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  1. I hope all is well with member's family and friends out west. That guy was a fucking coward.
  2. SPF, thanks for lookin'.
  3. The handguard is 15" long.
  4. Thanks blue109, Yes nut included. This is for ar15.
  5. $60 shipped
  6. $80 shipped
  7. Would you trade for a unfired 308 barrel. The barrel is from a palmetto state arms PA-10 rifle. 18" 1/10in thwist.
  8. Lol, ye welcome. Yar har har.
  9. For some reason when I read this response your voice was that of a pirate. Lmao, may you fetch many gold dablooms for thy sale ye scallywagg.
  10. Still available.
  11. $110 shipped
  12. Would you trade your battlecomp for my ar15 hansguard I have listed. 15" samson evolution keymod. I tried pm, it said you could not receive messages.
  13. $130
  14. $150 shipped Is in very good condition, included is a 4in accessory rail and a quick detach mount. Magpul afg and rail protectors not included. Sorry i dont do paypal.