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Dirty Steve

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    Peoples Republic of upstate New York
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    All legal manners of take for whitetail deer hunting.

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations!!!
  2. The bare rifle is complete. Headspaced. Lubed. Came in same weight as before. Looking at scope mounts. Like the looks and reduced weight of the Aero Precision Ultralight series. Still can't make up mind on glass so waiting on the mount til I get the glass figured out. Yes, this fine weapon is NY neutered. Little Andy Cuomo should sleep Safer tonight. Had some time yesterday and could have shot the new rifle. Instead I deep cleaned the .223.
  3. Because of draw weight restrictions (200 lbs max) here in the People's Republic of NY I bought a new Excalibur Grizzly. I upgraded to the anti dry fire system. Came with Reds and speed adjustable scope. Put a bunch of sound deadening stuff on it. Shoots awesome. I have had two other crossbows. Really excited to finally get an Excalibur.
  4. Congrats! I have a new Excalibur ready to go. Our NY crossbow season opens first Ssturday in November. Can't wait.
  5. 7 lbs 11.1 onces with empty Pmag. Not sure where I miscalculated the forcasted weight😯. Only thing not on the gun is the gas tube/block roll pin. Barrel not dimpled yet. And other than some barrel nut grease the gun is dry. Could have finished it this weekend but I loaned out my Geissele .308 reaction rod and Tapco AR wrench. Getting closer. Can't wait to send some lead down range with this one. It sure balances well!!!
  6. I'll tell you what. You is right! Exactly what I was thinking!!!
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Hoping I am nearly smart enough to get all together and functioning properly. 🤞
  8. Received a package today. Pictures don't do it justice. Gas block due tomorrow. Getting closer!
  9. Ended up getting another gas tube from Loth-AR So, I picked up some kitchen scales..... I have weighed all available components on hand and with stated weights of Gas block & BCG. 7.01625 pounds dry with no scope mount or optics. Was hoping for less than 8 pounds with optics. Will need to get creative.
  10. Trigger received. LaRue MBT2s. SLR gas block ordered. BCG ordered as well. Could not resist. Karen from Cryptic Coatings is AWESOME!!! Plugging away at the parts list.
  11. Planning a SLR titanium adjustable gas block. They appear to have TWO different options. .400 or .450 spacing. Which is better? Or is the gas port the determining factor? Guess I should get some measurements. LaRue MBT2s on the way. BCG. Nothing yet. MWS is out of lightweight .308 BCG's. Guy there said would not have any for EIGHT MONTHS!!! Was looking at VSeven or Cryptic Coatings Titanium BCGs. A lot of monies.....
  12. Yes. That nylon tipped set screw thing. The threads are very loose on mine. I had bought the Aero standard M5 build set wuth 15 inch hand guard. Here it is mocked up without the barrel nut. I did verify my Tapco AR wrench will work on the Aero barrel nut. Only thing stopping me at this point is lack of trigger, gass block, BCG, and....... oh- some money to buy all that with!🙄
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the gas tube length. I will start measuring.
  14. I received more parts on Friday. Mainly the Aero Carbine buffer complete kit, SLR dimple jig, and Faxon barrel. No time like the present so I started putting the lower together. Do you suggest Lok-tite on the nylon tipped set screw in the lower? Seems like it will back out easily. Need to get some measurements of gas block area and order the correct SLR adjustable gas block. Anything to watch out for or to consider while doing so? Need the gas block, trigger group, and BCG. Oh, some return of cashflow to..... Was figuring a light titanium BCG. Good grief, they sure do not give those away. 🤨 MWS is out of their BCGs. Said 8 months before restock. 😟
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