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  1. Wow, hard to imagine people are paying that. Hell that may be normal price from now on.
  2. They are going to try, that's a fact.
  3. I tricked both of you, that account has been closed.
  4. Eyesight might play into it too, mine ain't that great. i'm 6'1. if i put mine up where ya'll have it i couldn't find nothing in it. with it back some i can throw up and have a good sight picture. everyone's will be different like you guys said.
  5. Mine stick back past the receiver, i extend my stock all the way when shooting.
  6. That would be way far forward when the stock is extended for me. mine sticks past the lower receiver a couple inches. with that short scope you would have to remove that rear sight and move the mount back to do it. but what ever is comfortable for you and should have it where you can put the gun up quick and not have to search for eye relief or find focus on the target.
  7. You got to have all that wrote down somewhere, ain't no normal person can remember that much.You amaze me with the knowledge.
  8. Truth and i never seen a live Kangaroo.
  9. Might as well get this to go with it. Amazon.com: fornicate Biden Joe & He Sticker Decal fornicate-Biden Political fornicate Gun Control 2A 5": Arts, Crafts & Sewing
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