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  1. This is what I was thinking about as a Replacement .
  2. Going through the safe and managed to find a shotgun that I acquired while in the ARMY. Had a guy in the barracks that needed some money and I loaned it and took the shotgun as collateral. Well, one of us PSC'd and the shotgun stayed in my possession. At the time, not a bad trade for $100. The thing had been bastardized... the 28" barrel had been cut to 18" and the buttstock had been replaced with a pistol grip. But for a semi-auto, it would be a good home defense piece. Now... 25 years and many moves later, I have finally settled into a house that I am going to be in till death do us part. So, I've pulled it back out of retirement, gave a good cleaning, and have made it my garage go to gun. Strategically placed so when I'm in the garage and some unauthorized thing decides to try to make entry, it will be dealt with accordingly. But in doing some research, I have realized that this was a short lived run by Mossberg and finding replacement parts are getting a little harder to find (not that they can't be found). So my question is... do I still use it or put it back into retirement?
  3. Davenport Guns in Davenport, IA. is good. If you ever make it there talk to Janelle and tell her Pat sent ya. 😉 https://www.davenportguns.com/
  4. mrraley

    Marks on BCG

    Could you get a picture of the FCG and bolt catch please?
  5. The one piece gas ring was a solution for a problem that neve existed... Now you will hear things like... "if the standard ones line up the gaps, you'll have problems" Well, I'm here to tell ya, I've shot my rifle with 1 gas ring in it and never had a problem or issue. After a range session, take your BCG apart and look at the rings. I'll bet at least two are lined up if not all three at least close. Do they wear out? Yes they do. But... that's because of you. Clean your carrier and get the carbon chunks out of it. Now on the competition side of this rifle thing, the one piece gas ring has become a norm. Less chance of anything to go wrong. (what ever). Shooter error will always exist. But it is a good piece of mind and helps you think good thoughts. On the .308 side of this gas ring thing. For the longest time, McFarland one piece gas rings were the ONLY gas rings and that's what ArmaLite used. These other companies that have started making there own line of gas rings is all trial and error right now. Since there is no set sizing out there and not two are alike, you are going to run into a wide variation of diameters and might have to go through a hand full in order to find a good fit. So is there a good answer for the gas ring dilemma... NO. It's all in what makes you feel comfortable or warm and fuzzy inside.
  6. I had a PM from a poster here that thanked me for some of the input that I have given. I know I don't post a lot, but I go through and read the threads and chime in where I think of areas that might not have been covered or just to satisfy my curiosity. But at no time should you ever feel embarrassed to chime in or ask a question. So this is what I told the person that contacted me and I hopes that it helps or clears things a little for the newer crowd here... " Thank you, I hope it might help some day. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself around here. People might give you a hard time or razz you a bit, but it's all in fun, but your question will always get answered. If or when we ask questions back, it's not meant to question your abilities, it's to help us get a better understanding or clarity of the initial problem or question at hand." So, if you lurk through the forums seeking information, somewhere your question might have been asked or answered. There is a wealth of knowledge around here and someone is always willing to help and harass you at the same time. On that note, welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay, and DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.
  7. I was going through some of the industry links and found one that has a bad link in it. I clicked on Mech-Armorer and it popped up something I could not read or understand.
  8. Glad to hear that gents...
  9. mrraley


    Things from my garage sale...
  10. mrraley


    Two more going out today...
  11. mrraley


    Welll... 3 of the 4 are labeled and ready to go. Waiting on that one to give me a physical address since the Big Brown truck won't deliver to PO boxes. Will be shipping out UPS today.
  12. Unfortunately they are not. They are M15 fiberglass free float tubes, but only 1 bbl nut. So all 4 tubes go together.
  13. I have finally had a chance to unpack and go through some of the stuff I've acquired throughout my travels. There aren't any real hard set prices, but don't lowball me either. Purchaser will cover s&h and pp fees (or friends and family) If an item is sold, I will remove the photo, to help eliminate any confusion. Any questions, feel free to ask or message
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