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  1. Welcome from Iowa, via Virginia!
  2. Have you tried it with just one round in the magazine at a time? Oil it up real good and cycle it by hand with an empty magazine in several dozen times then check for any wear marks on all the parts including the mag.
  3. Follow up video by Omaha guns with other striker fired pistols.
  4. Last week it depended on the CS person you got, some were telling people they would be charged and others told people it was free. Last I heard they will be covering all expenses involved.
  5. I don't think and didn't say SIG did this on purpose. Their track record of late shows they release new weapons without thorough testing and then try to slide by as cheap as they can when it comes to getting things straight. Love most of my Sigs, odds are I will buy another SIG someday. I agree this 320 issue seems like a hit job, I am sure there are many pistols that would fire under the same abuse.
  6. What sort of scope are you mounting?
  7. Welcome from Iowa, via Virginia!
  8. Nope, the edit feature disappears shortly after posting.
  9. Most forward assists in the 308AR's will engage on the shoulder of the carrier but your mileage may vary. There are no hard and fast standards for this platform, I bought a FA that claimed to be specific for 308 AR's and it locked up the carrier without me touching it. You should be able to use a carrier with or without serrations as long as it is DPMS compatible.
  10. Welcome from Iowa, via Virginia!
  11. In my area auctions seem to bring good money. I rarely found anything at an auction for a reasonable price, most weapons could be bought used at a local shop for less. I think this depends on where you are though, auctions don't seem near as popular in the south or east compared to the midwest.
  12. It wasn't a professional/factory pack job, very much overdone on the peanuts and airbags, with handwritten addresses, could be someone stole a case and is selling them through another party on that auction site, registered it with Bushnell and never heard anything so maybe not......
  13. and it is one of the cheapest scopes used in the review!
  14. The vendor I got mine from listed Dallas as the origin but the scope shipped from Overland Park, Kansas, Bushnell HQ is there. This vendor still has one listed for $1499 but I know he will take less.
  15. I have not been able to sort out exactly what Sig did to solve the issue , I don't recall anyone posting with the issue on the Sig forum for about a year now so they either just quit selling them or got the issue resolved.