standard semi-auto chamber. You won’t have enough bullet in the neck if you do. Measure a factory 150 grain round. There’s a reason they are short. I load my hornady 150 gr fmj’s to 2.7- 2.725 max. Use the cannelure and crimp! I’m sure people will beg to differ. We’re talking military grade semi-auto here, I’m assuming?
  3. FreQRiDeR

    "Generic" AR-10 load for mixed brand brass

    Just work up a nice, warm load for the smallest capacity case you have. Then you’ll be fine on the larger cases. I find MY mixed brass varies aprox .5 grains of h20 in capacity. Yours may vary. I would full case resize for semi-auto. I bump my shoulder back .003-005” and never have had a malf. Running fire formed brass in a s-a is asking for trouble.
  4. FreQRiDeR

    Does Aramalite still make the AR10T?

    You mean this? It’s called the TBNF now. National Match trigger, S.S. Barrel.
  5. FreQRiDeR

    whiny people at range

  6. FreQRiDeR

    whiny people at range

    I think I saw this on Demolition Ranch once. Didn’t work out too well. Jacket shrapnel in the couch!
  7. FreQRiDeR

    whiny people at range

    No, but I can tell they’re a little pissed when I bring my 300 winmag to the range. Lol. Fun to watch ‘em flinch when it goes off.
  8. FreQRiDeR

    Probably shot himself...

    and blamed it on the dog! Too embarrassed to admit it! 1 strike for appendix carry. If you carry, your holster IS your safety! make sure your holster covers the trigger adequately and prevents such things. Poor dog’s probably traumatized for life! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/dog-shoots-owner-richard-remme-balew-fort-dodge-iowa-a8346231.html
  9. FreQRiDeR

    Replacement Arma bolts?

    Have you tried Armalite? What kind of barrel/extension? They need to match or you may encounter headspace issues.
  10. FreQRiDeR

    Question about ejector spring

    I believe it helps keep the crud and brass shavings out and helps prevent it seizing, since most people never clean theirs properly. Lol
  11. I concur, the Power Shock 150’s are 1/2 moa out of my 11.25 twist Ar10TAC16
  12. FreQRiDeR


    Maybe he should chop off his dick in support of feminism. S.m.h. At least he spared that upper! Probably just gunna put a fresh barrel and a ff handguard on it! Lol
  13. FreQRiDeR


    Well that’s not Kosheer! Lol
  14. So a woman I know posted this article on faceBook stating that ‘woman are afraid that men will kill them’. I responded with a simple solution. Get a gun and learn how to use it! She proceeded to say that was bad advice and call me a “douche” LOL! Some people are just waiting to be victims. If you are in fear of being killed, how is protecting yourself with a firearm bad advice? I encourage all women to take responsibility for their own safety. Some people!?! Teaching a murderer how not to kill or a p.o.s. rapist not to rape is like trying to teach a shark how to not eat you. Good luck with that! Here’s a link to the article and screenshots of the conversation. http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/politics/a15300130/sexual-consent-versus-coercion-aziz-ansari/
  15. FreQRiDeR

    Cartridge Case Head Space

    I headspace more for safety and reliability than for accuracy’s sake, as an out of spec cartridge may or may not chamber when you need it most. However, accuracy is as much about consistancy as anything else so consistant headspace translates to consistant crimp and distance to lands. This SHOULD produce more consistant/accurate ammo. Theoretically.