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  1. Factory built complete upper from Palmetto State Armory. 18in barrel with adjustable gas block. I've only shot a 20rd box of hornady black thru this upper. Need to sell for upcoming travel expense. Including one 10rd and one 25rd asc magazine with purchase. *scope is not included with upper purchase. $300 shipped, I do not do PayPal, I have had more than a few transactions under my belt on here so ask around if in doubt. Link for additional info. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-rifle-length-6-5-grendel-1-8-stainless-steel-15-lightweight-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-ch-5165448709.html
  2. First off, hello to all it has been awhile and hope you all are doing good. I know many of you guys are from out west and etc. I'm looking for first hand accounts about St. Louis. We are headed out there from our place here in Florida and want advice about what to look out for and etc. The visit is only for a few nights, medical related for my daughter.
  3. I always lust over the landscape out west. Ive lived in Florida most my life, Id like to relocate to Wyoming in the future. We went to Jacksonhole this past December.
  4. I always wanted a barn like that one with a loft/man cave.
  5. This, the p90/ps90 would be a great post apocolypse weapon for urban fights. Light weight in all aspects, high capacity magazines and Defeats body armor with right munitions.
  6. Hey guys I apologize, I forgot about this listing. Ive decided to keep the trigger. I pulled the trigger on a 6.5grendel build, I already recieved my grendel upper. Just waiting on my lower parts.
  7. Brand new in pack, I bought this with intention of another build, changed my mind. I paid $95 shipped, Asking $90 shipped. Link for reference. https://www.larue.com/products/larue-ta ... s-trigger/
  8. Let me know. I dont like the newer gen3., really just comes down to cosmetics. Thank you
  9. Would you be interested in selling that magpul prs stock? I want a gen1, I dont like the new generation, gen3.
  10. Streamlight´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ M6 light/ laser combo(red), has spare bulb, tools´╗┐´╗┐ and original cas´╗┐e. Good/wor´╗┐king condition, $65sold 2. Ar15 Jp enterprise Midlength handguard´╗┐ with full length top rail and 3" accessory rail. Was cerkoted Magpul FDE. $70´╗┐....$60 3.Bladetech glock 34/35 holster, like new, included is dropleg/offset attachment. The attachment´╗┐ lowers the holster from gun belt. $30....$20 4. Palmetto State Arms .750 gasblock, like ne´╗┐w. $25.....$20 5.Bravo company full size angled foregrip. Like´╗┐ new. $25.....$20 6. Bravo company ar15 vltor mod4 charging handle. Good condition. $35sold 7. Magpul AFG foliage green, like new. $20...$15 8. Magpul Miad grip newer gen., like new. $25.....$15 Prices dropped
  11. Unforgiven is gtg. Thank you for the smooth transaction.
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