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  1. So Jong, did you talk to ArmaLite, any luck finding the A upper Bub???
  2. Good advice 98! Sounds good renaissance,,, springco orange arrived this morning, time for a KOLD short range session, that damn thing may be frozen cause it's hella stiff!
  3. Oh we have lots to talk about, I was hoping you might become a regular contributer, now that you have had a great experience...
  4. Nice, I love that, I've got two nice fireplaces, but they are capped... stinks, I've got lots of wood at the farm.
  5. Oh dang, but no doubt the snowmobilers are having a party!
  6. If he's close, take it back and let him fix it, I mean I would give him a call and tell him what's going on, and it may be a simple fix.. check as many of the boxes on AlbroSwifts thread as you can, there are some amazing 308AR mechanics here on the forum, but let him know you're having issues up front...
  7. Amen, they cal it hunting, not shooting!! lol, but its all good!
  8. Yes Sir! I am a firm believer in the Lord, my DAD kneeled beside his bed and prayed, every night! he was a Deacon in our church, a very proud day for me to see him "ordained", he very, very seldom ever uttered a curse, he retired to the farm and we raised corn, soybeans, beef cattle, and hogs, if hogs don't make you cuss, nothing will! Having said that, my Dad fought his cancer with every ounce of his being, his Air Force Dr. referred him for a stem cell transplant to Barnes Hospital in St Louis, he was 67, they told him he was to old and they couldn't justify the cost... Dr. Lottwada a fine Christian man, got on the phone to his buddies at Wilford Hall in San Antonio, the USAF flew my Dad down there, and they did a stem cell transplant... A little Air Force Major was his Dr. he said I want you to take your Dad home tommorow, to the BOQ, he needs to be out of this hospital and all these germs.. that after 2 days of massive chemo to kill everything.... but the medical team said NO! I met the Major in the hall, he said you're taking your Dad home today, I said No Sir, they said he couldn't go home.... he said "I said your taking your Dad home today", and I said YES SIR, I'm taking my DAD home today, he said, I'm gonna give him two units of blood and then you're going to take him home... That was the most amazing team of Dr.s and even a very Sweet Pretty Christian Social Worker, they all loved my Dad, and in a month he came home to the farm for another amazing 4 years, and worked every day, until a few days before he passed! thanks to the Lord and the wonderful love and care he received from USAF... a young Air Force kid with a wife and kids did not make it, it broke my Dad's heart, as they were both patients together at Scott AFB..
  9. 10-4, thanks for all the good advice gentlemen!
  10. Amen Brother, they were cut from a different cloth, Grandma Maggart died when my Dad was 12, he and his Brother Frank went into the orphanage in Franklin, TN, my Aunt Flo went to stay with one of my Grandpa's Lady friends... He helped everybody, and everybody helped him.. I never saw a single soul take advantage of my Dad. He never took advantage of anyone else either. He was larger than life itself, and left a chasm when he passed.
  11. Sorry Larry, this has been a tough week, but I'm sending Mollie and Arlie back to Arizona to bring you a little sunshine, pray for Mollie, its a chore to fly with Arlie, 16 months and a very busy mechanical guy. She's flying in to Phoenix, so no layover in Dallas, I hope we can get guest passes to sit with her while she waits to board, says she's not flying alone with Arlie again... Praying for you and the Brother's families, I can't imagine.. 3 of my little bus kids lost their Mom to an overdose last week, it just sucks, they don't have a chance....
  12. I DO like these tools, I love having the right tool for a job, and jigging that bolt straight is the hot ticket, although pushing the bolt into alignment wasn't all that tough...
  13. Yep, hope it gets here soon, I did get the heavy KAK heavy spring under their ejector, I'm working on a buffer spring collection...
  14. Yep, that's what I've got, sposed to be -7 tommorow overnight, taking Mollie and Arlie to the airport in St. Louis here shortly, she's looking forward to getting home to 73 degrees today in Tuscon, course she will miss her old man, and I will miss Mollie and Arlie, whom she named after my DAD, bless her heart...
  15. Thank you my friend, I only learned of some of what my Dad was doing, when I was a Hospice Chaplain. Sitting with a retired school teacher's daughter, as she, the school teacher was passing. The daughter and I were chatting, when I related my Dad had passed from "multiple myeloma". She asked what he did, and I told her he was an Air Force Pilot. Then she did what no woman has ever done, she asked what did he fly?? when I said the C-130, She said I design radar for the C-130, I said "No you don't", she said "Yes, I Do!", and I asked why she was designing radar for a 50 year old at that time airframe??? she stated I design "terrain following radar". When I related that my Dad flew a 130 in Vietnam with terrain following radar, she said "That was the MC-130E Combat Talon 1",,, (at the time it was referred to as "Rivet Yard or Heavy Chain" in CIA nomenclature), she went on, "I am designing radar for the "Combat Talon II". I went home and sure enough, there was the "Blackbird" as my Dad called it... makes me cry thinking about it. One night at the farm before my Dad passed, I had been helping him, and my Mom had fixed steak and fried potatoes, as only she could, and my Dad had a book laying on the table, he passed it to me and said here, I want you to read this, this is a little bit about what I was doing in Vietnam. I believe it was John Plaster's book about MACV, it had a catchy title, I'll have to see if I can find it?? I've moved about 4 times since my Dad gave me the book! My Dad NEVER talked about any of that, I would occasionally over hear little bits and pieces if one of his flying buddies from the past came by the farm, but until he gave me that book, I had NO idea. Before he went to Vietnam, we went to Hurlburt for a two week transition into the C-123??? my DAD hated that airplane, but what I found out later researching, is that 4 of the Heavy Chain birds were at Hurlburt, 4 at Pope AFB, and 4 in Taiwan, my Dad had turned down a two year assignment to Taiwan before he went to Vietnam.. (my Mom did not want to move back to the Far East). So Thank you, my Dad was a very down to earth, humble, Patriot, a straight shooter, he started out as an Airman radio operator on the C-119, that chick on her very tough day, made my day, one of my best days in 5 years as a Hospice Chaplain, I had a lot of great days, and met some amazing people.. but I will never forget that day. your avatar bears a striking resemblance to the MACVSOG patch.
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