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  1. Strategic Armory bought them several years ago now so technically they have been run from there since then. They started downsizing almost immediately. Have'nt heard of production moved there, be interesting to see the postmark on the next order.
  2. That Superlative block has a setting that makes it a standard gas block, if it is working correctly.
  3. They had one of those crickets at the museum, you gotta post pics from that cricket shoot, should be hilarious.
  4. Like 98 says, expense and availability are both issues. I hope some manufacturers will eventually decide to blow out their keymod stuff so I can fill out the kit for those rifles. All the new stuff is heading to M-loc now days, that wasn't as clear a couple years ago
  5. So after doing two builds with keymod I now wish I would have went M-loc
  6. Bill's take on Tuckers take........
  7. A few more pictures, hard to do justice to the place with a few pictures taken through the glass, everyone should try to see this place! Jim Carmichael's competition 308 rifle with his duct tape barrel dampener; A cool display of outlaw and lawman memorabilia; Rifles from the movies like American Sniper and Lone Survivor; Lots of high end stuff with gold and engraving from all periods of time; It was fun watching the youngsters run around and hearing all the rapid fire questions they were asking their parents
  8. Just returned from visiting the NRA firearms museum in the Springfield Missouri Bass Pro Shop. I had been there about three years ago but didn't get to take all the time I wanted. Some of the displays had changed, the examples of AR rifles showing the different configurations used in the military through time was gone, but overall it was well worth the visit. The ArmaLite AR-10 is still standing guard at the door; There is a great display showing service rifles from the revolution to the M-16(actually an AR-15 in the display. They have an example of the air rifle carried by the Lewis and Clark expedition; An outrageously complicated looking 16 shot wheel lock, it held all 16 shots in the barrel. 9 shots fired with one pull and then 7 shots with another pull. They have no idea how exactly this is accomplished though, they have not found any documentation on how to load it or what to load it with.
  9. Hope I can scream like that at his age. Doesn't seem so out there when you put it in the context of him being a Navy pilot, anybody that wants to land a jet airplane on a tiny, moving landing strip is a true adrenaline junkie!
  10. Bearcoon!
  11. They made the for at least 100 years now, all suffer the multi tool curse
  12. Just did it last month, results are inconclusive to this point. It for sure didn't hurt anything. Go into the headspace thing a bit more, doesn't the bolt headspace on the barrel extension? That said I did check my headspace after lapping and found it good, doesn't mean it didn't change some but it was still within tolerance. I had to lap it a good bit to make it square. Check the last couple pages of this thread; Lapped a Fulton Armory build as well, headspace checked fine. In this case I doubt there would have been much if any change since there was only one tiny, I mean like the head of a pin, that shined up before there were even marks all around. The extensions fit very snug so nearly all the seating compound was squeezed out.
  13. I'm beginning to think this lack of facts is staged to induce congress to investigate. They will say they are the only ones that can get to the real truth.....(hello, Warren commision). This will give them opportunity to add lots of emotion to a concurrent debate on gun control serving to limit the effect of what the pro Liberty side has to say. This will create the cover needed by supposedly pro gun politicians to vote for bans and control. Please prove me wrong and fight this tooth and nail NRA!
  14. Didn't get to watch myself, curious if Bill is spinning it by cherry picking or was it really that staged of an interview;