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  1. Yes it is! Field report here. I like this handguard a lot! It's light, slick and stout! I shot about 40 rounds through it and it felt just right for me in my small hands. For the price and what you get, it's definitely worth it! Hope this helps someone out there!
  2. Ok, range report here. I only shot 40 rounds with no issues and worked flawlessly. test fired from the standing and bench at 100 yds and suppressed. I inspected the lower and there were no issues there either. So I guess it's safe to say that the JP Enterprises upper works fine with the Juggernaut lower given the lower is properly milled and the rear takedown pin holes are aligned. I attached a video of my father and I spending some time together at the range. Hope this helps someone out there.
  3. That full crown was already there. I thought it would need a more aggressive crown at the muzzle opening.
  4. Just a novice guy sharing his experience on the Faxon Streamline MLOK AR10 Handguard. I believe Faxon is better known for their barrels, but this handguard is well made. Out of the ordinary, this handguard offers anti-rotation tabs, and quick detach sling loops at the muzzle end of the handguard. This rail has a "high Tang" which matches up well with my JP Enterprises side charging upper. If you want you could remove the Anti-rotation tabs, but why would you want to? I really like the design of the barrel nut. There are no indexing holes or groves so there's no need to overtorque the barrel nut. Even better, the flats are at the end of the barrel nut, so there's no need to find or modify a Crow's foot that will fit. Since this handguard is pretty much skeletonized, it makes it easy to access my JP Enterprises adjustable gas block. The last handguard I used, I had to take a grinding stone and cut a notch so I could access the adjustment screw. Overall this handguard is light, sturdy, and very functional. On top of that, the price is right compared to many other handguards I've seen in the .308 range. Only thing I wish is they came in colors other than just anodized black. Highly recommended!
  5. Alright everyone, just a novice AR builder giving you my opinion on a lower I'm trying out. Remember that I'm a novice and I'm merely noting my experiences and observations. I milled out this 80% lower with a "80% arms Gen2 Easy jig". Juggernaut tactical offers lowers in a variety of multi caliber platforms. I guess I'd categorize this lower in the large caliber, multi caliber category. I believe they offer their 80% lowers in either anodized or Cerakoted in a variety of colors. I like the overall design of the lower aesthetically and form wise. I ordered this lower in the "Raw" so I could put my own designs on it. Features this lower offers beyond the norm is a Bolt release lever on the right side of the receiver and a Upper / Lower tensioning set screw. The right side bolt release is nice to have since you can't install a Magpul "Bad" lever or a Phase 5 ambidextrous lever. If you want one you'll need to spend a lot of time with a file and sandpaper. The tensioning screw is a welcome addition if you're upper and lower receivers are a bit loose. I'd prefer this over an accuwedge. I planned on mating this lower with my JP Enterprises upper. There were some adjustments I had to make to make this work with my upper. For the most part the upper and lower worked out just fine. The takedown pin could not engage though. I had to either elongate the takedown pin holes in either the upper or lower or reduce the diameter of the Takedown pin. Taking down the Takedown pin didn't work out well at all. I chose the lower because the upper was very expensive and the lower was way cheaper and I have some flexibility in what I can do with it. What's amazing is, once I had it Cerakoted, you could barely tell the difference. You can feel the difference when the takedown pin is fully disengaged. When the takedown pin is pulled out, you can feel a lot more play. As far as ergonomics was concerned I rounded the lower part of the trigger guard so it would feel much more comfortable on my grip. this lower has a lot of sharp angles, and this may be a minor thing but it'll make a difference in comfort on your middle finger when your holding on to your rifle for a extended length of time. The right side bolt release uses a rod that seats against the bolt catch and the right side bolt release lever. If your bolt catch is different, the rod that the lower came with may not be long enough. In my case I used a Stainless steel nail and cut it to length so It could work out. It would be a shame to have a non functioning right side bolt release. The modification that took the longest was the Magwell. I always want to make sure the magazine drops out no matter what condition it's in. Empty, full, partially full, I need it to fall out with nothing more than the aid of gravity. In my experience the magwell is tight. So that means Hexmag is a "No Go" for this lower. Magpul works out with some modification. Empty, Magpul magazines will naturally fall out. If you add more than a couple rounds the magzine will slightly widen causing it to bind in the lower's magwell. I spent several hours with different grades of sandpaper opening up the magwell. I would say this is my biggest complaint about this lower. I haven't tried any steel magazines on this lower yet. Test firing this lower was a pleasure with the exception of the guy who muzzle swept me and everyone else at the range for pictures with his AR-15. I think building a 308AR will always present challenges no matter what, and I hope my experience will help you in some way or another. Functionally wise the Juggernaut Lower worked just fine with the JP Enterprises upper. Let's also take into account that my lower is a 80% lower, so the jig and workmanship worked out as well. All in all, this lower is fully functional and looks good to boot. Hopefully this helps along with the attached pictures. By the way, "HK Specialized Tool" and the logo is something I made up for fun. It's something I may pursue later on.
