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  1. CNN article, name of author conveniently omitted, was calling for the 2nd Ammendment to be rewritten. Yeah, then the first ammendment will be next and they will be out of a job, no longer able to voice their stupid opinions! S.m.h.
  2. I have updated the Bdc Calc to have upper and lower subtentions, better directions, nicer reticle diagram and the sheet is now protected so you can't inadvertently modify things. I have also added my MOA CALC as well. Let me know if you find any of these tools useful. Enjoy! BDC SUBTENTION CALC II.xls MY MOA.xlsx
  3. Final version here. Sorry, work in progress. BDC SUBTENTION CALC FINAL.xlsx
  4. Disregard this last version! I got confused. Subtentions on this scope are in inches already so no need to multiply by moa! Sorry Admins, can you delete this last post?
  5. Updated moa to equal 95.5 inch instead of rounded to 1" (more accurate) and zoom/subtentions formula improvements. BDC SUBTENTION CALC2.xlsx
  6. I'm using BallisticsARC. Very cool range tool using Google maps overlay. GPS to calculate shot angle, altitude, coriolis. It uses the JBM model and lets you attach a wind speed monitor. I use WALT to calculate weather/altitude stuff, range as well.
  7. Heres an MOA Range Excel Calculator I made. Input target size in inches to calculate range at various MOA subtentions. Extras include calculator for computing subtention values at various magnifications, MOA TO MILRAD CALC, Reload price per round calc AND MORE! Ok, my brain hurts. Goodnight! MY MOA.xlsx
  8. Sorry, version with directions. BDC SUBTENTION CALC 2.xlsx
  9. I've been playing with Excel Ballistic calculators and started writing my own for kicks. I made this BDC Calc to recalculate published scope subtentions at 9x/100 yards to various magnifications. You can then use the table on the bottom to calculate range from the various subtentions. I have Excel on my Smart-ass phone so I can run it in the field and range with the BDC reticle. BDC SUBTENTION CALC.xlsx
  10. I vote for the tac16. Very happy with mine. Not sold on piston systems. Tac comes with ambi controls and buis.
  11. I tried making a supressor with a fresh roll but it just made a big mess
  12. Pro Tip: Keep a few layers of tp on the roll for those SHTF situations! ;)
  13. So I got a Vortex PST (Gen1, SFP reticle, which I prefer.) for $20 bucks more than I was gunna pay for the HST model! SCORE! Cool stuff! Saw a Gatlin gun and a .458 Win Mag side by side, breach lock elephant rifle, onle 28 grand! Cool elephant engravings though. ;) It was nice to see people walking out of the Grand Sierra Resort hotel with long guns! Good to know 2A is alive and well in the rest of America. It shure isn't in California!
  14. Homeless? Time for a road trip! Grab the wifey n get a room at the GSR! Lol ;) Nah, Robo, I'm up in north Yuba County in the foothills. Done with city life. Nowhere to shoot! ;) Congrats on the new place!
  15. http://bigrenoshow.com/ Anyone in the area going to this? I've never been. Thinking of rolling up there tomorrrow? Look at all the stuff I can't have in Ca.! Lol