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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. Cool, I was curious if you had to plug the original port. Might have to try that on one of mine.
  2. Look forward to hearing if this block will adjust far enough on the bleed off side to not lock back. Never got it to work on my 16 in. rifle gas.
  3. Very nice Got any details on that gas system for us?
  4. Tinkerers Series Vol. 3 NEIPA with cryo hops from The Brewing Project of Eau Claire WI. Aroma has a fresh citrus aroma and a faint bready smell. The flavor is outstanding, ripe mandarin orange comes to mind up front with a melon flavor right behind. There is a malty backbone there with a mild hop bitter, maybe a hint of dank pine. The flavor is a moving target in the mouth, changes steadily, complex and very well balanced. The flavor is so thick you almost want to chew it, has a very pleasant mouth feel, medium thick with that oily hop feel left behind. Another outstanding beer from my Wisconsin Brother.
  5. There are several manufacturers touting this loose fit as a solution for overgassing.
  6. NvU Vs. The Haze from Pipeworks Brewing Company of Chicago courtesy of my Wisconsin Brother. Aroma is a tropical fruit bomb, lots of ripe citrus notes. This is one of the best if not the best DIPA's I have had hands down, blew me away with the first sip! Tropical fruit flavors, mango, pineapple, lots of citrusy notes but on the ripe side up front. There is a mild caramel or toffe note from the malt underneath but the hops dominate and in a very good way. It finishes with a mild bitter like orange pith. Mouthfeel is great, so much flavor it tastes thick but feels smooth and light, goes down way to fast! Get some, get a bunch, you'll thank me, and of course a big thanks to my Brother for turning me on to this great brew!
  7. Tried pocket carry with this for a couple weeks, no go. Nice and small but that little magnet holds on to your keys and such then the knife gets drug off the "sheath" and hits the floor. In to the tin and under the seat it goes, can't stand things around my neck or I would try that.
  8. ESEE has a started a great new try it before you buy it program. They show the ultimate confidence in both their product and their customers! https://eseeknives.com/product/esee-loaner-program
  9. Outstanding! I'm gonna need a few ink cartridges.
  10. Welcome from Iowa, via Missouri!
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