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  1. Put an ESEE 4 kit together for the son-in-law, he has a red Dodge Viper hence the theme and color. Kydex was supposed to fit the jump sheath backer but didn't so I modified a belt clip for the hip and the standard jump sheath for his car.
  2. No but you'd think I did by their attitudes on the subject.
  3. Welcome from Iowa!
  4. Welcome from Iowa!
  5. Brad is still selling the schit out guns even after the indictment, I need to ask if they are still renting machineguns, I don't think anything beyond his records was taken by the atf or the fbi...........
  6. Have you checked gas block alignment? Where does the gas tube end in the receiver, the middle of the cam pin cutout? What do you have for a buffer system? Buffer weight and bad springs play a role in many that don't run. You might want to measure the gas port size when you check gas block alignment, could be a small port. Someone should be along shortly with a more defined approach, search out the "waterboarding" thread for a list of required details for that troubleshooting process.
  7. Are you sure you don't just wanna fix it?
  8. That would be my first guess cause it's easy, that and shoot some more. Watch how much they want for an extractor versus a whole bolt, sometimes it's not much more for a Toolcraft bolt.
  9. Used them and never had a problem, seen them used to fix a problem, not my advice or first choice but I don't worry about the ones I have. And welcome from Iowa!
  10. I got that as just double checking so not sure who's in the gorilla's pocket but I ain't part of his "we'll" and ain't ignoring schit. It's nice to get an intro but go ahead and let your eyes adjust to the room a bit, and welcome
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