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Belt Fed

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  1. Oh yeah, your gun buyin days are over for a while.lol Very nice lookin truck I might add.
  2. How'd ya like to listen to this voice everyday.lol
  3. Yeah, that graph is pretty bad. derned ole AK's are slow as Christmas. Them evil AR's are fast as a MG42 belt fed.. and my M-16's only fire at 750 RPM. that's if you have a 750 round non stop source, other wise it won't.
  4. Belt Fed


    Gonna take a bit to load these. First ones are the armalite mag. Well damn, it's not letting me load the pics now. so here are the measurements for the armalite mag width on back of mag 1.020 width on front of mag .935 measurement across mag 3.080 now the magpul 1.075 1.065 and 3.075 C products defense is 1.068 1.065 and 3.085
  5. Belt Fed


    Gonna take a bit to load these. First ones are the armalite mag.
  6. Belt Fed


    Matter of fact I will get up and get on that now. back with some pics in a bit.
  7. Belt Fed


    I'll try and get you some today, you want them mic'd? I have the old school Armalite mags, that the one you want measured. Or I can send you a magpul to see if it will fit. I sent magpul a message a couple years ago and ask if they had plans to make mags for the older Armalites and they said they do not.
  8. I think that is one of them silicon love dolls, I don't think it's a real woman. and i'm pretty sure I will have to answer how I know that.
  9. I keep telling you i'm immortal.😜
  10. I ain't never gonna live breaking the server down.
  11. It's all good, we all have our own beliefs. it's what makes us individuals. 👍
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