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  1. BDC Subtention/Range CALC Excel

    Yes, sorry, sight wouldn't let me edit/delete posts. Work in progress :)
  2. Feinstein at it again

    I read this and the purpose of this bill, quoted from the first paragraph, "is to ensure that the right of the people to bear arms does not go unchecked". Umm, what ever happened to "shall not be infringed". ??? This bill is inherently unconstitutional. Dismissed.Case closed. Next!
  3. CCI “Big 4” Shotshells

    I grabbed some of these for my 9. We saw 6 rattlesnakes on the property here this summer! I haven't tried them yet. Figures, the moment I got some snake loads, they all dissapeared!
  4. Another Crazy , another Shooting

    This is out of control. The police can't protect us, the laws our govt. impose can't protect us. I suggest every man, woman and child arm themselves and take responsibility for your own safety! Lets collectively run these scurves out of society once and for all. To any potential mass shooters out there, you better not try that poop in my presence, because I will be armed and I will take you out!
  5. An Airboat for SurvivalShop...

    Check out MTT. Marine Turbine Technologies. They build a twin turbine engined swamp boat that goes 100 mph on wet grass! They put turbine engines in any and everything you can imagine. Cars, trucks, boats, even motorcycles! Heck, they made a 100 ft cigarette boat that goes 100mph! http://marineturbine.com/
  6. I just checked Armalite's new website and their address is now in Arizona? I guess Illinois gun laws finally got to them. No mention of their move on the website. Www.armalite.com
  7. New Sewing Machine

    Those Sailrite's look pretty sturdy!! I never heard of them before. I never even knew they made a portable, walking foot machine? I have 5 industrial sewing machines, a cutting table. Cutting machines, etc. all in storage because I don't have the room to set up shop where I live now. I was in the rag biz for over 30 years. Patternmaking/Production, I can sew/engineer pretty much anything that can be sewn. I even have a full Gerber computer Patternmaking/Grading system with plotter and digitizer. PM me if you need any advice.
  8. Can Someone Play Detective And Read My Brass

    Make sure the gas key is tight. If it losens, it could push the charging handle up. Causing wear like that.
  9. New Sewing Machine

    We're both wrong. It's Juki! It's pronounced Yoo-key tho. :p
  10. New Sewing Machine

    Get yourself a Consew or Yuki walking-foot industrial machine. I got one a few years ago for $600 used. table and motor. Sews through heavy leather/bags/canvas like butter. Anything else will eventually break sewing heavy slings/webbing like that.
  11. Vegas Shooting

    CNN article, name of author conveniently omitted, was calling for the 2nd Ammendment to be rewritten. Yeah, then the first ammendment will be next and they will be out of a job, no longer able to voice their stupid opinions! S.m.h.
  12. BDC Subtention/Range CALC Excel

    I have updated the Bdc Calc to have upper and lower subtentions, better directions, nicer reticle diagram and the sheet is now protected so you can't inadvertently modify things. I have also added my MOA CALC as well. Let me know if you find any of these tools useful. Enjoy! BDC SUBTENTION CALC II.xls MY MOA.xlsx
  13. BDC Subtention/Range CALC Excel

    Final version here. Sorry, work in progress. BDC SUBTENTION CALC FINAL.xlsx
  14. BDC Subtention/Range CALC Excel

    Disregard this last version! I got confused. Subtentions on this scope are in inches already so no need to multiply by moa! Sorry Admins, can you delete this last post?
  15. BDC Subtention/Range CALC Excel

    Updated moa to equal 95.5 inch instead of rounded to 1" (more accurate) and zoom/subtentions formula improvements. BDC SUBTENTION CALC2.xlsx