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  1. Welcome from Middle Tennessee
  2. I bought everything to match DPMS specs. I dont know which AR10 pieces may or may not work. Areo Parts Kit, Balistic Advantage barrels, Brownells bolt carrier, any AR15 trigger all work just fine.
  3. I totally understand. Check your Safety Detent pin hole dimension from the front take-down pin, (x dimension). The safety hole will be on the same center line. Once you confirm that you can feel good that all will go well.
  4. Not sure if you have this but it walks you thru all the machining needed for a AR15 0% thru 100%. It is what I based this drawing on, (except with the LR-308 dimensions). Machining_the_AR15_by_R_Brandes.pdf
  5. Drawing is full scale so you can pull any dimensions off it you need. Actually is a 7/16" endmill
  6. Here is the drawing I made. I machined (3) and they all came out great. I think all the information is there. I based these on Noreen Lowers. LR308 Low and Vise plates.dwg
  7. The first (2) pictures are the unfinished receiver. The slot in the safety is wide enough to accept the detent at a slight angle. Again, my mistake was .053" so I think it will work well with that amount or less. The last picture was a frame I had finished. I think I will change the Safe / Fire graphic on the frames that need the push-button safety.
  8. I ordered this safety and it arrived yesterday. It looks like it will work very well even with the machining mistake I made.
  9. That santi-tee is upside down. Doesn't he even know the plumbing code?
  10. I am working on some Noreen 308 lowers and I built these vice plates. (See the DWG file) And have built some Noreen (and others) AR15's using Brandes guide. There are vise plates in that guide as well. LR308 Low and Vise plates.dwg Machining_the_AR15_by_R_Brandes.pdf
  11. Welcome for a newbie from Middle Tennessee
  12. I worked for Rochester Products in the 80's, in Rochester NY, and we used to go into the tunnels under the plant. (They made Rochester Carburetors for GM). The tunnels were used to test 50 caliber machine guns. Since production cars were not produced, the extra machine capacity was used for guns.
  13. I think you are correct. I saw an article where Singer made some 1911 hand guns. They were too well made for the "government work" so they were given enough better contracts. Singer 1911's are few and valuable.
  14. Has anyone tried this push button type safety? I did several searches and did not find any reference of this type of safety. I have a lower that I mis-drilled the safety hole by .053". I haven't finished it yet because the regular safety arm will clock incorrectly. Below is a link. https://www.armorally.com/shop/elftmann-tactical-ambi-ar-push-button-safety/?v=7516fd43adaa
  15. I am no expert so go easy on me. Is the disconnect backwards? That would be the first thing to lock your trigger. Is this a 70 series or 80 series?
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