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  1. Got the scope back from Vortex and took it to the range to get it zeroed again. My best 5 shot group at 100 yds.
  2. What profile is the barrell?
  3. Got to the range for a few hours today. Got my .223 Wylde "other" sighted in. Pretty happy with how that build came out. Then pulled out "Old Faithful". 200yds was very predictable. Spot on as expected. Started shooting at 400 with my buddy calling hit locations. "Low, low, low, low, low" everything, even with up to 9 mils adjustment on the elevation knob. ... I notice it's wiggling, as I pull upward on it, it comes completely off the scope! Whatever threaded brass piece that keeps it connected, has broken. So once I realized that (after wasting a dozen, maybe 20 rounds), I decided to do some calculations, and attempt a hold off with the reticle. .. "Looked like you were right behind it, must have been off to the side." ... "Hit!, nice shot!" "Hit!, Hit!" ...3 consecutive hits at 400yds(!), I'm done. I'm going to send the scope back to Vortex, and end on a high note. Happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank You to those who have/ do serve, and especially, Thank You to those who gave all.
  4. Thank you for the explanation. Out if curiosity, where do you find it?
  5. What is the difference in the "Military" Buck Shot?
  6. Lighten up Francis. Like I said, my initial post was mainly in jest. Where I live it is not legal to hunt with 00, and I personally would not consider it an ethical means of taking game under any normal cicumstance. It's only legitimate use would be in some sort of survival situation in my opinion. Apparently you are prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse.... and I spend to much time on the computer... ?
  7. So my post was meant to be facetious. I get practice, but when I think about the scenarios where 00 is practical or necessary, the ranges involved would primarily be considered indoors or short. I guess if you were getting a new shooter like your wife or girlfriend familiar and comfortable with a firearm, then yeah, sure. But for anyone adept with firearms, how much practice do you really need with 9 pellets per shot at ~30 ft or less?
  8. ...That takes 250 rounds of 00 Buck Shot to solve? I mean really, what kind of shtick is someone worried about getting into? I realized that I had about 50 rounds, and I had to ask myself "besides making a bunch of useless noise at the range, what am I going to do with that?" ?
  9. Still... NSFW https://youtu.be/zlZ0MsrR7_8
  10. More A.F.T... NSFW!! https://youtu.be/3khjNJo5B3M
  11. Please tell me that you guys know about Action Figure Therapy... NSFW ... OR CHILDREN... OR GOOD CHRISTIANS... OR PEOPLE WITHOUT A DARK SENSE OF HUMOE... OR ANYONE WHO MAY BE OFFENDED BY ANYTHING. PERIOD. There's a ton of these videos. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6ezs2QbuFTQ&feature=youtu.be
  12. Thanks. Bk.Rd.Wife is not on board with that suggestion. Besides, veneer probably wouldn't be the best material for that..
  13. Thank you. Built for comfort, not speed, as they say... Or something like that. ?
  14. You guys made me curious. Based on the weigh myself, then weigh myself holding the big gurl method, I came up with 15.6#. 20" Bull Barrell, Diamondhead muzzle break, and Magpul stock account for the majority of that I'd guess. Guns 'N Roses?
  15. Hahaha. I haven't weighed it, but wouldn't be surprised if my AR10 isn't approaching that weight. As I was building it I quickly realized that it would only go from the safe, to the trunk, to the range, and back again.
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