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    Northeastern Wisconsin
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    Avid shooter, reloader, CCW holder
    Howa 1500 .308
    Remington 700 7mm Rem Mag
    PSA AR 15 16" (SHTF)
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  1. PA10 for deer hunting

    Excellent! Thank you ARTrooper and unforgiven!
  2. PA10 for deer hunting

    You guys sure are making this easy for me. I greatly appreciate it mley1.
  3. PA10 for deer hunting

    I will do that shepp, thank you.
  4. PA10 for deer hunting

    I apologize too, I got a little jumpy after the previous conversation. I don't mean to offend either. I'm not the type that takes unconstructive criticism lightly and I will "return fire". It's in my nature, again, I don't mean to offend anyone. This forum and everything I've read here so far has been a HUGE help. Awesome resource. Thank you for your feedback. I will take pictures and post range reports. I am currently working on a new reloading / gun build bench for my basement. Sick of working on stuff in a cold garage. After that, I hope to be building the PA 10 barring unforseen expenses.
  5. PA10 for deer hunting

    My last reply wasn't aimed at you dpete. Just an FYI.
  6. PA10 for deer hunting

    That's a nice rig there. That's exactly what I am looking for. I will have one similar. Good luck hunting. I didn't mean anything close to "spray and pray". Nor does that mean I have "inadequate abilities". I've knocked down deer on the run before, and I'll do it again. I've gotten more than one shot off at deer with a bolt gun before too. That day wasn't my day. Do I try to get the perfect broadside shot, of course. Of course everyone wants a broadside sit-still shot, then hunting would be just like going to the range. Do I wait if they don't see me or aren't spooked? Of course I do. It isn't always a reality. You think I'm hip shooting like Rambo with his M60, or will I with a PA 10?No, I won't. Again, the way YOU or ANYONE ELSE hunts is YOUR prerogative. I've hunted for 20+ years, I didn't come here for or need hunting, aiming assistance, or a how-to on the workings of a rifle. Been shooting since I was young. I missed, I'm not afraid to admit it. Plenty of others have too. I bet you have too. I will hunt the way I want to whether any of you agree with it or not. Show me in the regulations where it's wrong or illegal. It isn't.
  7. PA10 for deer hunting

    Marathon county, near Wausau. Otherwise I've hunted Outagamie, Washara, Brown, and Oconto counties. Anything north of those counties is buck only land. I prefer to hunt the 'central farmland' zones so I get a doe tag too. Better chance of meat in the freezer.
  8. PA10 for deer hunting

    The shot I took, was within my skill to take. Made shots like that before, that day wasn't my day obviously. It was in a safe direction, a follow up shot would have been too. Want me to diagram it? "Or let me miss it completely", was my point from before. "How am I full of crap if I'm glad that I didn't even get close and completely missed, rather than wounding a deer? You've never shot at game that was moving?" you made my point once again..... Wash I don't know how much clearer I can make the point, it's in what you just posted. You also said you have antlers on the wall bigger than what you could have taken at the game farm. I don't. In my approximate 20 years of deer hunting, I've only seen 4 bucks. Three down out of four ain't bad. Not a one of them over a seven pointer. Two sixes, one seven, and mature. The antlers aren't mounted because they're obviously nothing to brag about. Wisconsin hunting ain't easy, there are no perfect conditions, I spend more time trying to prevent myself from becoming an icicle. Try to make a shot out of a tree stand, in -10 degree wind chill with 8 layers of clothes, and a tree stand harness on. It's not exactly shooting over wide open spaces with a shooting stick or bipod, one layer of clothing, and perfect weather conditions. You usually only get one opportunity, two If your lucky. And by "opportunity" I mean even seeing any deer. There has been years I haven't seen anything but squirrels. If I had 5 grand to spend on a hunting vacation, I sure as heck wouldn't be building a PA 10. Nothing against PSA, they provide nice weapons for the average wallet. There is better quality out there, not within my price range. Nor is a hunting vacation. I have to hunt where it's free. Can't even afford to lease land, so I don't care what your game ranch thinks of me, I won't ever be going most likely (Powerball can you hear me?). Anyone else have toddlers? Like Elsa in "Frozen": Let it go, let it go... (Sorry if it's stuck in your head now) Can we just talk about PA 10's and gear now? If I wanted a sermon, I'd just go to church.
  9. PA10 for deer hunting

