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  1. lineman1954

    lower jig

    hey yall, so I'm thinking of building a hunting ar 308, my question, is there any place that rents these jigs, or any club where a guy can buy then sell a jig when finished to the next guy or gal ?l
  2. lineman1954

    New guy- Lineman1954

    Woke up to some interesting people here welcoming me, thank you all for that, and a special hat tip to my fellow motorhead brethren.
  3. lineman1954

    New guy- Lineman1954

    greetings and thanks, I've already chatted with some people here that have freely given of their time and talents... Im a retired transplant from Niagara falls relocated to Southern Tennessee, hobbies..rebuilding Norton, BMW , MotoGuzzi motorcycles and collector cars. I spent 30 years in the electrical power industry along with a plumbing electrical and heating business I started in 1979. I like Garrands and M1A's, and recently taken an interest in the AR series rifles.
  4. lineman1954

    Make my blood boil!

    saw this on the news last week, my response was as yours, my wife said I was going to have a stroke, It REALLY bothered me, too many times of late, taxpaying flag waving fourth of July grilling "Americans" are criminalized for putting their country first above all else....seems i remember Alan West saved some of his men employing similar tactics to protect his men from death. Please tell me, Im unaware, who do you contact ?
  5. lineman1954

    A bit of guidance please

    keep up the posts ! soaking it up like a sponge, I'm partial to a A2 stock style stock, is that available for most or all platforms ? read read read ! sage advise- thanks guys .
  6. lineman1954

    A bit of guidance please

    Thank You guys for your thoughts, IT REALLY HELPS to learn from those smarter than myself, Jtallen83, your suggesting building an Armalite platform rifle with Aero brand parts ? if so would you suggest what parts..18" barrel ..2 stage trigger etc. ?
  7. lineman1954

    A bit of guidance please

    Im looking to get into some type of AR 10 and would appreciate some guidance, I happen to have a Garrand 308 and a M1A 308 so thats why I prefer to stock 1 ammo and keep it simple..so the other night I missed out on a Gunbroker AR10 Armalite, new, case & two magazines..1050$, and it had the solid stock that I want, with a scope mount. So I was reading trying to learn, and found a commentary about the 3 platforms, Armalite, DPS and 1 other I can't recall...I would like to hunt with it as we are loaded with deer here, (and I'm out of jerky), I have a spare nikon308 scope, but no nothing about Red Dots or Holograms and those are kinda small in comparison. So....Palmetto ? Armalite ? MP ? any thoughts/endorsements greatly appreciated.