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  1. Yep, China stuff is everywhere, the Gun Tec is several steps down from the Wilson Combat, but a very close knock off!
  2. Yep, kinda to be expected, now that the election is over, with the apparent results, it will only get worse! Wilson Combat hasn't had any lower receivers since at least March, I take that back, they had a small frame billet set available for about two days... and then they were gone. They do have uppers back in stock, (as you noted, this is NOT an FFL item), they have recently raised the prices in their catalogue, and the "Armor Tuff" is now 90 bucks extra on their matched sets. I'd just keep checking with them, they will get caught up here shortly I expect.
  3. Yeah, I think I'll be ok, those Colt 20 rounders seem good to go, I'll give a report when I get my trigger.
  4. I've built the Wilson 300 HAM'R, which works with 300 Black magazines, I've got a 110 grain round and a 125 grain fmg, they both fit in all my magazines, the Magpull's are a little tight, I've got a steel and a couple of aluminum ASC mags.
  5. Sounds like fun, my trigger has been sitting at the Fox Lake postal center for 3 days now, but that's life in Central Obamastan... I'm gonna try to run my 300 on 5.56 mags, hopefully I've got something it likes, if not, I'll be ordering 300 Blackout mags. I've got a couple of old Colt 20 rounders that look promising.
  6. I'll go for that, we have a STOL kit on the Cardinal, high compression pistons and heads and "Powerflow" exhaust,,, and a re-pitched prop, it climbs very well on initial!
  7. Agreed, prices are pretty sucky now...
  8. Well its all together except for the trigger, it was a pain, and the ammo came today! I attempted to take the trigger out of my son's beater, but would have had to take off the pistol grip which has a funky looking bolt jammed into it?? LOL my drop in shipped today, a tracking number at least, finally! I had the trigger all apart, but it would not leave that lower because of the safety! dang it!
  9. my 12.6 M-Lok for the small frame arrived today, barrel nut was a pain to get clocked properly, but installed gas block, and handguard, she's all together now except for hammer and trigger, waiting on Wilson's Single Stage 4 Lb from Optics Planet, hopefully a little ammo arrives tommorow, I may have to steal a trigger to get it going!
  10. Fine work Gents, as a dark helmeted, dark robed Gent would say, "IMPRESSIVE! VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!"
  11. Wilson has updated their catalog, and the WC-15 and WC-10 are higher now, color is 90 bucks for the matched upper and lower. On a side note, Wilson is offering both the WC-15 and WC-10 uppers in lightweight and Forward Assists versions for those who need an FA.
  12. Yep, I'm waiting on a Wilson Combat 12.6" handguard, and that lovely barrel nut,,, and then the trigger, ammo, all hopefully before Thanksgiving!
  13. Yep, one step at a time, but like you, I am a little impatient, and I would be tempted, but the voice of reason says to fix one issue at a time, you probably will be drilling up soon, but if its too much, then you'll be buying a new adjustable gas block... these gents will get you there, keep us in the loop, I for one am very interested to hear the "end of the story"! Whoops! you've already got one of those, lol.
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