    I understand and appreciate your concern. Plenty of times on drives or on public land where I haven't taken a easy clear shot out of safety's sake. "Know your target and beyond". If i see blaze orange, or even know that blaze could be in that general direction i won't take the shot. I have no interest in tagging a human or being tagged. I refuse to hunt deer season around here anymore on public land, at least on opening day. It really is dangerous. I wouldn't bring one of my kids out there for sure, it's getting bad. Thank you for the good luck wishes sketch. When I get the build done, I'll post range groups and the like. I'm learning a lot about AR 10/PA 10 builds through this site and I appreciate it all, from everyone.
  10. PA10 for deer hunting

    right there with you buddy. I disappoint a lot too and could care less. Giant game farm bucks are rare around here. Half of them die over the crazy cold wisco winters. I hunt for meat too, but I don't shoot Bambi.
  11. PA10 for deer hunting

    LOL please, good grief.
  12. PA10 for deer hunting

    You want to pay 5 grand for nothing, for no meat or antlers, good for you. You want to make a perfect shot every time only, good go ahead. Not my fault you live and hunt in Texas. Hunt another state then. I didn't have any meat in the freezer. That was the first and only deer I saw all season. I'm not breaking any laws, or any rules. Nothing says in the 2017 Wisconsin deer regulations you cant shoot at a moving target. It's not my fault you want everyone to follow your "holier than thou", "purist", "supposed higher moral" hunting code. Quit pretending your better than everyone else, you aren't. Try hunting public land in another state. Everything you'll experience there will be ten fold worse than anything I would come even close to doing. A human making it alive out of those public woods is a plus.
  13. PA10 for deer hunting

    Wow, sorry if I offended. I'm sorry if I made a generalization or stereotype of the typical deer hunter. So I'm only supposed to shoot at deer that comes right to me and waits broadside patiently for the perfect shot? I've taken other deer shooting them on the move, and I've hit them and dropped them. How am I full of crap if I'm glad that I didn't even get close and completely missed, rather than wounding a deer? You've never shot at game that was moving? Okay, good for you. Survivalshot mentioned previously he shot at a deer "hauling arse". Is he breaking your moral hunting code? I screwed up, I missed. Tried to lead him. Either the brush took it out or I shot in front of him. No blood trail so I hope someone else got him, or he'll be there next year for me. I hunt private land, not public. I'm not getting in the middle of WWIII out there, tried that and ain't doing it again. Nor would I rapid fire recklessly putting other hunters in danger. The direction I was shooting was safe. I'm just mad I didn't get a second shot off to get that bugger. I firmly believe I would have if I didn't have to rack a bolt. Imagine if that buck was running through private land. It would have been swiss cheese. The deer was spooked towards me by a hunter in the adjacent woods. Didn't know that until the guy I was hunting with saw moving orange over there before he heard my gunshot. By the time I heard and saw the deer , took one shot and racked the bolt he was gone. Hunted for four days after that, and unfortunately he never came back. Tried everything; scents on the local scrapes , mock scrapes, antler rattling, doe bleats. He was probably in the next county. If you hunt differently, so be it. Again sorry to offend.
  14. CFE 223 for the 308 AR's

    My Howa bolt gun loves Varget. In 150 and 165 Hornady SP and SST loads. Don't have an AR308 yet, but I will soon for a new deer gun. Never tried IMR 4064. Varget is what I'm starting with when the build is complete, just out of experience with the bolt gun. I've tried IMR 4895 and CFE 223, nowhere near the accuracy of Varget. Wisconsin deer hunting winters and outdoor ranges are cold af, I need a powder that can handle the temp changes. Gotta love that crrrrruuuunnch with the powder measure and extruded powders. I've never progressive loaded, but the charges I've thrown with a Hornady powder measure never deviated +/- 1 full grain. As long as you aren't right at max I think you'll be fine. I've only under measure thrown, then trickled to final charge.
  15. PA10 for deer hunting

    Sweeeet! Thanks Boot_Scraper!