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Everything posted by FreQRiDeR

  1. I reload mine for $ 0.18.so... you can blame me for not stimulating the economy! 🤣
  2. $1.20 a round for 9mm??? At first I thought it was a typo for 2500 rnds but checked 20 rnd box price. Same. I just reloaded $120 worth last night! Lol.
  3. FreQRiDeR

    First SquiB!

    Not sure? I think they may have gotten wet in my truck. They were barely in the lands. One light tap is all that was needed to dislodge em. I dont think it warranted pushing it through the muzzle.
  4. FreQRiDeR

    First SquiB!

    Well it happened again two times in a row! Same batch. I remember it being kinda late when I did ‘em and was really tired. Won’t do that again! I did come up with an ingenious, squib field repair kit! Got all caveman on it! 😉 A steel tent stake with a protective straw sleeve and a good rock did the trick! Kept shooting a few dosen rounds with no more issues. Not sure why so many squibs (Three so far) in this batch? I’ve never had them before in thousands of reloads? Mixed brass, tossing it. Had a few reloads on ‘em already. I just remembered I left that box of ammo in the car for a while. It was pretty moist in there and got hot too. Wonder if that was the culprit?
  5. Strange because it will let me attach pics on an initial, new post? Just not on replies??
  6. This happens whether I’m on my phone or computer? Fast interwebz here? I can’t even click on the paperclip? It’s not a problem loading attachments, it’s a problem with the attachment button, per se?
  7. Seems like I can't attach photos to a reply on my thread? Others have? Do I need to use a link? If so, what hosting service do you recommend? I hate using those things! LoL
  8. FreQRiDeR

    First SquiB!

    Yeah, come to think of it, a live round AND spent squib brass came out when I racked it so it def didn’t chamber a new round.
  9. FreQRiDeR

    First SquiB!

    It’s out. One sharp tap with the brass chamber rod dislodged it. Wasn’t in very deep at all. I don’t think it actually cycled. The next round must have entered the breech when I racked it to check the chamber. Either way, catastrophe avoided 🙂
  10. FreQRiDeR

    First SquiB!

    Well, finally happened. After thousands of reloads, I got my first squib! Barely went pop. I thought it was a soft strike. Pulled the trigger again to try and detonate. THANK GOD THE NEXT ROUND DIDN’T FULLY CHAMBER!!! That would have been a catastrophe! Took it apart and found this... Just barely past the lands. Might have neglected to add powder to that one :/ I tried knocking it out with a carbon arrow shaft. No go. Gunna try the brass cleaning rod next. Do you think just the primer would be enough to cycle a new round in my Beretta 92? Got lucky I guess, another mm or 2 and the next round would have chambered. Probably would have destroyed that barrel I would think, had it gone off. And I shoulda known better to pull the trigger again. Thing is, I didn’t even hear a pffft/pop? Never going to assume that again!
  11. Hah, google! Ultimate Training Round. 🙂
  12. Asking for a friend. He found a bunch of these marked UTM 5.56 RH headstamp. Found in Az. desert inside decommissioned mineproof vehicles. At first I thought it was some sort if headspace guage to lands or something but he informed me there were hundreds of em? Then I thought some training rounds perhaps? Looks like some matrix-serum type shiz! Lol Never seen anything like it.
  13. What if I insert just the tip of the mag in? You know, not all the way in? Is that considered a felony? 🤣
  14. So I purchased a few standard capacity mags online, last week, as the short lived, ban was lifted momentarily, only to read the law and find out they can not be used in a ‘fixed magazine’ firearm! To insert a standard capacity mag in one, would be ‘creating an assault weapon’ and considered a ‘felony’. S.M.H! (They’re still in the sealed bag, so no, I’m not a felon! ) They are fine to use in RAWs and ‘featureless’ rifles. So, California, using a 20 rnd mag with a Maglock is a felony, but take the flash hider and pistol grip/adjustable stock off and it's GTG with a standard mag release!?! OK, guess I’m going featureless! LoL. The gun laws in California are getting more bizarre every year! The mag ban was deemed unconstitutional in court. How is requiring a maglock/bullet button, which makes your gun difficult to reload, not unconstitutional? I mean, it could literally get you killed! And, BTW, if your rifle already is a lawful length with the stock in all the way, an adjustable stock makes the weapon longer, not shorter and more ‘concealable’! Bunch of morons. I need to move back to America! Million Mag March March 29-April 5, 2019
  15. FreQRiDeR


    That’s a lil pussycat! We have a huge puma (Mtn Lion) on a killing spree in our neighborhood in the Sierra Foothills! It’s killed over a hundred animals already! Sheep, pigs, chickens, goats, calves. It even got one of my old llamas, Stormy a few weeks ago! And those llamas are huge and put up a fight! It doesn’t even eat the stuff it kills! Just kills for sport!
  16. You will never get anywhere near the lands with a 150 grain bullet in a standard semi-auto chamber. You won’t have enough bullet in the neck if you do. Measure a factory 150 grain round. There’s a reason they are short. I load my hornady 150 gr fmj’s to 2.7- 2.725 max. Use the cannelure and crimp! I’m sure people will beg to differ. We’re talking military grade semi-auto here, I’m assuming?
  17. Just work up a nice, warm load for the smallest capacity case you have. Then you’ll be fine on the larger cases. I find MY mixed brass varies aprox .5 grains of h20 in capacity. Yours may vary. I would full case resize for semi-auto. I bump my shoulder back .003-005” and never have had a malf. Running fire formed brass in a s-a is asking for trouble.
  18. You mean this? It’s called the TBNF now. National Match trigger, S.S. Barrel.
  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MUlLXNPCap4
  20. I think I saw this on Demolition Ranch once. Didn’t work out too well. Jacket shrapnel in the couch!
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