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  1. Geez, everytime we get an opportunity to buy normal mags out here KeepShooting is out of GreaseGun Mags - Figures....
  2. You might keep an eye on Armslist and Gunbroker - I've seen them come up on occasion, they're not cheap though.
  3. Yea, word has it that all the places that rent dive gear were sold out this past week I've got a couple of new mags on the way but the ones i really wanted (grease gun from keep shooting) have been out of stock for quite a while now.
  4. On the subject of Loctite 609 - they also have #620, same strength but, it's made to fill larger gaps in the event you have a loose fit you need to tighten up
  5. Wasn't sure where the best place to put this was (Reloading, 80%, Building...) so, we'll try here - mods, if you have a more appropriate category feel free to re-locate it. This guy is one of the most "outside the box" thinking guys I've seen in quite a while - enjoy! And this one isn't too bad either:
  6. For those of you that have the Matrix upper/lower sets from Chris Riedeman (or other DPMS Type 308AR owners) Primary Arms has an awesome deal on a Matrix 308 BCG - $99.99 - it has a 8620 carrier with F/A serrations, a Carpenter 158 Bolt, they don't specify but it appears to be nitrided or CQP finished - looks pretty good! http://www.primaryarms.com/matrix-arms-dpms-pattern-ar10-308-bolt-carrier-group
  7. Man 98, You nailed it - Awesome post Thank You ! May you all have a great Memorial Day!
  8. There is a thread on 12GA AR Uppers here: The WF Armory links I posted are now dead but this one from Tombstone Tactical for the Intrepid upper is good https://www.tombstonetactical.com/catalog/intrepid-tactical/143001-ar-10-complete-upper-receiver-12-ga-18in-5rd-black/
  9. ^^^^Yep, throw some anti-depressants in the mix and there you go!
  10. If you want to spend some $ you could try to find a longer, heavier barrel that has the type of rifling that you need, the correct barrel extension, and the gas block in the correct location (rifle length?) and have someone like Randall at AR15Barrels.com cut it down, put the desired thread on the crown, if necessary cut the gas block diameter to the .750" you need and re-profile the barrel to your spec's
  11. Those composite filter housings expand and contract quite a bit when in use (10-30PSI) I would find a good epoxy type sealer that can flex and try it on the inside so the pressure will try to force it into the crack - also roughen up the surface you are trying to get the sealer to stick to so you will get better adhesion.
  12. That was my exact concern about all this bumpstock fuss - it could potentially result in the term "machinegun" being re-defined, this has to be prevented at all costs or it will be disastrous for the 2nd Ammendment.
  13. Another option would be a clamp on style gas block like this: http://www.primaryarms.com/vltor-low-profile-gas-block-750-clamp-style-gb-2c-b
  14. Wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year - This last year was a rough one - My christmas present this year was a letter from the bank on Dec 23rd informing me/us that they were preparing to begin foreclosure proceedings on my late mothers house as a result of my sister hijacking the trust when I was in the hospital in Sept '16 - She conveniently appointed herself trustee and upon Mom's passing sister decided that she didn't need to make payments on or pay off the HELOC Mom had on the house - it took every bit of cash I could come up with to cover the past due and get the house out of jeopardy. Well, enough of that, Hopefully this coming year will be a great one for everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR
  15. Man, you just gotta rub it in huh - perfectly good parts come in the parts kit but no, we gotta spend extra $ on some whiz bang device designed to slow down the reloading process and make the firearm less safe to operate in the process - what a load of crap!! Welcome to Commiefornia (I mean California) Brother!! Apparently the state government doesn't feel us residents here can be trusted with the same items the rest of the country gets to enjoy! I just hope to god that mindset isn't allowed to spread to the rest of this great country! I keep em stashed away with the hopes I'll be able to re-locate someday and put them to good use.
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