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  1. Anybody have an LaRue tactical LT110 EOTech QD Mount and a LT133 PVS-14 Mount QD mount that they might want to work a deal on?
  2. that one being double cross pinned like that is because it is knurled and pressed on. others were blind pinned at 45* and welded, but they were threaded on. options: send it to a reputable place, cut the break off and thread the barrel. replace complete upper configuration and sell current one to someone that is in a state that has restrictions still. replace bbl asm and rebuild the way you want it.
  3. Is it a two port or three port? can you post a picture of the 6 o'clock position of the muzzle break?
  4. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but that don't look like a .308 upper...
  5. I have the XD-S in .45 since it came out and have had no problems with it, great conceal piece when on the motorcycle, also have the XD-M in .40 that usually goes in the truck. And when I was with the Sheriffs department, they carried full size XD .45's. So now the wife likes the -M and wants here own for her CC. But with all that I have no complaints about any of them. @Sisco when you decide to come down for your tour, let me know and we will have a cold one or two.
  6. well... I wasnt able to make it out to the range with them when they went out for the first time. But from what I was told, the rifle ran rather well for it's maiden voyage. We did have to put a different trigger in the lower on build day. The drop in trigger that he purchased would not line up with the hammer and trigger pin holes. I had a spare ArmaLite tactical two stage trigger and set the springs at a even weight for him to start with and explained when he gets accustom to it we could adjust it from there. Only had one FTE and come to find out, it was a reload, so I chalked that one to the ammo. They ran some different types of ammo through it with petty good results. So for right now they just did function fire and a little bit of break in on the parts. Next time out will be time to zero the sights on it and get a better feel for what ammo it really does like the best. Over all I'm happy with the build and glad the the young guy is really happy with his choice of parts to put this together. On a side note for me, I figured out some things that I need to get for the garage to add to my tools.
  7. In all actuality, he most likely has no idea. I'm probably some guy that just talked a lot while trying to put things together. His father is a shirt tail cousin to my wife, and he has an idea of what I used to do. But that's about as far as it goes.
  8. Well yesterday, I spent the early half of saturday helping a young guy build his first rifle. Him and his dad came over bearing gifts of Guinness in return for my help. It was a good time, I think he learned quite a bit as I had him do the majority of the build and me only helping when the difficulty level was a little much. He made some good choices on parts to be put together and turned out pretty good, I think. In the end, he got a rifle that was functional and to his liking. Now we sorta wait for the weather to break and go out and function fire this thing.
  9. SASS Manual.pdf AR-30 Manual.pdf AR-10 & M15 Operators Manual.pdf AR-10 Manual.pdf AR-18 & AR-180 Operators Manual.pdf AR-22 Operators Manual.pdf AR-24 Manual.pdf M-15-22 FIREARM MANUAL 110224 REV 22 Final.pdf AR-180B Manual.pdf Eagle AR-10 101201 REV 23 Final.pdf Eagle Arms M15 Manual.pdf Eagle Arms Operator's Manual.pdf M15 Manual.pdf
  10. Mossberg - Model 500 Shotgun.pdf
  11. 619-16-17.pdf 619-14-15.pdf Small Arms Toolkit.pdf
  12. FM 3-05.222 (TC 31-32 SF Sniper training.pdf FM 3-22.9 (FM 22-9) Rifle Marksmanship 2008.pdf FM 3-22.31 (FM 23-31) 40mm Grenade Launcher M203.pdf FM 3-22.68 (FM 23-67) Crew Served Weapons.pdf FM 5-31 Boobytraps.pdf FM 5-250 Explosives & Demolitions.pdf Ranger Hand Book SH 21-76 (Feb 11).pdf Ranger Hand Book SH 21-76 (Jul 06).pdf Ranger Hand Book SH 21-76 (Jul 92).pdf
  13. MP5N - 24&P-2.pdf AN GVS 5 - 20.pdf AN PAQ 4 - 23.pdf AN PEQ 2A - 12&P.pdf AN PVS 7A - 23&P.pdf AN PVS 7B 23P-2.pdf AN PVS 17B - 12&P.pdf Auto Pistols - 14P-3.PDF Bayonets - 23&P.pdf M2HB - 23.pdf M2HB - 23P.pdf M3 - 12 Sub-gun.pdf M9 - 9MM - 23&P.PDF M10 Revolver - 14&P-1.pdf M14 National Match - 12P.PDF M16A2 - 23&P.PDF M40A3 - 23&P.pdf M40A1 - 23&P.pdf M60 Machine gun -23&P.pdf M82A3 - 23&p.pdf M145 Telescope (Elcan) 13&P.PDF M203 - 23&P.pdf M231 PFW - 23P.pdf M240 - 23&P.pdf M249 - 23&P.PDF M1911A1 TM 9-1005-211-34.pdf Military Explosives TM 9-1300-214.pdf Military Pyro TM 43-0001-37-20.pdf Shotgun - 13&P.pdf Revolvers - 14&P-1.PDF Counter Sniper Guide.pdf M26 Shotgun TM9-1005-341-23&P.pdf M26 Shotgun TM9-1005-341-10.pdf M320 Grenade launcher TM9-1010-232-23&P.pdf M320 Grenade launcher TM9-1010-232-10.pdf
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