  6. I just ordered a Faxon AR-10 Streamline Handguard. What size crowsfoot will I need to torque down the barrel nut? I'm hearing different information out there and there isn't much to begin with with it comes to the AR-10 model. Just thinking ahead so I'll have all the tools needed to install the handguard right away. I'll also put up a review if anyone's interested.
  7. Thanks, the gas system was optimized for unsuppressed fire, so there's not doubt that my rifle was over gassed when firing suppressed. Even though I shoot mostly suppressed, I still want releability when shooting unsuppressed. Maybe that had something to do with the stress crack. How did you secure the buffer tube to the receiver with stripped threads? I'd be worried about that receiver extension, BCG, and weight flying off in a different direction. For me even if there were no cracks on the receiver, I'd ground the receiver if the buffer tube threads were stripped in any way.
  8. Interesting news. I just heard from another source that he used Glock 21. Times and news like this seems to remain fluid till the dust settles depending on what fits the narrative these days. It's true that suppressors are rarely used in situations like this. Probably because they're not readily available along with the red tape and lengthy wait. From what I understand though and correct me if I'm wrong. Before they were regulated, Suppressors and SBR's were used back in the days of Prohibition. The Mobs and gangsters used them to assassinate their competition so the ATF came up with this idea with a $200 tax stamp. Back then $200 was a pretty large sum of money in the 1920's. Lucky for us that price hasn't changed, I wonder sometimes if that fee was adjusted with inflation.
  9. I find it humorous and scary that the general public believes that silencers are Hollywood quiet which only adds fuel to their fire. Well... a subsonic 22lr suppresses is pretty quiet though
  10. I just came back from a boating trip, and I can’t find my suppressors anymore...
  11. 12 months now? That's a long time to wait these days. I own three suppressors and the shortest time I ever had to wait was 4 months. Just my personal theory that the bad guy made a home made suppressor. Plenty of information on it on the web.
  12. I have a feeling that center of uranus attached a solvent trap to the muzzle and threaded on a oil filter. From what it sounds like he just recently purchased a 1911 so if he purchased the suppressor at the same time I doubt he received it by now unless he planned this over 9 months ago.
  13. Cerakote FDE and it’s going on my original build replacing the frisbee lower that failed. The Phase 5 wont fit on this lower because the lower flares out at the bottom. Fortunately this lower has a bolt release button on the right side.
  14. Thanks for the explanation! I see you edited your post lol. I like to edit my reviews because new things come up or I’ll forget things or in one case I was half asleep so my grammar was terrible.
  15. For me it's a labor of love and challenge. People kept telling me I can't build a M1A from the ground up, but I did. I like Aero, and it all goes together very well. Anytime a friend tells me they want to build a 308 AR, I always tell them to buy paired receivers to make things easy. I'm a hypocrite because I like to mix and match awesome stuff so it makes it complicated.
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