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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. I'm not falling for that one again, gets expensive!
  2. Mosaic Dry Hop Pseudo Sue Pale Ale from Toppling Goliath in Dechora IA. Has that standard for TG tropical fruit and citrus aroma. Another fresh one, ripe orange, a hint of that pithy bitter of an orange peel, some ripe lemon and a hint of tropical fruit, sweet up front but the pithy dry finish balances it right out and makes you want another sip, Damn I love these fresh hazy IPA's!
  3. I've got a 16 inch rifle gas, runs good suppressed or not. Had to open the gas port up from the manufacturer then added an adjustable gas block when I got a suppressor, thankfully the knowledge here was well beyond the manufacturer's knowledge.
  4. Double dry hopped King Sue DIPA from Toppling Goliath in Dechora IA. Tropical, big citrus and mango aroma. A straight up hop bomb! All kinds of fresh citrus and tropical fruit flavor, has some pithy dryness with a juicy green finish. Super fresh, bottled 12 days prior so I guess it is good and fresh!
  5. You just don't hear much for negatives with Aero, I really like using them. I don't know the number but I would bet they have a pretty heathy percentage of the large frame stripped receiver market.
  6. I'm sure there are good arguments both ways but personally I would rid myself of the PA stuff while demand and return are high and go Aero.
  7. Can’t beat an ESEE........ wait...yes you can, beat it break it, you get a new one. Nice pair!
  8. Barreled Blonde Cinnamon Pear barrel aged Ale from NoCoast Beer Co. in Oskaloosa, IA. I can smell the pear and maybe a hint of wine. Tasting the wine right up front, the cinnamon pear follows. The only familiar beer taste I get is a slight hop bitter at the finish. Tastes good but if you want your beer to taste like beer this ain't it.
  9. You can. There is a pressure difference with 308 being a bit higher but with modern weapons it isn't an issue. There are some older military rifles that have an issue with 308, CETME is what comes to mind.
  10. Ex brother in law bought one, major pain in the arse for him. Big hassle to license and then all kinds of restrictions. He had a wreck and had to ship it all the way from Virginia to Colorado to get it fixed, lost it in the rain on a newer blacktop road. Altogether he was into the thing for near $250,000, he imported it from England while serving in the navy.
  11. Yes, and making sure it is DPMS pattern. Somewhere here there is a thread with lots of comparative measurements on different BCG's.
  12. My first large frame was a B, great rifle, but I'd recommend an Aero M5 set. DPMS high pattern so lots oh handguard options and you just don't see much if any QC issues with Aero, they also tend to be more available. You could still put an ArmaLite barrel and BCG in it and have an Armalite at heart, they exist. I should add, If you want a carbine then get the Armalite carbine system instead of the Aero system.
  13. Isn't capitalism awesome! No matter the crises the regular Joe has a chance to capitalize on it, and they should, all this schit makes me smile! Wonder how long this kinda stuff will be allowed?
  14. I just bought one of those on Joe-Bob's Christmas sale, it sure looks like solid stuff, can't wait to set it up.
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