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Belt Fed

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  1. I have the radian on three or four guns and have had no trouble.
  2. It's great ya'll had a good time. That's what it's all about.👍
  3. Belt Fed

    Fake news

    LOL, I don't watch the news anymore especially world news. also don't watch late night TV anymore. liberals have turned the comedy shows into a trump hate fest. mostly political BS now.
  4. The weights will throw their wheel out of balance and it will bounce.
  5. Looks good, what hunting round are you thinking about using in it?
  6. I keep several Pittsburgh tools in my truck. If they get stole I haven't lost a lot of money. Their lifetime warrenty is better than most tools. they don't ask no questions. just tell you to go get another. Craftsman won't do that. I have only broke one thing from them and it was my fault.
  7. That looks nice. I could think of several uses for it.
  8. Yeah I got to thinkin about that, probably only gonna use it with the electric trolling motor.
  9. LOL, this story could be very interesting.
  10. I sure miss these guys, when Carson retired I stopped watching.
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