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  1. Good to know, just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to be some kind of safety issue or cause a function problem.
  2. Can you see those? I was airdropping them to my computer and it gave them a weird file format I didn't notice.
  3. So I've been in the process of slowly piecing together my 308 AR over while now. I have a a Rainier arms billet upper lower set and so far everything is going pretty well but I recently ordered a Proof barrel and noticed something a little odd. The barrel fit is fine as far as the diameter goes but what I noticed is that the extension seems to overhang slightly over the inside of the upper. I do mean slightly the measurement i took with my calipers shows the barrel extension is about .010 longer than the upper extension. Does anyone know if this will be a problem? The feed ramps don't over hang at all so I don't feel that feeding would be an issue but I am used to the barrel and upper extension sitting flush in AR 15s I've worked on. Am I good to go or does this need to be addressed? IMG_1758.HEIC IMG_6731 2.HEIC
  4. I hope this is helpful to anyone to give a perspective of how far out it sticks. If any other angles are helpful please let me know. This pic btw is resting with the mag release button not depressed at all.
  5. Sorry about the lateness of my reply but answer some questions: Jtallen83: I'm familiar with the catch you're talking about and it is not the length of the rod that is the problem as much as how deep the channel is and how much of the surface of the actual catch that can engage the magazine. 98Z5V: I have tightened the catch down as many twists as it will go. I pushed the button in as far as possible and tightened it till it would no longer clear the the outside of the lower while twisting and I am still encountering this problem. Albroswift: I might have to take you up on that if this can't be remedied by what hopefully is my ineptness at building this thing. I am in Seattle down in the city. Beltfed: Thank you, I searched but for some reason was not able to find this article
  6. So a while back I purchased a upper lower combo form a local vendor and it sat in the safe for a while. I recently started to build this thing putting it together and I have the lower all but finished, I install the the mag catch and button and am function testing it and I notice that the magazines will pop out if tapped on the side of the magazine and if the magazine is loaded they will literally fall out from shaking the gun. I noticed that the mag catch sits out proud of the receiver by about.030 and the part of the catch that is supposed to engage the magazine barely touches it and the catch is screwed down as tight as it can go. Its actually other wise a very nice upper lower combo aside from this issue so my question is if anyone knows if there is a local machinist in Washington state that would be able to machine out some material of the mag catch channel so it can sit flush and engage the magazines better. I've tried several different magazines and mag catches and the only one that doesn't drop completely free are P mags but it appears that the catch is just catching on the polymer and digging in to the magazine and I don't typically use P mags anyway. Any advice for a relatively new AR 308 builder?
  7. Thanks 98Z5V I'll be looking in to this immediately.
  8. So I've been poking around for quite some time now and have come with very little in terms of my search for a gas block that is available for my application. I'm doing a 6.5 creedmoor build I've been searching for and adjustable gas block and what I'm after seems to be unobtainable. I have a 20 inch proof barrel that comes with a .875 diameter, while finding an adjustable block in that size isn't hard the gas blocks that seem to be offered are all operated with a set screw that adjusts with an allen key and I would really like something with a selector switch with a few or more different positions or the ones that are offered in the configuration I want are for a smaller gas block diameter. I've talked to several companies that offer ones like it on their proprietary rifles (NEMO, Savage, etc) and they have told me they are not offered as a solo unit. The paladin machine blocks offered through teppo jutsu seem a bit rough and it looks as though they only come in an on/off selection. I might be asking a lot but is there a custom machine shop that knows firearms parts that anyone could recommend who might commission a custom build? Or maybe even more a pie in the sky request, could I possibly get one of the selector blocks in a smaller diameter and have the adjustable top cut off and fit to a properly sized fitting piece that would fit on barrel? Maybe I have my head in the clouds but I figure you guys will set me straight if I am.
  9. I already have the roller cam and gas key for an AR so its of no cost to me.
  10. So i was thinking of installing the POF roller cam in my build I'm currently doing. I saw that there is a kit for the AR15 that includes the modified gas key so that the key doesn't need to be removed every time you want to remove your bolt for cleaning. I've been searching online and cant seem to find any resources on the subject, I know the cam would have to be 308 specific but was wondering if the AR15 and AR10 gas keys are cross compatible.
  11. Thanks Robocop1051! I do very much like the look and the barrel nut looks rock solid. Do you know if the rail and guard can be cut and modified? Im going to be running a selector adjustable gas block and am hoping to be able to keep it under the handguard and still be able to access it from the side. I've heard carbon fiber is a nightmare to deal with so I wanted to know if it's even a possibility.
  12. the OBR style handguard only without the proprietary bolts to the upper.
  13. New here to the forums but I couldn't find any topics like this, I have been searching and searching to try and find the handguard the offers the stability, durability and look that I want. The handguard that I settled on was from Larue tactical however the guard is proprietary to the gun and can't be used on the one I am building and I would want to add and. My question is if there is a machine shop that offers a custom service to mill out a handgaurd that I want. I have talked to Unique ARs and they told me that were unable to build that design as they are limited to the tubes that they order and some of the local companies here that machine handguards are saying they wouldn't be able to fulfill that kind of order. I wanted to use a large barrel nut similar to either the Aero BAR barrel nut or the PRI MK12 style barrel nut. I feel like since this is a very specific order I would have to talk to someone who is not only a good machinist but familiar with firearms parts machining as well. I'm struggling to find anything and most of the places I talk to have resulted in dead ends with no direction of where to go next. Any help at all would be appreciated. I live in Washington state and would optimally like to deal with someone local but I am fully willing to deal with someone in another state.
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