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  1. This right here is the correct answer.. If your loading the max charge on a 50 cal rifle with 2 f then the finer 4 f at that same amount of charge will be too much
  2. Does anyone know why 2f is for rifles and 3f mainly for pistols? Although it can be used with the right charge and why 4f is not for main charges in either?
  3. Most of those long flinters had a 1 in 66 twist for roundballs. Finding the right charge and the right patch gives you the accuracy. Black powder guns are a hoot to shoot. I have taken many deer with then even the flinters. Got to know the barrel twist and shoot the right projectile. There are so many to choose from now. I would show you my flinters but i am not at home and dont have the pics on this phone And 4f powder is for priming pans.
  4. Nice. I cant wait to get my new stock too.
  5. Welcome and nice rifles, FDE is a beautiful thing.
  6. I loaded two of them google apps and they were so full of pop up ads, they wasn't worth it. then i loaded the depstech view app and all was ad free.
  7. The one thing i see with the cheap borescope that it needs more of a range on it. when you take the mirror off it only reaches a short way.
  8. Need to clean this muzzle loader. oops i messed up those top two pics are the muzzle loader too.
  9. Too bad he didnt pull a gun and shoot the idiot
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