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  1. to bad I join the group either Tuesday or so lol just my luck
  2. that's the same thing I was getting but I just notice that he made this in 2015 so he probably doesn't have to be honest but one can hope
  3. damn ,thank you tho, it looks like I'll just have to wait and hope that he still has it
  4. @buttonbuck thank you and near Miami
  5. I thought I read somewhere in here that the pm didn't work also every time I try it says he can't receive it
  6. do you still have it if so I would like to buy it from you the only thing I ask is can I get a picture of the front of it thank you
  7. Hello again and thank you
  8. Hello from Florida I'm not very good with introducing myself but I just about got ar-15 done and have been thinking about making a 308 version so I figured I go around and get thoughts and ideas from other people and that's when I found this site looking forward to seeing what I'll find while here.
  9. ok I'll give it a go thank you for the info
  10. I have just join this site and am trying to message someone about an item he is selling but I am unable to do so is this because I'm new and must wait a certain amount of time before I can do so or am I missing something. Here is a link to the post
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