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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. Please don't put any gooey stuff in there, it needs rounds to seal it with carbon, that's why you don't see any fancy seals in the gas system, the carbon will do it.
  2. https://bobwestfallmoonlightpoet.bandcamp.com/track/gary-the-brainwashed-slave
  3. I got in on some fiberglass fabrication for a winter once, guy was trying to make sidecars and trailers for bikes, good skill to have for sure......... but doubt I'd volunteer to help though
  4. I put a patch of heavy textured grip tape on my shell deflector, seems to help.
  5. I thought I scored an AR24 when I found this site, if you ever get any indication there are real people involved let me know, I have never been able to get a response.
  6. I would say that not based on my own experience but based on the number of times Delta Tactical comes up when new people show up with rifles that don't work.
  7. Consistently takes better than $200 to get one at auction, bid accordingly.
  8. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/936069216
  9. Like in tearing up the bullet, that would be easy to figure out anyway.
  10. I had a gas block that was just barely touching the rail when fired, that gave me some erratic groups until I found it.
  11. Hey get in line! I'm tempted to buy a used National Match model just to get one, got beat out at $200 last opportunity I had to bid on one.
  12. I always remembered that because I thought secondary was a better word for that level....stupid acronyms Can't tell you how many times that bit of brainwashing they did on me has saved the day for me and others around me, nothing dramatic, no life saving event just a bunch of "I got something for that"
  13. Brother I crushed one with a monster size wrench once, blood ran from all the openings in head. An hour later that bastard was tearing up my trunk, I guess you can't stop beating till you see brain! God damn water badgers!
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