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  1. Beautiful rifle. What does she weigh in at?
  2. Thanks guys. I will be doing some more research before I start ordering parts. Trying to get most everything picked out before I start ordering things. Biggest thing is narrowing down the barrel and hand guards.
  3. As far as cost vs weight. The proofs are a little pricey. Which would delay the suppressor purchase. I am trying to keep it on the light side for mobility. Plus running a 20 oz suppressor on the end of the barrel. I was also going to check into fluted barrels. What are some other hand guards that are light weight. But are also free float and will let me run a predator light for night hunting on the side occasionally and a bipod for range days. Not really concerned with the tactical look. More concerned with the weight and function. With my b-day and Christmas coming up I was hopping to score a lot of the little weight saving parts that can run the build cost up. I was looking at v7 for some of there parts. Any other places that have light weight parts that you know of?
  4. Most of my trigger time has been with factory bolt gun and shotgun triggers. I swapped my AR15 trigger to a Timney single stage. I think it is 3 lbs out. I do not have any experience with a 2 stage trigger. I will check out the door blocks. Definitely will be doing more research before I order one. I will take a look at the criterion and Fulton bolt. From what I have been reading it sounds like it is best to go with a bolt and barrel from the same place so it will be headspace.
  5. I am slowly narrowing down my parts list and getting ready to start ordering parts. Wanted to get some input on my parts selection and make sure things would go smoothly. My goals/intended use is a light weight 16" 308 AR for hog hunting and at the range. Hunting ranges will be from up close to about 200 yards. Range distances will be up to 500 yards. I would like it to be capable of 1/2-1 moa at 100 yards. I plan to run a suppressor. Please feel free to point out anywhere I can save weight, have issues with part compatibility, or left anything off. Or your experiences with my parts selection. Parts: Upper/ Lower Receiver- I am looking at the Aero Precision M5. I found a pretty good deal on a set with the hand guard. But it is the M5E1 upper. From what I can tell I would be stuck using their hand guards. Not sure I want to bound to a hand guard and not be able to change it if I don't like it. Trigger- Geissele not sure which one yet. Lower parts kit- Aero Precision Pistol Grip- Either Magpul MOE or ERGO. I have the ERGO on my AR15 and really like it. Charging handle- BCM Gunfighter Barrel- I am not sure at this point. I have been looking at the JP, Proof carbon fiber, and Criterion barrels in a medium contour. Gas system- Would like rifle length but depending on barrel may end up with mid length. Gas Block- JP adjustable or Superlative Arms adjustable with the bleed off. Thought the bleed off would be good with the suppressor. But I need to do more research. BCG- Looking at the JP Hand Guard- Looking at the Bravo Company KMR 13" or 15". I want it to just cover the gas block and be cable of putting my Harris bi-pod on it for range days. It is one of the lightest I have found so far. Flash hider and suppressor- AAC 762-SDN-6 is what I have been looking at.
  6. Hi Guys, I am new to the 308 AR platform and have been reading and soaking up as much info as I can for the last month. I have experience with the AR15 platform. Mostly just upgrades. I have never built one from start to finish. But I am hoping to start a 308 build in the near future.
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