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  1. I had the head space checked at a local gun shop. I had a heavier spring in but the cases were not fully ejecting and the bolt wouldn't lock out after the last round. Things were pretty tight right after the I did this build last fall but now after hundred rounds or so and lubing it correctly it's much better. I'm going to pop in the middle height spring and see what happens. If it's not better I'm going to have the head space checked out just in case.
  2. It's DPMS pattern. Using RCBS small base dies. Using Hornady cartridge gauge after resizing. The cases are once used brand can't recall the brand but I did a full resize on them to make sure. Mega Matten upper/lower / Christensen arms .308 carbon fiber wrapped barrel / fulton arms high pressure bolt carrier group. I'll buy some factory amo and see I get the same results.
  3. Trying to get my AR-10 .308 to cycle better. Before I list all the components I was wondering if my issue is more general. When charging it at times 2 or 3 times to fully chamber. When I do get it to fully seat it cycles ok. Once in awhile a round again won't fully chamber. The bolt It's about 1/4 inch from fully closing. I'm using JP enterprises Gen 2 silent capture system with the lightest spring in case anyone is familiar with that. Not much info but I can add more detail if someone might have a trouble shooting direction. I re load my own with an oal of 2.75 .
  4. Houston ... we have a problem ...
  5. So it looks like I'm flying blind right not not using a case gauge to really find find what the cases I have are. I see lyman makes one similar to wilsons and its at cabelas so that's probably what I'll get. I'm used to a roll crimp and my .308 full sizing dies use taper crimp and I did initally mess up some shoulders. I think using a case gauge will go a long way to see if my process is good or not.
  6. I'm using Hornadys Custom Grade dies. I'm not sure if they are small base or not. I guess I need to do some research. I guess this is lesson to learn #159.. and I'm sure more to come ... Thanks, rich
  7. it's understood that these are different. I have a .308 AR and bought boxed .308 to try out my new build. After a few tweaks it chambered fine. I bought a bulk bag of once fired military marked as .308. I loaded and seated the bullets to match the .308 boxed shells. BUT, When I went to the range to test they would not chamber fully. I tried some of my Nosler .308 brass reloaded, without powder and primer, but to the same setup as the 'bulk' brass and they reloaded fine. So my question is, could it be that the bulk brass is really 7.62 and not .308? I don't know what the results would be trying to use 7.56 brass in a .308 AR. Would this be the result? Thanks
  8. It took a awhile to build , between learning about the parts and getting what I wanted. I didn't go the cheap route. I just the best for what i wanted. Mega Maten .308 upper/lower nickle borron Christensen arms carbon fiber 18" .308 barrel. ( I have a Christensen Arms armalite hand guard for sale. This build is a DPMS so I can't user it.) Lancer Arms 13" carbon fiber handguard Geissele Enhanced Combat trigger SSA E JP high .308 pressure bolt assembly and firing pin JP gen 2 silent captured spring kit Adaptive tactical stock Lantac Dragon muzzle break A bit of a rough start on the first firing as a the bolt didn't want to close, a couple light primmer strikes. After a bout 15 rounds it was behaving but would not reload or lock back after the last round. I went back today and switched out the heavy spring for the med and it would reload but not lock back. After replacing the med spring with the light spring it functioned perfectly. I put 50 more rounds through it. It was fun making my own and I leaned a lot. i also know the rifle inside out.
  9. No DPMS nut available. Not sure why they did that.
  10. Just took mine out. I'll give it a "C -". I need to do some tweaking. It's currently a 'bolt action'. It will eject the case but not reload or lock out at the end. I'm going to get an adjustable gas block since I'm going to suppress at some point. I have a full mass JP bolt assembly and JP silent capture spring/weight with 3 different springs and multiple weights. So, a LOT, of variable to go through. It shoots well as far as accuracy. At 50 yards, after all my test rounds I have a hole in the target blown out the size of a quarter.
  11. Thanks for the info. Just an FYI. The components I have are: Mega Matten upper / lower JP high pressure bolt assembly- in hind sight I wonder if I should have gone with a low mass version. Christensen Arms 18" .308 carbon fiber barrel Lancer Arms carbon fiber 13" hand guard Geissele 2 stage trigger Ergo hand grip Magpul PRS butt stock Burris AR-332 sight Lantac muzzle break Very light up front so we shall see how much barrel flip I'll get.
  12. Just finished my AR-10 build and going to test it out on Fusion AR and Hornady Black Ammo for AR since I don't have any loads worked up and wasn't sure what components to get. I currently reload for my bolt .308. I'm wondering if their are any 'special' considerations or components that are better or designed specifically the the AR-10 .308. I've seen specific powders but not sure about primers. I'm going to assume Hornady or Remington cases would be fine. I have a couple reloading manuals but no AR specifics in those.
  13. This a Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber hand guard with barrel not and wrench head to fit. This was never used since I purchased it and didn't realize it was only Armalite compatible . $+175.00
  14. Yup, I called AND emailed just to make sure. I asked explicitly if its Aralite comparable and he said yes. Thanks for your interest in our products, and for taking the time to email us. If your upper is a DPMS thread, our barrel nut will not thread on. We do not offer a DPMS thread barrel nut, unfortunately. I have one of my AR-10 uppers (Anderson) that I cannot run one of our handguards on, because of the thread difference. Thanks, Jeff Bradley Account Manager/Technical Support Christensen Arms ( C ) 435.340.1051 ( F ) 888.517.8858 ( O ) 435.528.7999 ext 428 ( E ) jbradley@christensenarms.com
  15. Its 12.5 inches. It's not attached. I just lined it up to show what it would have looked like had the barrel nut fit.
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