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    The "lynch pin" study was the subject of a review by a college class, they entered the raw data into a modern computer, I think they said it was entered on punch cards originally. They were shocked to see many errors, errors that made fat look much worse, I heard it on PBS in 2016-17, they even went into who funded the original work insinuating they steered the study, you sure didn't see any retractions though, the original premise still rules most American diets, sad our government sold us out.
  2. Lots of bang for the buck here if you want an adjustable match trigger, kind of a gold standard in that respect. https://geissele.com/hi-speed-national-match-trigger-set.html
  3. Welcome from Iowa! Best bet is a builders kit from the same manufacturer, not a 100% guarantee you won't have an issue but the odds are heavily in your favor that way. Reading a bunch here before you start buying parts will be a big help.
  4. Welcome from Iowa! You won't find a bunch of positive comments here on that buffer for sure.
  5. The one on my Sig uses AR-15 ejectors, one long pin. You could say it's twice the work putting it back together but I can't say it was a problem or anything, used the same cut off case head and clamp I always do.
  6. Welcome from Iowa!
  7. Way past that, I've seen them warranty a red dot that was melted in a fire, if there is enough there to ID as Vortex I've never heard of them turning anyone down.
  8. I'm blown away, they didn't even mention two time MOH winner General Smedley Butler and his leadership role, wonder why history keeps trying to write the man out? A good modern run down on his life and some hints on why they don't teach his history in schools or write it in articles for the mainstream, yes another "conspiracy";
  9. Several are the same way, Matrix used the thread pattern and the angle cut but they still don't pair up.
  10. I wouldn't say it's their fault, they really don't have a customer service department so to speak, he closed the shop because he wanted to work on guns not talk to people all day if I get it right, not sure how they work that with their rifle warranty?. Always hoped they would see the light and open a little retail shop for parts and such but then what do I know, he's the one that got rich and famous without letting that run him, gotta have respect for a man that builds something like that from a basement business.
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