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  1. I just use a faster burning powder.
  2. Sig issues a quick fix!
  3. That's what lanyards are for! ;)
  4. Ouch! Mil should gave gone with the Berettas. I dropped my sidearm the other day on some rocks! Glad it was a Beretta!
  5. IMR 3031 H322 Ar-Comp
  6. Welcome from a fellow MORCaL'er here in the Sierra foothills! Better lose that forward grip, it's considered 'evil' in these parts! But so is a regular pistol grip. Oh, never mind! :)
  7. I love my newer Armalite AR-10 TAC16. Submoa with everything I've fed it. Zero malfs after several hundred rounds. Yes, people complain they're more expensive than your average joe 308ar but it came with a chrome lined, double lapped barrel, an adjustable gas block, nice 15" ff keymod handguard, wicked OSS muzzle device, ambi safety, sling mount, Raptor charging handle, super nice 2 stage trigger, Magpul STR stock and Magpul BUIS so you can shoot it out of the box! GTG in my book. I don't think I could have built a better equipped rifle for much less and there's no need to upgrade anything in my opinion.
  8. Ya, sights are great for punching holes in paper but when someone's trying to punch holes in you, you'll be glad you practiced intuative shooting! It's really not that hard. I practice it often and I qualified with all my handguns for ccw this way because that's the way you will likely be shooting in a hairy situation! I mean seriously, do you really think you're going to be sitting there, lining up the dots just right while some fool's coming at you or shooting at you? No! You're going to point your gun at them and squeeze the trigger till they drop!
  9. Man, you try to impart some valuable knowledge on people that could save their lives and they just don't want to hear it. S.m.h.
  10. What's up with those pansys on M4Carbine.net??? I was banned for suggesting people practice intuitive/point shooting if they were conceal carrying! Anyone with any sense will know in a heated situation at close range you are not going to have time to line up your sights and take aim! You're shaking, its dark, there are multiple threats, people are shooting at you., ect... It is well known that point shooting is more effective in close combat situations. I only started throwing digs when people on the thread started insulting me. Man, those pusseez wouldnt last a second on this forum! Lol Here's a link to the thread if ya'll want a good laugh! http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?195594-Best-sights-on-a-ccw-glock-19-etc/page7
  11. Well, it looks like the scope mount wasn't the only thing that loosened up. The FF handguard slid forward about a mm and the charge handle (Raptor) flew open a few times from recoil. (Never happened before.) Judging from the flattened primers, I'm pretty sure my loads were a bit too hot. Rattled her up pretty good! Lol. My pet loads, 180gr SGK over 39.5 grains Ar-Comp, proved accurate with nominal recoil. I guess I'll back things off a bit. I was doing load testing with these generic match kings, starting at 41.5, 41.7 and 41.85 gr. Ar-Comp. I had 2 rounds touching with the 41.5 loads and no appreciable primer flattening, so I'll stick with that. Maybe close the gas block half a turn.
  12. Who knows? These were some '168gr SMK's ' I bought at the gun show unmarked in baggies. I got home and measured compared to the Sierra MK's and they were 169.5ish grains and quite longer than the Sierras. Meplats looked pretty crappy too, in comparison. I wanted to see if they shot as well as actual SMK's. Oh well, bk to the drawing board!
  13. Those shots in the x ring?? That's the after target ;)
  14. I ran out of ammo! Lol Only brought a few test rounds :/