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  1. Here again JT you are absolutely right,, for example, Wilson Combat is a DPMS pattern rifle with the "ArmaLite" cut ,, so no, if you are not running the same brand of upper and lower, do NOT assume that an upper and lower are compatible, they most likely are not, so run the same brand upper and lower if you are not sure.. I've seen some cobbled together rifles that clearly are not compatible and yet people wonder why they do not run.. its been a while, so don't hold me to it, but Stag 10 is another receiver that is a DPMS rifle with the "ArmaLite" cut on the rear receiver halves,, and if I'm not mistaken?? they have proprietary pivot pins?? I've given up on building an ArmaLite rifle due to my own ignorance and parts availability..
  2. Okay, I see that the receiver extension comes in the kit, and it should measure 9.625 inches internal diameter.. absolutely a no brainer, even I can figure that one out...
  3. The receiver extension is supposed to come with the kit Doc, but I did find one review, where the purchaser stated that it came with an AR-15 Buffer and Spring instead of the AR-308 Rifle Buffer and Spring..
  4. So did you change the buffer and spring?? and if so, what did you replace it with?? so your gas tube is coming all the way back to the middle of the cam pin cutout in the upper receiver??? pictures of all that please if possible.. if you were 10 out of 10 for not feeding, it sounds like you were short stroking,, a buffer that was too long being out of spec would cause that.. 98Z gave you some great advice, did you measure the gas port bore?? report that bore diameter back please.. One Armed Eye Doc asked you about the length and source of rear receiver extension, should be 9.625 inches These guys KNOW, they are NOT guessing or taking a stab in the dark,, if you follow their very specific advice and give them GOOD information, they will get your rifle running reliably... or you've got it all figured out?? and we will never hear from you again?? not likely, but even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while...
  5. yep, my 34 MM Giselle SR-25 mount came Saturday by DHL, and I mounted the 5 X 25 X 56 Strike Eagle and did a short but very windy range session at the farm late afternoon yesterday.. I installed the Giselle as per their recommendations in the 3rd slot back on the picatiny,, but that made my scope stick way out the front of the Giselle when I set my eye relief, so I moved it to the 2nd slot back.. Strike Eagle is decent for the money,,, if you're wondering?? it ain't magic!! I did shoot 1 and only one 5/8" group this summer at 140yds with the old Redfield Battlezone.. I shot one with the 300 Ham'r last week at 110yds and the little 3 X 9 Leopold.. oh and I got the MOA reticle,, there ain't a chance in hell I'm up for learning the MRAD system,,, damn, even walking is hard these days,, and I don't have enough teeth left to attempt to chew gum,,
  6. Actually Diamondback DB 10 is a DPMS receiver with the fake ArmaLite slash cut, it will only take a Diamondback upper...
  7. Yep, I bought the last two boxes of 12 gauge Winchester high brass 7 1/2s at Wally World, I about krapped when it rang up at 12.99 a box, but what the hell.. on a high note, I saw the first Hornady 6.5 Creed 140 ELD's at the farm store that I have seen in 6 months, they have had steady supply of Winchester 7.62 X 51 for the last month or so..
  8. Really, I'm thinking of heading out to Uncle Henry's farm pond, it was unfishable last summer with those damned lily pads.. I like fishing with a buzz bait, but it would be a Texas Rig worm right now!
  9. So does Diamond back have any word on when they might ship your upper?? Guys does this use proprietary pins like the Stag 10?? so 270win, how is your build going so far??
  10. Happy Birthday Rob,, I'll pay for your first hour of therapy,,, I'm a little worried about this group and their pant's down hugs, anyway, checks in the mail!!!
  11. My big tractor has starter issues, and the fuel distributer has a stripped bleed screw that leaks,,, fortunately my little John Deere with a bucket sips fuel, only has a 6 gallon tank. We cash rent our small tillable acres, so I buy most fuel in town in a 5 gallon jerry can, I probably use more to get my brush pile fires started, lol.. last year I had to shut my rifle range down when the corn started getting tall.. I did score another 60 rounds of Winchester xm-80 at Walmart, surprisingly enough.. on a less encouraging note, the local gun hack had a few boxes of 9 mm and 45 hollow point, I though man! turned the box over and 59.99 for 20 rounds,, 😠!!!!!
  12. Glad to hear your rifle is fully functional now, my 18" barrel with rifle gas, started out where you finished at around .082, it functioned fine, but ejection was disappointing. I went with a 5.3 oz 2.5" KAK heavy buffer, ejector and spring and briefly ran the Sprinco orange spring, I ended up at .095 to run that combination, gas block wide open, and it functioned fine with M80 ball, and ejection was much improved. (my 300 Ham'r flings them out about 8 ft in a nice neat little pile) The one issue that I found objectionable with that combination was the effort required to pull it out of battery with the charging handle, it was very stiff, so I replaced the Sprinco with the Wilson 40 coil flat wire... all good now, and that heavy buffer makes my rifle much more pleasant to shoot.
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