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  1. Well, I got some free time to do the deal and the little Seekin's is GONE! they are ordered, but no idea when they will be back in stock...
  2. Thanks Mike, much appreciated! Do you have a current phone number?
  3. Yes Sir, and I'm sure you'd never instigate anything, just saying. 5 ASC FDE 5 round magazines did surprise me yesterday arriving much sooner than I expected by the US Postal Service, ooo rah!
  4. Yep, my old man was buried 18 years ago on 9/11, he worked for MACVSOG, had his office in the US Embassy, in fact they moved into the Embassy when TET started. He stayed down town for about two weeks after a rocket attack blew up the hotel across the street from his. He was there when they attempted to overun the US Embassy... I was and still am proud of my Dad... so 18 years ago, we had the full bull military funeral, 21 Gun Salute, Tap's, and an F-16 flyover, which the local funeral directors wife re-routed over the grade school for the 9/11 remembrance, and YES, I'm still PISSED about that, he wouldn't have cared, but he earned it, I didn't even get to see it..... Anyway, he was an IP in the C-130, while in country he flew the MC-130E, he hated the damned terrain following radar in that thing, it induced frequent "glute clinchers", but it would fly the airplane about 200 ft off the deck, hands off, but it was out of an F-4. They lost a 130 in the mountains on the way home from China. There were 14 "Heavy Chain" or "Rivet Yard's" built, 12 on active duty, and 2 scrubbed clean of serials and markings.... they lost that bird in the mountains and another on the ramp from mortar fire, so those two clean birds where then serialed to mimick the two lost aircraft...
  5. I hear ya, my problem is that I'm Adult ADHD,,, I love it all, and can't really afford any of it. If I could remember a 1/10 of the useless krap information I used to know, I'd be doing awesome. There's an amazing looking Norton Commando in Ohio with a JPS paint, and I'd love to have a Norton, but then I think about that big Suzuki 4 cylinder, that rev's to the moon, and sounds like a late 60's Indy car, that sound that just drives you insane.... one Saturday the Chief of Police was in Tennessee on vacation, I pulled the E-47 off that 01 Gixxer thousand. When I fired it up, my wife damn near peed her pant's, I ripped it through town for a couple of passes, most beautiful thing I've ever heard, mean and "BARKY"! Then there's this strange obsession with the XT500 Yammy with that gorgeous aluminum tank.... but then I come back to those gorgeous early second gen camaro's..... so I'm just painting the damn house right now. Pressure washing and scraping and painting and painting and scraping and painting.... Anyway, some sweet chick from Wilson Combat that doesn't know jack, answered my email asking when the WC-10 uppers and lowers might be back in stock,,,, no clue, they've got a supply laid back for their own production, and they are still building WC-10's, but at 3 grand plus,,, eh, that's a lot of money
  6. So gents, is Sun Devil Manufacturing still in business, I attempted to call their number as they are showing a 308 upper receiver on their site, but no answer and no email address, there is a lower on gun broker, but I'm wondering if that is a proprietary set? would another brand of upper fit that?
  7. Absolutely, the stabilator is attached to the aircraft with only 2 bolts, which are the pivot points, and yes the bushings do tend to get a little sloppy. Dan's Cardinal is a 1968, with around 2400 hrs total time, so low airframe time is good, but 50 years takes its toll none the less... Dan's bird is looking great, has a fairly low time overhaul.. so I'm not afraid to take stuff apart and reassemble it correctly.... but there are things on that bird that I would not touch, lol. His airplane is doing better than I am, it will probably outlast us both, LOL! I am staying on Wilson Combat, but I have no idea when they will stock their WC-10 matched upper and lower set??
  8. Beautiful Robo, that thing is gorgeous!
  9. As Mr. 44 Magnum, "Elmer Keith", errr I mean "Dirty Harry" once said, "a man's got to know his limitations!" Not everybody ought to be a pilot. I owned two really nice Suzuki GSXR-1000 Sport Bikes, while I ran the piss out of the first one, I was no where near its limits. It was even better with a new set of Pilot Power IIs, in doing so, I pushed its limits way up, and my confidence went way up as they were soft and grippy, inspiring my desire to "push my limits". When I was younger, I took a non-functioning revolver of a friend home, disassembled it, lubed it, made some minor adjustments, and returned a working firearm to him. I broke a spring in my Colt New Frontier, ordered the parts from Colt and replaced the spring... I would love to build a rifle, but as the OP has illustrated there are some very real challenges, but I did tear the stabilator and rudder off Dan's Cardinal as we prepared it for a strip and paint. After Dan finished stripping, priming, and painting his airplane, we reassembled it under the supervision of an AI that I used to work for... it was a lot of work, and the stabilator ended up with some "slop" in it when you grabbed the tips and lightly applied pressure back and forth... so we did some research, and replaced the nut on the sloppy side with a new stamped steel locking nut, slop gone, and yes I have flown it quite a bit after our little project.
  10. So we've probably driven the LR-308 lower build tool so far into the weeds that it can't be found?? sorry gents, back on topic...
  11. simple and elegant, so, I've got to ask what this did to your fuel economy, I mean with Camaro's, Vettes, Mustangs, and Challenger's in the high 20's??
  12. I knew about the ignition, so does the carb send info on mixture to the computer, or do they bypass fuel management?
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