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  1. Advise

    Well that’s not Kosheer! Lol
  2. So a woman I know posted this article on faceBook stating that ‘woman are afraid that men will kill them’. I responded with a simple solution. Get a gun and learn how to use it! She proceeded to say that was bad advice and call me a “douche” LOL! Some people are just waiting to be victims. If you are in fear of being killed, how is protecting yourself with a firearm bad advice? I encourage all women to take responsibility for their own safety. Some people!?! Teaching a murderer how not to kill or a p.o.s. rapist not to rape is like trying to teach a shark how to not eat you. Good luck with that! Here’s a link to the article and screenshots of the conversation. http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/politics/a15300130/sexual-consent-versus-coercion-aziz-ansari/
  3. Cartridge Case Head Space

    I headspace more for safety and reliability than for accuracy’s sake, as an out of spec cartridge may or may not chamber when you need it most. However, accuracy is as much about consistancy as anything else so consistant headspace translates to consistant crimp and distance to lands. This SHOULD produce more consistant/accurate ammo. Theoretically.
  4. Cartridge Case Head Space

    I use Hornady’s Lock n Load Headspace Comparator. It comes with all five bushings and the bullet comparator inserts are cheap so you can measure headspace and OAL from ogive as well. I paid $38 I think. I measured my fired brass, set the die to bump back 3 thou. Gtg. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/479704/hornady-lock-n-load-headspace-gauge-5-bushing-set-with-comparator?utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Reloading+-+Metallic+Reloading+Equipment+(Not+Presses)&utm_content=479704&cm_mmc=pf_ci_google-_-Reloading+-+Metallic+Reloading+Equipment+(Not+Presses)-_-Hornady-_-479704&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIztni_-Ll2AIVQWx-Ch1lEQWYEAQYASABEgLIG_D_BwE
  5. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    I was wondering when the peanut gallery was going to chime in! smh
  6. Rural driveway alarm

    We have five dogs. Problem solved!
  7. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    Nunayerbiznach! ;) ;) Well I’m lucky in that respect. My county is ‘shall issue’ and the sherriff actually encourages people in our community to pack! So at least we have that :/
  8. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    Well, looks like I’m gunna be going featureless soon. Not down with the ‘death button’ . For one, it was catching on the dust cover’s sharp edge so I had to close/flip the cover in order to close the action. One more step. Then, after you shoot your last round the bolt is locked back. Can’t open action to release mag, so you have to drop the bolt, open action, pop mag out, close action, THEN chamber a new round!?! Like I said, “DEATH BUTTON”! Because all the criminals are going to comply as well, I’m sure. S.m.h. I stoned the edges on the button and dust cover and it dosen’t catch anymore so the action closes smoothly now without having to close the dust cover. Because seconds count. Guess my AR’s just a range toy for now.
  9. Norwegian Wood!

    Didn't know woman reloaded. Let alone cute ones!?!
  10. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    Lol. Agreed, not my rifle. Pic downloaded from internet.
  11. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    I want to eventually go featureless but money's tight right now and this was the cheapest option and hopefully will buy me some time. Besides, I'm not too keen on the space-gun look yet. Lol Unless it shoots lazers, of course ;)
  12. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    Not to mention, the first thing you're told regarding firearms is to 'unload the weapon before dissasembly'. So now I have to either cycle all rounds (more dangerous than simply removing the mag) or dissasemble a loaded weapon in order to remove the 'fixed' mag. Someone's gunna get sued! I have a solution! Wildcat 223/308 rimfire conversions! Law specifies semi-auto CENTERFIRE rifles. Problem solved!
  13. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    Neutered the AR in order to not become a felon come new year. Thanks California! Good thing I'm a good shot because I'd probably end up dead if I ever have to reload defending myself from bad guys. E.P. Armory, $15. Well made and cheaper than the others. Side rant: Hey CALIFORNIA! Self proclaimed 'Liberal State', the root of the word liberal is 'libre'. It is Latin for free. I CAN WEAR A SKIRT AND GO PISS IN THE WOMAN'S BATHROOM, SMOKE MARIJUANNA, (illegal Federally) and MARRY SOME JOE, BUT I CAN'T HAVE A 20 ROUND MAG AND SWITCH IT OUT LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA?? I will now have to pay a $50 dollar fee for a permit to buy ammo? (Thank God I reload and have a ton of brass!) LIBERAL YOU ARE NOT! STATE OF JEFFERSON! BRING IT ON!!!
  14. BDC Subtention/Range CALC Excel

    Yes, sorry, sight wouldn't let me edit/delete posts. Work in progress :)
  15. Feinstein at it again

    I read this and the purpose of this bill, quoted from the first paragraph, "is to ensure that the right of the people to bear arms does not go unchecked". Umm, what ever happened to "shall not be infringed". ??? This bill is inherently unconstitutional. Dismissed.Case closed. Next!