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  1. I grinded out the U shape to fit a bigger barrel of a ar10 the tool will still work for a ar15
  2. Chipsss

    My maten build

    I'm going to throw in some new takedown pins and I need to get a hold of a machine shop to try and replicate the ambi bolt release button in black aluminum and a raw titanium one for the ar15 I sanded it to a raw finish to match all the other titanium parts but can't find a company that makes aftermarket ones
  3. Chipsss

    Mega Help

    I got port door from v7 because the stock one all look like junk. It's aluminum so it's just a tad lighter and matches the billet receiver perfect
  4. Chipsss

    My maten build

    Yeah it's got a vortex 2.5x10x44 im using magpul mags also has a lantac dragon muzzle break. Battle arms ambi safty selector. Norgon ambi mag release. Jp titanium fireimg pin. Aftermarket aluminum dust cover(looks amazing)
  5. Chipsss

    Lets see your MA-TEN Builds

    Ar10 Half built ar15
  6. Chipsss

    My maten build

    Gessile hi speed nation match trigger Jp lowmass big with enhanced bolt Jp silent captured spring Proof research 16" barrel Slr adjustable gas block Ambi everything Fortis switch guard Magpul stock Titanium castle nut and plate Mega grip