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    Hunting, fishing, target shooting and spending time outdoors with the Family.
  1. My first PSA Gen II 308

    I got a chance to go to the range but it was crowded as people were there sighting in for Deer Season this Saturday. I didn't have time to wait to retrieve targets or take pic's of them but the rifle did fairly well for me. Best groups were with IMR 4895 and 168 gr bullets and 175 gr Match bullets. Those groups were basically one inch with most all others going into 1.5 inch groups, a couple with 150 grain bullets were in the 2 to 2.5 inch range. The only problem I had was with LT30 powder, for some reason it had feeding problems. Out of 5 rounds 3 would start to feed out of the mag but stop halfway with the bolt hitting the side of the case. I didn't do it with any of the other loads before or after that. All in all I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks Boot_Scraper. Steve..........
  2. Reloading for .308 AR platform

    Nice looking rifle there, I just finished a 308 AR build (I went the cheaper route, PSA) but haven't gotten to get to the range with it yet. I fired off several five round groups off the back porch to test function, works great so far. I have a long ago established load for my AR10 that shoots fantastic that works very good in my 308 AR's also. I can see I will like shooting my 308 AR better than my Armalite AR10 A2 as it is a lot lighter. Sad thing is my load for the AR10 is with RL 12 which they discontinued probably 15 years ago, I'm working on my last 5 lb jug. I usually use Winchester brass and Sierra bullets, not sure why but that is hte way it usually works out. These guys here give great advice, they have helped me a lot. Steve...........
  3. CFE 223 for the 308 AR's

    Just kidding with you, I was sure that was what happened, IMR 4064 does real good in my 6.5 x 55. Steve........
  4. American Spirit Arms Lower Build

    While living on Oahu in the late 90's a friend of mine had an Eagle Arms in 308 and it was every bit as good looking and seemed to be made as good as the real AR10 Armalite. Shot good too. Steve...........
  5. American Spirit Arms Lower Build

    98Z5V you are exactly right it was Eagle Arms. I think they are still in business. Steve..........
  6. American Spirit Arms Lower Build

    About 20 years ago wasn't American Spirit Arms the entry level AR10's for Armalite or am I cornfused? Seems like you could only buy them at that time as complete lowers and complete uppers but not assembled rifles. Steve............
  7. CFE 223 for the 308 AR's

    That's a new one on me, I haven't seen H4064 on the shelf yet. Steve..........
  8. CFE 223 for the 308 AR's

    I kind of have the same problem everytime I go to the Range, no matter how careful I check over my rifles that loose nut behind the butt causes problem. Steve..........
  9. My first PSA Gen II 308

    That's funny as about a month ago I took my AK out on the back porch and let rip with a thirty round mag holding it down by my side doing the bump fire thing (no slide fire stock just doing it manually) while my neighbors teenage kid had about six friends over playing basketball in their driveway across from my house. My Wife was watching them when I cut loose and she said at the first shot they dropped the ball and all went inside in quite a hurry. They didn't come outside for the rest of the evening. That's the same little turd that started playing basketball at 1:00 am one time till I yelled out the front door at him "Your Daddy has to go to work tomorrow so let him sleep". He said sorry and went inside. When I moved in I called the Sheriff's Dept and asked if it was legal to shoot at my address and the Deputy said if I wasn't shooting my neighbors house or cars going down the road they couldn't do anything. Steve................
  10. CFE 223 for the 308 AR's

    Upon digging farther it is doable but there seems to be numerous powders that are much better in a 308 Gas Gun. Steve.........
  11. CFE 223 for the 308 AR's

    As the saying goes, "been there done that", but thanks anyway. Steve...........
  12. CFE 223 for the 308 AR's

    Does anyone have info or a link for info on using CFE223 in our 308 AR's? I found some info but it didn't specify it was for a gas gun or bolt. There was no info for that powder in Hornadys #9 Manual in the Gas Gun section. Steve............
  13. My first PSA Gen II 308

    No range trip yet as we are having winds blowing 30 to 45 mph and gusts higher for yesterday and the next few days. I fired five more rounds off the back porch with no problems at all. Steve.........
  14. My first PSA Gen II 308

    Well I got it together finally and fired ten rounds off the back porch with a twenty round C Products mag without a hitch. My ejection port door hasn't come in yet so I put it together anyway. I'll try to get to the Range later this week and maybe post a few targets if I'm not too ashamed of my ability. All PSA except for the NIB bolt carrier group which came from WC Armory, not sure of the brand. Steve............
  15. Whose barrel is this?

    The ones I'm trying are: Sierra #7350 135 gr. Spitzer SSP Hornady #3021 130 gr. SP Pistol Interlock Both are .308. Steve.........