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  1. mrraley

    1911 CCW

    Alright folks, I am looking for recommendations for a holster for my 1911. I was thinking of a possible FBI cant holster for behind the back. But I am open to suggestions... So what say you and why.
  2. mrraley

    First .308 Build PROBLEM

    Something else to consider or look at is... What type of receiver extension tube is on the rifle? (carbine or A2 style) Is the lower an "A" or "B" series? (What magazine does it take?) Is the upper an "A" or "B" series?
  3. mrraley

    A.R.M.S. #40 rear sight

    Good deal, what you looking to get for it? You still need a BCG?
  4. mrraley

    A.R.M.S. #40 rear sight

    I know it's been a while, but do you still have this?
  5. mrraley

    Does Aramalite still make the AR10T?

    Contact Janelle at Davenport Guns.
  6. mrraley

    History of Armalite

    The new owners have changed a few things... again. Back to the argument of what "AR" actually stands for.
  7. mrraley

    No More Tech Notes......

    If need be... I have all the tech notes that were posted before I left them.... lol
  8. something that hasn't been mentioned yet.... What bbl are you using? What twist is bbl? What weight of bullets? (I see you mentioned 147 and 168)
  9. mrraley

    Loaner headspace gauge?

    still looking for gauges? text my phone 3 zero 9 - seven 1 six - seven 9 four 6
  10. mrraley

    .338 Lapua ammo

    still available
  11. mrraley

    Head space

    To answer your question first... NO. this is the what ArmaLite used to say and what I taught in my armorer classes... Is that you can shoot .308 in a 7.62 NATO chamber... BUT you CAN NOT shoot 7.62 NATO in a .308 chamber. Also you can look in my section Raley's Tech Corner and read ArmaLite Tech Notes... tech note 45: 5.56 NATO vs SAAMI .223 REMINGTON CHAMBERS, tech note 69: HEADSPACE, or tech note 96: HEADSPACE INSPECTION.
  12. mrraley

    WTB a few ar lower parts.

    what parts are you still looking for?
  13. mrraley

    .338 Lapua ammo

    Brand new Cor Bon .338 Lapua ammo. One box missing one round the rest are still sealed. Asking $100 a box pluss shipping.
  14. mrraley

    Joke of the day

    Oh..., eat-bite-fornicate-suck-gobble-nibble-chew,Nipple-bosom-hairpie-fingerfuck-screw,Moose-piss, cat-pud, orangutan-tit,Sheep-female cat, camel-crack, pig and lion poop.Purple headed, cherry poppin, tea baggin bitchPink puckered pun-tang lyin in a ditchAss plowin' female cat chowin, wife sloppin huggyYou ball lappin slut sword swallow my chubby.