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  1. I think @Detonics just gave him those so he wouldnt ban him
  2. I don't know what any of mine weigh. never weighed them. They will probably fall between 8 to 15 pounds.
  3. Just 300, i will use it to walk to and from stand in the dark.
  4. My new light for the hunting rifle with Constant on and off button and momentary push bar .
  5. I have one of them i bought many years ago. only pic i have of it and it's an old one.
  6. Or if you are like @Lonewolf McQuade you were born bald and never grew hair. Welcome Viper from Arkysaw.
  7. No, i think he found the oak island treasure before those poor two guys did.
  8. Well crap, it's an antique, i'll give you 1850
  9. I'm thinking he may be short on powder for the amount of brass he has with that drum.
  10. Nice-looking rifle I have a few that had the illuminated reticle I haven't used them much but I don't hunt at night. I have a Leupold on my Browning BAR it's illuminated but I don't even have a battery in it. the cross hairs are pretty visible even in low-light conditions
  11. Well not really, i buy ammo, sight it in and go kill deer with them.
  12. I'll give you 50 bucks over what you paid for it and you can keep the grip.
  13. CNN also said that the name "ERGO" came from when the biker would ask the carpenter guy for a little fun time, the carpenter guy would always whip it out and say ER GO.
  14. I'm glad you told him that i didn't want to hurt his feelers. Those actually were invented by one of the original village people guys. The carpenter guy bought an AR and didn't like the feel of the grip so he designed it like the biker guys penis. since he loved the way it felt in his hands. but he had a problem, since he always grabbed those types of things with some type of sex oil on his hands it kept sliding out of his hands, so he created the dog knot on the end and now he can rub and shoot all day with pleasure and never have to worry about it sliding out. He even run the idea by the biker guy to put one on his penis somehow, thus the break up of the village people. True story, i heard it on CNN.
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