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  1. I would not try to fly with the supplies, although to illustrate my disdain for TSA's cost/ effect ratio; About 5 yrs ago I was traveling to Spain via NYC-London. I had arranged to borrow a Motorcycle, and was checking my riding gear, and had my helmet in my carry on. I was just over the weight limit on my check bag, and pulled the smallest most dense weight out of my check bag I could think of and tossed it in my carry on. A ~6"x5" motorcycle specific tool kit with sockets, bits, wrenches, but most importantly a leatherman style tool with a 3" blade... I had not even given a thought to how that would appear to security, had not even considered the blade until a day later. NYC let me on the plane, no problem. When I got to Heathrow I had to go through security again, and got pulled aside by what fortunately turned out to be an understanding security agent. Fortunately I had the helmet and gloves in the backpack to support my story. They were nice enough to let me check the carry on at no charge...
  2. Thank you for the words of understanding. I do realize that this probably seems like a highly unusual and somwhat suspicious conversation to the majority of onlookers here. Especially those who do not have to be concerned with NY's draconian laws in relation to this issue. Honestly, if I was not traveling alone this time, it would not even be a concern. If for some reason the bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere and I have to walk out, that gives a big cat plenty of opportunity for ambush, and I am deffinitely not in shape to attempt outrunning a bear either.. It does seem as though the poly 80 build is the most above board way to go about this.
  3. Hmm. Didn't realize the bits were in the kit. I'll have to look through it again and check some you tube videos... Never dug into it since I had not intended to build it out unless SFTF..
  4. The modified bolt catch is an easy work around that will keep your rifle "safe".
  5. Have actually been thinking about that option all morning. Probably the best and most economical solution. Anyone in Northwest NM have the necessary tools and some shop space they're willing to share for a few hours?
  6. Yeah, that's called dual residency, not Non-residency. Considering the time frame, and my admittedly poor planning in this regard, that obviously is not an option.
  7. Yes, having procrastinated about getting my ny permit is entirely on me, and is my stumbling block. Had I gotten around to that an ffl to ffl shipment would be the easy answer. In ny you can not "lend" a pistol, they are all registered to you with the serial number on your permit, and there is no reciprocity with other states. And yes, even if it were allowed, it would have to be a very specific set of circumstances for me to be comfortable with such a situation. One ffl mentioned doing a bill of sale, or a bill of gift to obsolve the lender of liability, but with NM new law I don't think that alone would work. From what I have gathered, a private sale to an out of state resident is permitted, but there still needs to be an ffl involved for a background check, which I have no problem with, and which would legally transfer said firearm and responsibility for it's security to the new owner. As far as the concern for BATF knocking on your door, there is no registration of handguns in the states mentioned, so no tracks to follow.
  8. Yup, well aware. Part 2 of the dilema is no ffl can sell a non resident a pistol. Federal law.
  9. Not sure why that background changed..
  10. Flying out of NYC, and living in NY is the problem. You (I) can't buy a pistol outside of your residence state, and I have been procrastinating about getting my NY permit because it's just such a PIA. I had the opportunity to get the Non Resident UT permit when I took the NRA RSO course, so figured why not, rather than have to double the classroom time down the road when I had my NY permit. After talking to one of the NM gun shop owners, it sounds like I could do a private purchase, with a background check (as of July 1 2019 by law), then resell the firearm to an ffl before coming home. yeah, probably overly concerned aboit the dangers of mountain lions, but yeah, rattlesnakes too. Being from the northeast, we are accustomed to being the apex predator here..
  11. I have been planning a Backcountry motorcycle trip in early September. I'll start in Albuquerque, and work my way up into CO, then UT, and AZ. I will likely be going it alone at this point, and have become concerned with wildlife risks, primarily Bears and Mountain Lions. I do have a Non-Resident UT CCW permit. Bringing a sidearm with me is not an option. From the research I've managed, and calling a few gun shops in each state, it seems my best course of action would be to borrow a sidearm from an acquaintance, or 2nd best would be a private party purchase with a background check (per new NM law in effect July 1st 2019), then selling the gun back to an ffl before leaving for home. I have no problem with either scenario, but was wondering if anyone had any better suggestios or ideas. Preferably I would like something in the 9mm- .45 range, and have no problem leaving a cash deposit to someone generous enough to loan me a sidearm. Thoughts? Better solutions?
  12. Got the scope back from Vortex and took it to the range to get it zeroed again. My best 5 shot group at 100 yds.
  13. What profile is the barrell?
  14. Got to the range for a few hours today. Got my .223 Wylde "other" sighted in. Pretty happy with how that build came out. Then pulled out "Old Faithful". 200yds was very predictable. Spot on as expected. Started shooting at 400 with my buddy calling hit locations. "Low, low, low, low, low" everything, even with up to 9 mils adjustment on the elevation knob. ... I notice it's wiggling, as I pull upward on it, it comes completely off the scope! Whatever threaded brass piece that keeps it connected, has broken. So once I realized that (after wasting a dozen, maybe 20 rounds), I decided to do some calculations, and attempt a hold off with the reticle. .. "Looked like you were right behind it, must have been off to the side." ... "Hit!, nice shot!" "Hit!, Hit!" ...3 consecutive hits at 400yds(!), I'm done. I'm going to send the scope back to Vortex, and end on a high note. Happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank You to those who have/ do serve, and especially, Thank You to those who gave all.
  15. Thank you for the explanation. Out if curiosity, where do you find it?
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