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  1. I would love to see this data as I can’t find anywhere ? I buy my blanks from a company who makes these by the ton for many companies and they call out for 304 milepec? On top of that I haven’t been able to find a single gas tube in 303 ? So please find me this spec sheet !
  2. Gotta disagree on that , quick google search from multiple manufacturers say 304 , here is a clip from spikes themselves. Spike's Tactical has produced what we believe is the best gas tube out on the market for the AR-15 rifle. Our gas tubes are made out of Mil-Spec 304 stainless steel and then are Melonite coated for greater heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and lower reflection. These gas tubes are not only great for .223/5.56 uppers, but are perfect for the 5.45 uppers when you shoot cheap, corrosive, surplus ammunition. These are the same gas tubes that we install on our ST-15 rifles and all of Spike's complete upper receivers.
  3. Pretty sure mil spec gas tubes are 304 not 303.
  4. Here is a custom gas tube I bent up and made from a 21 inch blank. And then the final build of the 6.5 creedmoor , now to go shoot it and see what it does 😁
  5. Got about 10 of the 1.187 ID adjustable gas blocks done! Almost done with the 1.125 ID ones also.
  6. No I will when I take these out. I have about 4-5 toys I need to take out and sight in. As soon as I do that I’ll post some pics !
  7. Here is a picture of the gas tube I will be using for the PRC compared to the standard AR10 gas tube.
  8. Dang Fadal huh they haven’t been around in a while ! And good luck getting parts for them ! But yes it’s nice have a very large shop to play in!
  9. 98 do you turn your own tubes ? If you do I’ll give you a couple of these gas blocks I make if you wanna do some heavy barrel stuff?
  10. Northern Nevada ,where are you located ?
  11. Yeah gotta get it built to take out in the desert and stretch its legs !! See what it can do!
  12. Well starting another BIG barreled build. This is gonna be a 32 inch 6.5 PRC build! Got a 32 inch x caliber 1x7 5r blanks, I’m making my own 1 3/16 adjustable gas block along with a 21.75 gas tube, I will be going 5.75 + over rifle length on the gas. I have a double ejector bolt I will be opening up to fit the rim of the case. This will definitely be a bench gun 🤣 I’ll be making the muzzle brake also and some other odd end parts.
  13. Pretty much done with my creedmoor upper , mount a scope and go test it
  14. Looks good at what distance were you shooting ?
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