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  1. I've put a 6.5 Grendel together and I really like it. The 15 frame is nice but there is always a compromise made for weight and mag length. Be fun to just have free reign on cartridge selection and there are several PPC designs that I think require the 10 frame. Was really interested in a Beowulf for the 15. But If I go to a bigger frame I am almost scared to find out whats available for a big blaster.
  2. Greetings from Iowa, Moving up from ar15. Interested in some of the bigger wildcat rounds in the ppc style case, anyone fooling around with them? Also thinking about an 80% lower with a side charge upper. Might as well empty the whole 9 yards. Opinions on doing a 80% what brand of jigs do guys like or hate and what lowers to machine? I liked using Aero's Enhanced upper on my last ar 15. That cast in barrel nut and collar system was slick and easy. With all the talk about the new Valkyrie, I think I'll go the other direction just for spite. Let me know what you think... John
  3. Hi, Got her searching compatibility issues with PSA. Bought my first AR a few weeks ago (Ruger 556 mpr). And now just riding the run away train to learning and wanting bigger and building my own. Ran across the PSA gen two and trying to decide if that's a good starter way to get into 308. Questioning if psa has cleared up issues or are they lingering, and what accuracy and upgradability issues are. Is there a good "everything we need to know" location for info without having to sift through all the forum type banter. Thanks for having this site, maybe what i'm looking for is here somewhere I just haven't found it yet. Best regards, John
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