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  1. I got a complete set of those from Midway for my build. Feeler gauges would have worked as well, but these just look so cool sitting on the shelf in your gun room ?
  2. Good shoot. Could have went differently had other choices been made, but good shoot nonetheless. After spotting it I probably would have sat for a minute or two and then made my own tracks off the trail if it didn't wander off the other way. I don't carry with an empty chamber in the backcountry myself, but if I were carrying that way I sure as poop would have chambered a round right after seeing the moose. That 2nd charge would have sealed that animals fate, if not the first.......
  3. The MBT, Trigger Action Chassis and the A-PEG Grip showed up today! via Imgflip Meme Generator
  4. I mean, we laugh, but it is a valid question
  5. Just got my tracking # as well.
  6. Been really contemplating a lightweight build myself. Looks great so far!
  7. Just ordered my first MBT the other day. If it ends up being as good as people are saying I think I'll be ordering up a few more before Christmas time. ?
  8. Any updates on the Armaspec SRS Buffer Assembly?
  9. Yep. Saw that one maybe a week ago. Few weeks ago they had a killer deal on a P226 Elite. Now they bumped it up $50. I have no extra gun money right now anyway so its all moot for me. CDNN has got the deals though. I'd say 1 in 10 of their promotional emails gives me half a chub.
  10. Sorry. I'll knock off another 5 bucks and do $85 shipped for being unresponsive. I don't check in here enough.
  11. Well I bit the bullet and decided to try a pair of Larue 20 round 7.62 mags. I'm thinking hard about a pair of ASCs and DPMS' as well. The one thing that sucks about this platform is how much more trial and error is involved. It also doesn't help that there is a wide and wild disparity of recommendations as to what works and what doesn't. If my bank account wasn't so anemic, this whole 'you get what you pay for' deal wouldn't be as much of an issue. ?
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