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  1. He is not wrong, the 1-6 that is $400 is like equal to the Vortex Strike Eagle series roughly. They are made in China if I remember correctly. The higher end $1000+ dollar 1-8's are Japanese made like the Vortex Razors but if I wanted to spend that kinda money, I'd get a Vortex I think. I'm either going to get the 1-6 FFP or the 4-16x44 FFP and honestly, I'm leaning towards the 1-6 FFP and a 16" cut down. I also like the idea of the shorter DD 762 rail and the 13" barrel too. I had the 3-18x50mm FFP ACSS but the thing was SO big and bulky.
  2. My understanding is they made this rail for the COLT AR-10 (originally the rail was called the AR-10 Lite Rail) for the SCAR-Heavy program but I believe the GOVT went with the KAC M110 instead. It was never a big seller for them and they finally decided to make there own 308 rile.
  3. They DO make 1-8x that is FFP but those are like Vortex Razor HD II-e priced!
  4. Had that, sold it. I can't stand the fact that the reticle does not get smaller on 1x. I would be all over it if it was FFP. They only offer the 1-6 in FFP at that price point.
  5. Armalite does not offer a 16" rifle length stainless match grade barrel! 🙂
  6. I ended up just deciding to keep the thing. I had another sale all set up after making this post. Local guy contacts me through a local board and said if I could hold it a week, he would take it. I spoke with him throughout the week and then messaged him the Thursday night before the Friday we were supposed to meet to confirm. He would have cash so we set up a time and all that. Next day (Friday) rolls around, I left work to meet up with him and he was a no show. No show, no call, no text, wouldn't pick up for my calls or texts. I guess the Gods are just telling me I should keep it! Thinking about having the barrel sent out to be chopped to 16" and adding a Surefire 762 Warcomp and a Law Tactical folding stock adaptors. Think I'd rather do an ACSS 1-6x FFP LPVO this time around, the 3-18x50 FFP was a bit much. Would make a nice battle rifle setup with the 1-6x!
  7. The Holosun 507c would be a bit too bulky to fit into any of my Safariland or custom carry rigs. I'd have about 6 holsters I could not with that GLOCK. I may consider one for another handgun though. Where are you guys finding them for half the price for an RMR? The cheapest I Can find them for is about $299, the Trijicon RMR RM-06 Type 2 is $430, less if you score one on sale.
  8. The only reason I'm thinking of getting rid of it that I've got TOO many projects that are not complete. I need a tan EOTech Exps3/G33 for my Mk18 and an RMR for my GLOCK MOS and the girlfriend is bitching that I've got too many things going and they all need more money thrown at them! That and I don't really shoot long range. I shoot indoors mainly and 308 is kinda wasted on that!
  9. Part of me wants to put an A2 fixed stock on it like the original prototype COLT AR-10 that that Armalite builts for the trials that the KAC M110 won. That's the same extra gas block that I have too. I replaced it with the Badger Mk12/Mk18 gas block though, I like the low profile M110 look better.
  10. Honestly though, does it really need to be? You are not supposed to bridge the upper/rail anyway! I don't know what I wanna do at this point.
  11. We shall see! I had a couple of people inquire but I'll post it tonight if I don't hear back.
  12. I have no idea! I apparently asked too much. I just need a tan EOTech EXPS3/G33 and a Trijicon RM-06 to complete two other projects.
  13. The rail actually has a small spot of damage on it that you can't even see unless you are looking at it, hence not including it in the price. It's fully functional though so I said I'd throw it in free or pull it off.
  14. I don't know, maybe I'll send out the barrel and have it cut to 16" and toss on a Law Tactical folder and make it more compact like my SCAR 17S setup. I had a 3-18x50 FFP scope on it was HUGE and I really don't shoot long range. Could be fun with Vortex Razor HD II-e 1-6x24 on it for running steel plate but I also need an EOTech setup for an AR I just built and I also just picked up a new GLOCK 19 Gen5 MOS that needs a Trijicon RM-06, too man projects, not enough money!
  15. Yeah, it came with a factory Armalite quad rail that looks like a KAC rail. Unfortunately, I sold the factory rail and I'm finding out a lot of people WANTED the original rail. 😞 Currently set up like this, well I took the SOPMOD (dropped on the factory M4LE stock), scope mount and Bipod off and dropped the price to also not include any rail so whoever bought it can just track down the Armalite rail. Was even willing to pull the rail that's on it now so it's ready for the proper Armalite rail install, this one requires a special wrench. OH and I have the factory gas block too. What is the current value of something like this as mentioned above?
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