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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. @RedRiverII Ran into a couple little glitches with this Brave browser, it always give me a monthly usage warning from the local cable company just before it opens this specific site, and now the recaptha authentication doesn't work, like something got added that says no tracking so no authentication.
  2. Maybe @x-caliber will show up here and explain how they sell hundreds with the same port size to manufacturers and they always work........... again. Gotta say they did offer to fix mine for me and offered a discount on my next barrel.
  3. Terpy Nelson DIPA from American Solera of New Haven, CT distributed by 12%. Has that classic citrusy hop aroma. Flavors are more subdued than I expected. A little citrus and melon, kinda tastes like a melon fruit does close to the rind, a little weak and watery. Pass on it and you won't miss much.
  4. Rainbows Are Real HIPA from Clown Shoes in Boston, Mass. Fruity citrus aroma. Has a somewhat floral bitter in it, plenty of citrus but that floral flavor runs front to back.
  5. Just as well check that one off the list in person and get a measurement.
  6. That's my story and I'm sticking to it............
  7. National Firearms Act, the bullschit that led to the use of braces instead of stocks. Now they have us fighting to keep something that we shouldn't even need if the 2A was upheld.
  8. Just realized it doesn't matter what I think................. I think the NFA is unconstitutional.
  9. Glad I sold all my braces when I did....................
  10. Happy Birthday! You should treat yourself to another tax stamp
  11. They seem to have dialed in their AK as well. Makes it even more inexcusable knowing they can get what came out as junk up to speed.....if they want.
  12. I go free hand, I like to be able to feel the pressure on the bit. I've broke enough of them in life that I have a feel for what they will take.
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