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  1. I just received 500 casings of brand-new Peterson Match Brass, and 500 Cutting Edge 168 gr. MTAC Projectiles. The brass I have already primmed with my preferred Federal 210M primmers. I plan on working up load development, optimal charge weight, bullet jump, etc. I have been reloading various calibers since 1988 and have used many powders, my favorite for this firearm is Hodgdon Varget and I also have had great success with Hodgdon BL-C(2). The load development will be for a DPMS pattern 308AR that has a custom Black Hole Weaponry 24" polygonal-rifled barrel, rifle length gas system, adjustable gas block, bolt carrier group, silent Capture Buffer system, CMC 2+2 trigger, and Nightforce ATACR. My loading for that firearm have been mostly Sierra MK 168's and some testing with Hornady ELD-M 168's. My 308 didn't like the Hornady 168's as much as the Sierra bullets. My questions are: is anyone using the Peterson Brass? Cutting Edge Bullets? If so what's your recipe and preference of powder? Also, this firearm is 3/4 MOA in its configuration with Lapua brass, Federal 210M, 43.5 gr. of Varget and 168 gr. SMK's seated to a standard COL of 2.797. Thanks!
  2. A little more info please.....thanks.
  3. I have DPMS Oracle with scope and bipod and can't find a soft case that will fit my 308 carbine with the bipod on and also the correct mag size pouches. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  4. .....and why are my pictures always upside down until they are selected for full screen view???
  5. ....I added a 15" Cobratec "Scout" front hand guard to mt AR -10 DPMS build. Has anyone else used these and had any problems? The only problem I have with it is that it uses a proprietary keymod system and you have to buy the rails directly from them. Due to it being made out of carbon fiber the keymod holes had to have a greater spacing distance for strength issues. Attached are a couple pictures of it on my weapon.
  6. Ken


    Ok. So lets bring the barrel length up to 22" or 24". What are the "better" as one member stated that could be added to the 308AR lower to make a flat shooter out to 800-1,000 yards? I want to just pop on an upper that can reach that distance without 60+ inches of drop. Remember I'm new to this, please be gentle..... and I do want the 308 to be able to use for the cost savings. BTW....I added a Cobratec carbon fiber handguard today....and why is my picture upside down when in the upload preview screen.
  7. Ken


    Any ideas on how much flatter, farther, and the max distance of the 7mm-08 would be if we simply just picked two readily available factory ammunitions with the closest bullet size, say 150 grain fired from the same barrel length such as a carbine length, maybe 18"? Looking to buy a complete assembly the would pop into the two breakdown pins on my DPMS Oracle 308. Don't even know if it is possible. Or maybe build the upper slowly as I can afford it.....if the 7mm-08 would be a better round to reach out farther???? Thanks.
  8. I have a 300 Remington Ultra Mag in a 700BDL. But jut not the same as semiauto! Put that cartridge in an AR platform!
  9. Being newer to the AR10 platform, I am interested in building the biggest, flatest, shooting, non-exotic caliber (as possible), that can reach out to 1,000+ yards with the littlest drop in bullet path. Let's hear your opinion. I have been looking at ballistic tables fron different 308 cartridge manufactures and 70+ inches of drop I feel is excessive. Please consider cartridge cost when making suggestion. I will eventually get back into reloading, so I need to take into consideration on what the initial brass investment I will have to make. Is there a 338 Lapua consideration? It seems the US govt. likes to provide that caliber in a bolt action to snipers, but I want an "AR-10 based weapon that is semiauto. Thanks.
  10. Spar Firearms in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. The owner, the gunsmith, the office staff and sales are all well infirmed about the products they sell and the inventory they carry is abundant with many firearms of many different styles to meet every need. Not just one or two lines of product but several "stock" weapons and also "custom builds" hanging on the wall....all my needs are in stock at all times.
  11. I decided to build an AR10 in 308 because the AR15 shoots an inferior cartridge in my opinion. If I want to drop a perp....I want to drop them and do it with a higher ballistic coefficient!
  12. Thank you again for your help. Much appreciated.
  13. Please advise me if there is a specific section for the sale of "used" AR-10/LR-308 parts, ie: front handguard, buttstocks, bipods, etc. I am new to the site and want to make sure I conform.
  14. Shepp, thank you very much for you time and effort in helping me. Everytime someone thanks me for my "service"....it adds a little bit more of a smile to my worn out body! ?
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