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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. Rotting Earth Double Dry Hopped DIPA, there be hops in this schit! One of those drawn out by and for things 12% are the distributors, Dorchester Brewing made it and canned it for Abomination Brewing Co. The beer pusher was wrong, this is a better beer than his best. Aroma up front is a pineapple, mango tropical fruit with just a hint of malt, still smells like beer. Flavor is off the charts tropical fruit and layers of it. There is that dry bitter component present all the way through, like you would expect from a double double IPA. I need to make the drive today and buy more………
  2. I can see it now, Christmas break I'll still be swapping springs to try a certain combo that maybe I like a little better than the other perfect set I liked the last time In was home but I'm not sure so better swap it again..............
  3. Did a little work on an ESEE 3MIL to give as a birthday gift, my oldest Granddaughter's boyfriend of four years now. He liked hers when he saw it, since they will both be freshmen at Iowa so I etched his jersey number into it along with the factory marks then blued them. and of course stropped it to stupid cut yourself sharp. Filed the spine flat for some 90 degree spine action. Now if I could just find the Iowa gold color in grips it would be perfect.
  4. Been giving it fresh grease, Geissele grease, 25-45 pulls. When I put it in a weapon that Rat stuff will be on the engagement surfaces. Treating it like my newest family member. This thing is a seriously neat toy to play with in a trigger jig, what trigger pull do I really like....overtravel, maybe zero isn't good......2nd stage weight can be light.....so much to play around with.
  5. I wouldn't have blamed you for my choice if it didn't work for me but I will admit the praise you have for the trigger was thought about, enabled me to click the button that dings the bank card just a bit easier. You just can't go wrong recommending this trigger, smooth, crisp, picked up the feedback quick. Most times feedback is the grind and grit of a cheaper trigger, feedback on this trigger is a smooth roll, a distinct wall, then snap, makes me grin Been dry firing the thing off and on all day, thinking I may swap springs and try that Match set for a bit.
  6. Superposition Idaho 7 DIPA brewed by an outfit called Freethought in New York, distributed by 12%. The beer pusher said this was the best beer he had in the cooler right now, he did not mislead me. Smells like a tropical fruit fest, almost an orange blossom aroma. The flavor is outstanding. A big citrus/grapefruit burst up front but the fruity theme keeps rolling into an almost starburst like fruit flavor. Sweet but not overly sweet with that dry component always there in the backbone. Also get a good dose of malty flavors, has distinct flavor zones as it travels the path. Hard not to suck it right down but the flavor gets even stronger as it warms a bit. Almost complex but just plain good so not that complex.
  7. Ok, it's a necro post, I'm somewhat outside the thread title using the DMR set up, but this F'n trigger is iconic for a reason. Just got my Geissele National Match trigger installed in a LaRue jig. First pull was yuck, crunchy and bumpy with almost a snap at the wall. Went with the DMR springs, they send all three now, as DMR is the factory set up. Read the directions once then started following them, WOW! I'm being conservative with all my settings but this trigger already feels outstanding with about 50 dry fires in the jig. I do not have a trigger pull gauge, don't really care as long as it feels good. The little bit of adjusting I did amazed me being able to feel a distinct difference, a great learning tool. I hit a sale, directly from Geissele for $209.25, got a bonus bag of goodies and it just so happened my dad was wanting a summer time Geissele hat, instant Fathers day gift! Is the trigger worth more than two MBT's? At this point I can say yes maybe but I have several spare MBT's and just love this NEW to me trigger. Another of those "depends" questions. I think I may have more to learn once this match trigger gets rounds down range.
  8. I missed that, either keep that a rifle or pay the man $200 wait and get permission to cross state lines. My shorties both have stabilizing braces instead of a stock.
  9. So do you think the court will strike down the regulation?
  10. I have two, one Sig 716 piston and built another with the Sig barrel converted to DI. The DI version has been very reliable and shoots soft and smooth. The 716 beats the crap out of you comparatively and is a jam-o-matic before you hit 100 rounds. Most relevant thought is get a can for maximum enjoyment but the DI gun isn't that unpleasant with a shield installed on the muzzle, AAc sells one that fits my adapter, Used the Noveske version at a time it it worked good to get the blast directed forward.
  11. Funny how it is ok for a state to ignore federal law when it comes to drugs but not when it comes to a safety device that could possibly save a kids hearing. Must be trying to keep us redneck hillbillies deaf and stoned some reason.?.?. More people than ever are educated in the fact that suppressors do not get as quiet as Hollywood quiet. Problem is that still isn't very many people. It's a lost battle once the propaganda machine becomes engaged in the subject. Question to evaluate is do they take suppressors, grandfather in existing and stop new production, or outlaw and do a buy back? oh yeah and I forgot, there is always the "bump stock method" just regulate the meaning and make them a felony.
  12. You fukr, gotta remind me how whipped I am. You guys cut me way more slack than she does for my "tinfoil hat" ideas. I can see in my mind the hands on hips, head leaned forward, eyes boring in look I get when I start to explain our Grandchildren may need these rifles to secure their Liberty someday.
  13. I'm looking at a pile of MBT's in the lower parts drawer thinking about all the money I saved and then next thing you know I'm making mental notes on what the rifles to be built around them will look......I don't dare say a word when the wife buys new shoes.
  14. Irish Blessing Oak Aged Coffee Stout by Boulder Beer Co. you might be able to guess where there from. It is said this stout was aged on oak chips soaked in Tullamore D.E.W. Big coffee aroma, just the mellowest hint of whisky. Big coffee flavor, joined by very roasty malt up front There is also a creamy element, not sweet but you would swear there is a touch of cream in the coffee. The whisky picks up some as it warms in the mouth. Leaves a real dry smoky flavor, hints of dark chocolate, hard to describe as it's strong but not overbearing. Don't expect that strong oak barrel aged flavor but if you like coffee then you will like this stout
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