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  1. lineman1954

    lower jig

    hey yall, so I'm thinking of building a hunting ar 308, my question, is there any place that rents these jigs, or any club where a guy can buy then sell a jig when finished to the next guy or gal ?l
  2. Woke up to some interesting people here welcoming me, thank you all for that, and a special hat tip to my fellow motorhead brethren.
  3. greetings and thanks, I've already chatted with some people here that have freely given of their time and talents... Im a retired transplant from Niagara falls relocated to Southern Tennessee, hobbies..rebuilding Norton, BMW , MotoGuzzi motorcycles and collector cars. I spent 30 years in the electrical power industry along with a plumbing electrical and heating business I started in 1979. I like Garrands and M1A's, and recently taken an interest in the AR series rifles.
  4. saw this on the news last week, my response was as yours, my wife said I was going to have a stroke, It REALLY bothered me, too many times of late, taxpaying flag waving fourth of July grilling "Americans" are criminalized for putting their country first above all else....seems i remember Alan West saved some of his men employing similar tactics to protect his men from death. Please tell me, Im unaware, who do you contact ?
  5. keep up the posts ! soaking it up like a sponge, I'm partial to a A2 stock style stock, is that available for most or all platforms ? read read read ! sage advise- thanks guys .
  6. Thank You guys for your thoughts, IT REALLY HELPS to learn from those smarter than myself, Jtallen83, your suggesting building an Armalite platform rifle with Aero brand parts ? if so would you suggest what parts..18" barrel ..2 stage trigger etc. ?
  7. Im looking to get into some type of AR 10 and would appreciate some guidance, I happen to have a Garrand 308 and a M1A 308 so thats why I prefer to stock 1 ammo and keep it simple..so the other night I missed out on a Gunbroker AR10 Armalite, new, case & two magazines..1050$, and it had the solid stock that I want, with a scope mount. So I was reading trying to learn, and found a commentary about the 3 platforms, Armalite, DPS and 1 other I can't recall...I would like to hunt with it as we are loaded with deer here, (and I'm out of jerky), I have a spare nikon308 scope, but no nothing about Red Dots or Holograms and those are kinda small in comparison. So....Palmetto ? Armalite ? MP ? any thoughts/endorsements greatly appreciated.
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