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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. Paint some dykem on the tube and see where it rubs, sometimes you can tweak them a bit. I have the best luck when using a tube specifically for the large frame AR, Armalite and White Oak Armament are two that I prefer. The large frame tends to need a slightly earlier bend to clear some barrel nuts.
  2. This guy is no joke, no tinfoil hatter, odds are he is part of the establishment.....but he has another cure to promote, another malaria drug. He also has a good grip on where they are going wrong, worth watching his channel, a very experienced man;
  3. jtallen83


    Fired up the landlords grill, caught filet mignon on sale at wally world this morning, forgot how good those things are!
  4. Appropriate titled beer for the times, Only Hell Can Save Us Now double dry hopped milkshake IPA brewed by Dorchester Brewing Boston Mass. For Abomination Brewing Co., distributed by 12%. Mild fresh cut grass and floral aroma. There is so much going on in the flavor, tropical fruit, guava and a tart berry up front going to a slightly bitter grassy floral taste. There is some of that citrus pith dryness but it is held back by the sweet from the vanilla and lactose. At the end I am left with the passion fruit and raspberry hints. Good but not the best from Abomination, maybe leave out all the fruit additions and let the hops shine more.
  5. This Dr. seems to have a great treatment for the scam virus all dialed in, 600 patients and no deaths, only a small number in the hospital. My wife uses that medication for rheumatoid arthritis, gonna have her mail me some, neighbor lady here runs the local regional healthcare system and has the schit, I'm gonna go visit her after I get the pills and get this crap over with for me!
  6. I have seen some pretty good size chunks of lead removed from soft points, it can be a pain to clean up and can't do much for accuracy. I would look at hollow points or any of the polymer tipped hunting bullets mout there, with all the choices no reason to use soft points.
  7. Welcome from Iowa, via Missouri!
  8. That guy might just show up if you keep poking him!
  9. Just scan this list from a google search, Schit is getting real across the world, arrests for violators along with emptying jails, fewer police available. How long before they declare martial law......wait, they are getting away with martial law now, no need to declare. I urge everyone to protest the this violation of Liberty. Where is the emergency? This stuff has not killed enough people to make the top ten list. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sxsrf=ALeKk032uTcRlylrD-KcLwFncsqJUa8q7Q%3A1585260824037&ei=GCl9Xsv0AZKGtQaj7b2YBg&q=covid+arrests&oq=covid++arrests&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQARgAMgUIABDEAjoECCMQJzoHCCMQsAIQJ1DM9wJYtoEDYIyTA2gAcAB4AIABvwGIAa4LkgEEMC4xMJgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXo&sclient=psy-ab Now look what comes up when you search for top "50 causes of death" this is all part of a propaganda campaign to SCARE the sheeple so they go along with this new authoritarian crap. The top results only mention the covid scam but it is not even in the top 20 causes worldwide or the top 20 in the US. Trump was not kidding when he said they were "going big", this is the BIG lie, the BIG swindle. No doubt the this new form of communist government we will be living under will have far more deaths in there "quarantine" camps than any accurate count on this virus will ever show. http://deathmeters.info/ https://www.finder.com/what-are-the-top-20-causes-of-death-in-united-states Had to send in a report on what we are doing in my office and on the job to deal with this scam virus, had meeting with numerous federal players in the area, I used the term "scam virus" in my report, nobody said a word, proof the government doesn't even read it's own reports!
  10. Didn't even look at the thread title.........been a long week.
  11. Welcome from Iowa, via Missouri! Sounds like the Marines need more practice ammo, they should be shooting every day!
  12. P17 you mean? I love mine, shoots lights out for something of that vintage.
  13. I have done some side by side off bags with my low mass AR15 and a pretty standard carbine with H2 buffer, I noticed more movement through the scope on the standard carbine but you would have to be a real fast shot to get the advantage the low mass gives you. For me the most telling difference is the round count, from wife to grandkids they always pick that low mass rifle for the range so it gets near three times the rounds fired than the other AR-15's, it's been very reliable beyond one incident with the nib flaking and causing the ejector to stick, still feel better about using the standard carbine with the H2 buffer as a personal defense weapon.
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