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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. I went and did it, 14.7 inch fluted .338 Federal, WC has been getting alot of my parts money lately but I really feel I'm getting my money's worth. Picked up one of those oddball Lancer magazines, 7.62x40, wondering if they won't work well for 300 BO subs.
  2. Must be like shooting a pellet gun!.....once you get it to the bench. So what are you expecting group wise? Everything is a trade off but you come away due a lot of accuracy for that weight, very cool project!
  3. I'm torn up on this one. Just happen to have picked up a WC TRIM rail in 308 DPMS a few weeks back, just got an Armalite carbine gas tube, bought it for the "stash".........but only two main factory ammo choices, both Federal.....almost like my stars aligned though !?!?
  4. What does "modern" mean? There are numerous choices at MI alone, same price as their DPMS style rails, some were on clearence sale recently. It isn't difficult to modify or change the triangle cap.
  5. Put it up in the for sale section here. I am always looking but don't find B models cheap enough to make me bite. Figure if I can build a rifle for less then I will since I have both types of mags, still love my B model though!
  6. Barleywine Ale Brewer's Reserve from Central Waters Brewing Co. in Amherst, WI. Courtesy of my Wisconsin Brother. Has that sweet bourbon aroma. Caramel toffee flavors poke through the rich boozy flavor. I get a hint of coffee in the middle but mostly the barrel aged bourbon flavor from front to back. There is a bit of heat from the alcohol but not overpowering. A very good sipping beer!
  7. The only thing slowing me down from adding a new cartridge is indecision. I've had Grendel barrels in the cart but then thought about the 260......odds are I will end up with both. The 260 may be first since I have piles of brass I could make work.
  8. Beautiful pistol! Only missing the threaded barrel
  9. Same here, gotta have it if I want to get home. Choose where i fill up more by convenience than price.
  10. The Lee die idiot proofed crimping for me as well. Set up was way quicker than the other styles and never had an issue after getting them.
  11. FIFY, these days they concentrate more on manipulating the will of the people.
  12. Easy solution, SDN-6! I had no interest in a 300 BO until suppressors became legal in Iowa, building the third one now. We have no problem whacking a 12 inch gong at 100 yards, betting a 6 inch would rarely see a miss and this is with red dots and irons.
  13. No need for a 16 inch unless you want the rifle classification. The new braces are pretty much stocks, they do all the same things. The length loses advantage much past 10 inches. Pistol length gas will help with reliability for unsuppressed subs, I started with an adjustable block on a 10.5 inch pistol gas barrel, ended up with a standard block that works fine with everything.
  14. Makes me wonder if the latest management at Armalite has changed something???
  15. I can’t decide between Pompeii, Golden Nugget, or Fire, Skulls and Money so I keep sampling them all in hopes of coming to a conclusion. Good fresh Nugget is the way I lean for now.......
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