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Belt Fed

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  1. Belt Fed


    Not grilled but I fried up some deer tenderloin today, i'm stuffed.
  2. Sometimes the body won't do what the mind wants it to. 😂
  3. Is it a Vaquero, my neighbor has two stainless ones. they are really nice guns. Do they make those wax bullets and cases in other calibers?
  4. They have started limiting products at the grocery store, only problem their out of the stuff they have a limit on. thank goodness for deer meat and frozen bisquits.
  5. I stopped buying from them the last time they did this. I hope they bite the bullet and go under this time. they are tearin their ass up on their facebook page.
  6. Belt Fed


    Yeah, I've seen a lot of things blaming Trump for this, about the most asinine thing I ever heard. One man in another country from where it originated can't be to blame. This all will pass, I should call my sister though.
  7. They just found the first case of it here in Arkansas this morning. I bet it's been here longer and hadn't been tested for.
  8. It should say Choose files next to the paper clip. if it don't you can't load from your computer. If you use a hosting service IGMUR is a good one. https://imgur.com/
  9. Belt Fed


    Very nice. hard to beat an 03 rifle.
  10. Belt Fed

    Owl release

    Beautiful creatures. good to see someone getting them back in the woods. those screech owls make an eeerrrriiieee sound.
  11. 🤣 Damn, that didn't take long. 🤣
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