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  1. I'm not Paul Harvey. You know what the news is -- in a minute, you're going to hear [read] the rest of the story. I called again on November 30, 2018 and spoke with Mitch yet again. He noted this time I'm now 1 of 3 that has reported this issue. The last being a call from a Kentucky gun shop working on a customers gun. Mitch stated that the shop milled the Picatinny rail. He restated again that he was going to request the engineering drawing for me. On February 9, 2019, Mitch stated that he was going to request the engineering drawing for me, again. On March 29, Aaron answered the customer service line. He remembered Mitch conveying a customer that had my issue. Aaron and I had a good conversation and he stated he had an early DPMS LR-308 and understood how in the early days how the large platform AR was not standardized, even by DPMS. He stated he would get me the engineering drawing or have one made and that he would also call me the following week. On June 11, I called Aaron, but he was out to lunch and I left a message for him. On June 28, Aaron told me that they were going to make a batch of adapters in 2-3 weeks and they would try to make me one. On August 15, Aaron called me. He had made me 2, 2.04 adapters and asked if I still wanted one. I said yes of course. I paid him for both, $10 each and $4.35 for shipping. On August 17 they arrived USPS mail. I opted to prep and paint one adapter. On August 18 I installed the painted adapter and as expected, the upper receiver and forend rail align perfectly. I sent Aaron a note of the outcome and thanked him for providing good customer service. On August 19 Aaron responded to my note. I'm not Paul Harvey...and now you know -- the rest of the story.
  2. I thought I would post an update, but there is not much to report. I called back on August 27, and left voicemail for Mitch. I called back on August 28, and left voicemail for Mitch again. This time he returned my call. When I asked if he spoke with Tom, he said yes and that Tom remembered the interaction with guruofhotrod. He went on to say there was nothing they could do for me since my receiver rail was was above my handguard rail and the 2.06 adapter was high as they could move the bore line. I had to remind him that it was my handguard rail that was above my receiver rail using the 2.06 adapter and mentioned he could refresh his memory by looking at the photos I had provided in my initial e-mail. We continued to talk and I could tell that Mitch just wanted me to go away. I kept insisting that I was not satisfied and requested the adapter engineering drawing to make my own adapter. He said creating unique adapters was not something they could do. I mentioned that guruofhotrod and myself must be their only customers with high expectations because our DPMS receivers were made several years apart and suffered the same condition. Mitch told me he would see would they could do and he would get back with me. I called back on September 15 and spoke with Mitch again. This time he told me Engineering was evaluating what they could do for me. I pressed for the previously requested adapter drawing, but Mitch told me they would figure out how to satisfy me. Well, it's September 26 and I have yet to hear from Mitch or anyone else at Odin Works. Let me add that all conversations between Mitch and I have been cordial. We just see the situation from different perspectives. BTW, I haven't given up yet.
  3. I have the exact condition described in the original post. Using my digital calipers (purchased in 1989 and not recalibrated since), I measured .022 inches proud of my DPMS A3 High Profile receiver manufactured in 2008. I e-mailed Odin Works on July 22, 2018. Not receiving a response, I followed up with a call on July 27 in which I spoke with Mitch in customer service and he said my e-mail was forwarded to production for investigation. I intentionally didn't mention that I had already come across this post. I called on August 10 and spoke with Mitch again. He offered up a long list of possible reasons why there might be an issue. He offered to measure my adapter to determine if it was manufactured correctly. If I understood him correctly, he also offered to measure my upper receiver to determine if my receiver bore was non-standard. I declined. I told him that I believed his adapter was manufactured to Odin Works' engineering specifications. I then decided to mention this thread and Tom Hines. He told me he would ask Tom on Monday (8/13) if he remembered this inquiry. I have yet to receive a response. I'm not sure if Odin Works will make any attempt to address this issue. I'm getting impatient to correct the issue. I used to be able to use the most forward picatinny rail slot for my scope prior to the change in forend.
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