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  1. Always wondered what all that inspection cleaning did to parts longevity, I know I used some rather harsh cleaning methods in order to get to the bar first. That 25K round comment brings a memory into focus. Here I thought those marathon sessions at the range were all about training when it was really bean counters making their numbers work. The first trip I was clueless..........."we're going to the range, cool, gonna be an easy day"..............It takes a special person to turn shooting a pallet of ammo into a torture session for both firearm and person. Talk about building muscle memory
  2. Nothing educates more than doing it! So glad it was ego that took the biggest hit and not your peepers .......... think you'll really clean more? I've gotten that urge on occasion but it usually only takes one weapon to revert to my dirty preference. Any damage to the weapon?
  3. Not sure what model the nephew has but he said adding an additional IR light made a world of difference, I think he spent just under $700
  4. Honestly it's a good sign for the Stag large frame not to be called out here. They had to start a PSA thread very shortly after their first try, problems galore. Looks like Stag must put out functioning stuff, be good to have some first hand thoughts on the gun though. Weigh that buffer for us
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't know schit about it............... let it lay and I will, here anyway. Quote me here and here I respond, I'm allowed the expressions of my thoughts on the topic, no statement of fact there just opinion, opinion contrary to the narrative but NOT an uninformed opinion.
  6. No rest for the wicked.
  7. Because you have not supplied a full review with pictures and asked a moderator to find a spot.
  8. Thank you Brother, it's in the build box Some day I'll find something you need, that you haven't already made yourself! I've been searching intermittently for a couple glass tubing cutters, early 1900's era, I know I have somewhere since you mentioned cutting tubes ....... I'll run into them someday after you no longer have a need.
  9. I almost bought 5 just from muscle memory Once I eyeballed that stack of cans in the parts drawer the twitching subsided...... thank god they didn't do the lottery entry thing with those prices. Has anyone done more to improve Americas AR rifle inventory than Mark LaRue and his MBT?
  10. I did laugh, can't decide if it's really funny though................. biting satire for sure.
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