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  1. 08sniper

    Hex mags

    Anyone use these I 308? I picket up a couple just want some reviews
  2. Just got my new aero precision lite weight mount for my rifle and I have to say it feels like quality. I put scope in it and initial thought are this thing is nice. Anyone else have one of these or any other mount from them?
  3. I have to go thru vortex. 40 percent is military and Leo. Print out form submit proof and your good to go. Also if your friends order and use your name you can get additional discounts.
  4. since the BCG doesn't move at all I wouldn't think it's a head space issue or a rough chamber . To me there is no gas going rearward at all.the extra tor o ring isn't the problem for the bolt not working it's not being given a chance to show it's working. Send it back at least you will have a working rifle but I would bet we will never know the answer to this riddle.
  5. Does it have a larger than normal muzzle flash? Gas has to be going some where
  6. Cant. I would jerk that thing apart so fast! Just sayin I'll shut up now. 🤫
  7. If your not going to disassemble and in spect I would go ahead and send it back and not shoot it anymore. We might not know the reason if you send it back they will just fix or replace with no explanation
  8. Probably one that should not have left factory. It happens.
  9. Still think gas port is either none existant or totally clogged. Or gas block totally jack't
  10. Might have someone or yourself check head space.
  11. Would like to see bcg in video and maybe pic of spent case. Thanks
  12. I agree though that if bcg doesn't move maybe tube stopped up or gas hole in barrel obstructed
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