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  1. Crucifixion-Third Servile War DIPA with sacramental bread and some hops I never heard of. Brewed by Dorchester Brewing Boston Mass. For Nightmare Brewing and distributed by 12%. Has that hoppy citrus aroma, pretty crisp and fresh. Starts out with a taste of tropical fruits and some sweet malt but rapidly has a hop explosion! Has lots of citrus and pineapple with some alcohol heat up front then transitions to a floral spicy hop thing, hints of pine underneath with that fresh green grass note, leaves a long term dry bitter on the pallet. As it warms it gets sweeter, less bitter, more floral. A moving target of flavor!
  2. No but ain't leaving her alone with it either! She just thrashes the thing...... ...............better make sure she can't get to the char cloth..........
  3. Just thinking out loud so to speak. I almost grabbed one of these while they were marked down on the holidays, not sure I won't grab one as I keep finding myself back on this page. https://shopwilsoncombat.com/358-Winchester/products/1018/ On one hand the cartridge doesn't gain much on the .338 Federal when comparing ballistics, some, but not earth shattering. On the other hand you could load cheaper pistol bullets for plinking, IF the rifle would function on the lighter loads. Wilson Combat calls for use of the SLR adjustable gas block so maybe they have figured that in with a larger port size? Sounding like it really is a stretch to size up .308 brass, many report it works fine but some of the more detailed reports I found were seeing higher rates of neck cracking, even when annealing they were not getting long brass life. I can't help but think about a brass rotation that takes each reload of the case up a caliber, .308-.338-.358. Somebody convince me I don't need to add this caliber.......before the link has another one of those sale events.
  4. First heard of this company on @beachmaster 's youtube channel. Nice looking stuff but the price is high so I had never bought. This year I was sitting with a little christmas cash from grandkids and Exotac had a 20% off free shipping sale so heirloom quality seemed appropriate. This schit is tight, it exudes quality made on the fit and finish! The ripSpool is a nice compact rig, the tape adds some weight but nice to have it on a roll instead of flat like I store my emergency duct tape presently. My present sewing kit takes up less space but doesn't store the needles air tight so the Spool will be customized. At some point the duct tape will need to be used or wasted, I think it will be replaced with a few dividers and some different types of thread, also has room to add a few other needles in the sealed center. I hope I can use it as a learning aide with the grandkids, those fire starting classes have sparked a few bushcrafting questions Next chance to do a little fire starting class and I will use the fireRod, bound to work better than the $2 chineseums I use now. Ergonomically it fits my hand just right with the lanyard wrapped on three fingers. I jammed a fire tab and some waxed jute in the storage compartment. They sell replacement rods that come with an O-ring, the standard length is 2.4" but they also sell a 3.1" rod. It comes with an extra O-ring and in a real fancy box with a magnetic lid, I'd rather see it in a plastic bag with an extra rod but I guess there is some psychology behind presenting a $25 ferrochromium rod..... Found out both items had a dual purpose, the cat just loved them. They got batted and bit a bunch, had to take them away when she started whipping them around by the lanyard. https://www.exotac.com/products/ripspool https://www.exotac.com/collections/firestarters/products/firerod
  5. A year EDC on the kit and nothing negative to report. Only damage to the supplies is a little more of the cellophane on the tourniquet has opened up on the corners. I didn't add pictures because they would look the same aside from a bit more lint in the crevices. The carrier seems to be holding up well, no fraying or seam issues, and the velcro still grabs fine. Work days it goes on and off twice a day, just enough velcro to grab good when higher up my leg with boots and a little extra flap when wearing tennis shoes. Rarely do I even notice I'm wearing it during the day, more like can't not think about it if I leave the house without it. Now I just have to make that training happen...........been a long time.
  6. Public Servant Teacher Edition IPA brewed by Dorchester Brewing Boston Mass. For Evil Twin Brewing and distributed by 12%. Nice crisp citrus aroma with a hint of malt. Flavor is a tart pink grapefruit and a little sweet pineapple up front. There is some malty caramel notes but real subtle compared to the green, floral hop bitter that dominates the finish and keeps going. This beer has some texture going on in the mouth, starts real light gets a little oily creaminess then ends with a solid pithy dry. A good beer.
  7. One more box checked for this build, Grendel barrels have been out of stock in lots of places so had to grab this sale or no sale. Another @98Z5V enabled build, can't argue with those numbers or results https://www.primaryarms.com/faxon-12.5in-6.5g-carbine-gunner-barrel-15bg8c12ngq-5r-np3
  8. Was the rifle warm to start? Cold weather and new parts, I wouldn't make any big changes till you get a few more boxes down range, a bunch of hand cycling maybe.
  9. Curious where you end up on the blow by side. I tried a Superlative on a 16 inch rifle gas 308 and could not adjust it far enough to stop function.
  10. That may have changed, @buttonbuck had a rifle he was told they made on new machines. The pictures of their sets are no longer the Armalite cut both of my matrix sets have, one from Chris and one from Primary Arms a couple years later. https://www.livefreearmory.com/receiver-sets.php Doesn't clear up any what was made where by who but it is an interesting read, makes me think, hell yeah, AMERICA! https://www.livefreearmory.com/our-story.php Back to your topic. For sure start out with lots of lube and gas wide open. I have seen an issue sounding very similar to what you describe go away with an extractor and ejector spring set swap. I put in some spare Armalite parts from a kit and it ran, I have also tried it and not gotten results on other rifles. Even if it doesn't help it never hurts to have spare springs.
  11. Great to hear it is working! Had a run in with chemo myself last summer, miserable stuff, maybe, thankfully they won’t give it to me again due to the reaction I had, it shut down my digestive system. Fuqk cancer!
  12. Never used a thing on the threads of my TiRant 45 and they come loose fairly easy. Had a good fight getting the baffle stack out, like you I was real worried I woulds mess it up. I have tried different oils and dry, the only thing that helps is more frequent cleaning, 300 was too many.
  13. White Stouts Can't Jump Imperial White Stout brewed by Dorchester Brewing Boston Mass. For Abomination Brewing Co., distributed by 12%. Big coffee aromas with a touch of malt and vanilla Yep, white stout, seems real odd when you take a sip but no doubt about it being a stout. Flavor starts with a strong chocolate milk and coffee, ambrosia. Moves to a darker chocolate and vanilla, not as much of that smoky flavor you get in a real dark stout but it's there, just enough to balance the sweet from the lactose. A very tasty stout, who cares if it can't jump just buy it!
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