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  1. This is great information. Sure adds another element to reloading. Thank you
  2. Welcome to the forum from Middle Tennessee
  3. What handguard? Did it have an aluminum barrel nut? I fought the same thing and found that the barrel was ever-so-slightly canted. That keeps it from going into battery I only use handguards with steel barrel nuts.
  4. On Sunday, I shot a 218 and qualified. I also cleared the final "Red Coat" target I had a great weekend. You guys have to try this!!!
  5. Back at it this weekend. This was a 2 day Appleseed at Arnold Engineering Facility in Tullahoma, TN Saturday was class and practice. I shot a 195 on Saturday. You need a 210 or more to qualify as an Expert Rifleman.
  6. That is very cool. Those riders are amazing
  7. Welcome to the forum from Middle Tennessee
  8. Last weekend I shot a one-day Appleseed event. What a great time with great instructors. We all had individualized instruction and would stop for any teachable moment. Range is only 25 yards but it is all you and the gun and a sling. Prone, seated/kneeling, and standing are all you. No bipods or shooting supports are allowed. This is a whole new world. If there is one in your area, sign up now. I was shooting a Remington 597 22lr. I was stove-piping about every other shot by the end. Pretty frustrating so I bought a Ruger American 22lr bolt gun. I am also signed up for a 2-day Appleseed this weekend. I am hooked! One of the bonus deals to learning to shoot, you are qualified to purchase an M1 Garand. Or 2, (you can actually buy up to 8). I took my certificate and drove the the CMP Store in Anniston, AL. At my father-in-laws funeral earlier this year, the honor guard commander mentioned to my wife that the M1 Garand was her dad's favorite rifle. She thought it was a great idea that I buy one to honor him and one for me to shoot. I really love that girl! Like I said, I will be shooting a 2-day Appleseed Event this weekend. I will post an update next week.
  9. Swiftab


    Welcome from Middle Tennessee
  10. Welcome to the forum! Most here recommend to run this platform wet with gun oil. Not just lubed but wet with lube. See if that helps.
  11. Welcome to the forum from Middle Tennessee
  12. Welcome to the forum from Middle Tennessee. I would always reverence my trigger hole pattern from the Safety Detent Hole. That way the trigger and safety work together as they were designed. I have a couple lowers here that I drilled before I recognized this relationship. I bought a push-button safety selector that I will use with these rifles. They work pretty well with the off-indexed detent.
  13. Welcome from Middle Tennessee
  14. Mine sticks sometimes when it needs some oil. If the gun shot good in the past, I would clean and grease the bcg.
  15. Swiftab

    New to forum

    Welcome from Middle Tennessee
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