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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. jtallen83

    Larue trigger ordered

    Maybe not, that's a couple bucks more per trigger in shipping and I haven't won yet.......
  2. jtallen83

    Gas and buffer tube PA10

    Shooting suppressed? If your early in the round count use a little more lube.
  3. jtallen83

    Larue trigger ordered

    One at a time, cause I wanna win one of those build kits!
  4. jtallen83

    Larue trigger ordered

    just ordered another myself last week, hoping I may be able to slide just one more before the price changes.
  5. jtallen83

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Toppling Goliath of Dechora, Iowa's version of an Oatmeal Stout, Rover Truck. Smelled a little bready with a little smoky hint. Tasted nice and smooth, creamy oatmeal for sure, has a dark molasses sweet to it, not overbearing but adds to the toasted notes, kind of a malty flavor all the way through as well. Creamy and smooth the first can went down before I even thought much about it.
  6. jtallen83

    Illuminated reticle

    I run a couple Bushnell 1x6.5x, only use the illumination sparingly at dusk or full on when trying to use them for a red dot on 1x. I have both of these; Mounted up a PA 1x8x for my grandson today. looks good in the basement. Weather provided it will get zeroed this week.
  7. jtallen83

    Reload Trouble

    Ejector swipe, not real unusual. Might be a tad hot but could also just need some weight in the buffer or a stiffer spring to slow things down a bit. Could ease the edges of the ejector a bit. I've got one that shows the same crater effect around the primer strike but it has more to do with an oversize firing pin hole in the bolt than pressure. Hard to totally do away with all the marks and still have good reliability, at least I'd rather be a touch on the over-gassed side of the equation.
  8. Had the privilege of a short visit last week when class got out early. Very humbling place.
  9. jtallen83

    300 black accuracy

    Run mine with MBUS for sights shooting 200-220 gr suppressed rings the steel regular at 100 yards and rapidly accurate in that 15-20 yard range. Something about that "pistol" lends itself to working well for inexperienced and beginner shooters, short light, accurate, and really quiet. Is it bench rest quality, hell no. Does it get the job done inside it's limitations, hell yes!
  10. jtallen83

    Bert Reynolds

    Guilty, actually had two........
  11. jtallen83

    Gas switch for Suppressor

    Surprised it has took this long for others to get in the game, maybe patents held them back. Any pricing on this option? others like it are the Noveske Switchblock; https://www.noveske.com/products/switchblock-clamp-on-5-56mm And LaRue's PST gas block available on their rifles, "The PredatOBR's Port Selector Technology™ (PST) gas block is adjustable, to aid in the optimum function when using a sound suppressor. This special gas block contains a dual port mechanism that is operated by rotating a lever from one side to another. When the lever is rotated to the right-side of the rifle, the gasses are reduced, to compensate for the extra blowback created by the suppressor. When rotated to the left side, the gasses are increased for use without a suppressor."; https://www.larue.com/products/larue-tactical-14-5-inch-predatobr-7-62/
  12. jtallen83

    Out of stock ??

    Wonder if it is a longer pawl? I have one that was sold as a 308 specific but it is too long, jams up my Aero and matrix builds because of the longer pawl.
  13. Prototypes in the near future is a long way from equipping the troops.
  14. jtallen83

    'splaing needed

    There are some collapsible stocks with no wiggle, Magpul makes several with locks that firm things right up.