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  1. Striper eh?, LOL, a year ago I was on Kentucky Lake with my brother Jim in his immaculate 21 ft Triton, with a 250 Evinrude, 82mph on the gps, Jim passed away Feb 15th after a long and painful battle with pancreatic cancer,,, so I don't know if I'll ever be on Ken Lake again. His Triton is for sale, so a sad sight for me this summer...
  2. Now That is Amazing! I'd like one of those myself!
  3. Its here, very nice, not perfect as I had envisioned, but very nice, gorgeous barrel profile, love the billet receivers, fit is very good, and the trigger is amazing, I'm going to have to square my reticle up, I would have shot it today, but with the reticle listing left,,, ahhh! Oh and it is LIGHT, points and handles like my Merkel side by side, its pretty damn sweet if I say so myself, and that alone is worth the price of admission... between that machined billet upper/lower, fluted 18" barrel, the low mass BCG, and the handguard, it just works! A 20 inch 6.5 Black Rain Ord felt long and heavy, the Rock River "Operator" was short and HEAVY! Neither one had the "FEEL", this girl has that in spades. Oh and the obligatory factory test target is very encouraging, LOL, but as they say, "your milage may vary?", LOL
  4. 1977 Can Am with 6.6 on Chicago Il craigslist, in Madison Wisc.... twiddling thumbs, waiting on FED EX! good grief!
  5. Yes a friend had a Can Am, and I actually drove it with the intention of buying it, I was a young pup, living at home and bagging groceries and working on the farm with my Dad and going to College, so NO Can Am... I sat in the showroom several times and spec'd a 74 T/A with a Super Duty, all dreams... I later wound up trading a really??? what can you say about a 76 Cobra II Mustang, that I changed the blown motor for a 70 Mustang 302 engine, with a 4 speed. It did actually run and sounded great... but I had been haunting an orange with white interior 1972 Formula 350, going to college, two little girls, at the time I was married to the "Warden"... guy that I kept trying to buy it from, sold it to a local car dealer, I'm like what the hell??? well long story short, I cleaned up that Cobra II, and drove that thing to Quincy, Il. where "baby doll" was, and traded him for 200 bucks boot.. so I had less than half in it that I would have if I had bought it from the original owner. I loved that car, it had some super wide Remington Radial, and cornered like it was on rails, until it was wet, lol. Baby # 3 brought a trade for a very sweet, 1969 Black Old Toronado, (yes I damn well do hate front wheel drive), but with the 455 that thing would flat out fly, yes I have missed that hugger orange 72 Formula ever since... Any way, sweet little Wilson is back to the gun shop waiting on FED EX, so I'm hoping it will arrive at River Rat Sports before the end of the week??? I'm NOT holding my breath! but I am dying of anticipation, I shot little "axe kicker" again today, I'm finally back on paper after my ordeal with my Buehler mounts, that dang thing does kick, its amazingly light and very accurate, but I realized today the trigger really sucks, its so dang heavy... clean, but very heavy, on a 1950's or so Husqvarna 98 Mauser action, 4100 light weight.. I also shot the 38/44 Outdoorsman from 100 with iron sights, I held about 1/2 the front sight over, and hit about 18 inches hi, but actually a nice clean group, I haven't shot irons at that range in a while, I was very pleased. Like 99% of old Smith and Wesson's, that thing has a drop dead gorgeous trigger... Oh, and when I got done shooting, I fired up my Dad's old Husqvarna Chain Saw, thats a chore for an old man, lol, damn thing.
  6. Now we couldn't have you sullying your "reputation" could we, its black with a nice buckskin interior, its sat out the last 9 months, my neighbor had it in his garage, and his wifey was fooling around on him, so after years of heartache, he up and left, very sad story... so I've actually had it advertised it for the first time in a long time... I'm hoping I can get enough for a down on a nicer car, there's a late second TA in Michigan with 11,000 miles, best is it looks almost new underneath, a rarity with these little rust buckets...
  7. Yes Sir, don't get too excited, its an 81 Esprit, I have a 400 short block finished, has a Milodon gear drive with a single idler wheel, not a timeing hash mark anywhere, LOL.. Heads are done, just needs reassembled! I'll try to get em up tomorrow...
  8. Yes, keep us up to date, waiting on the range report, and I'll be real honest, you really got me tempted to build that Wilson myself?? but with no uppers/lowers, it couldn't be a Wilson, so looking around I did find the Rainier matched upper and lower in stock... so it was about 200 bucks more than the Wilson??? crazy right? but as I started pricing upper/lower, BCG, barrel, adjustable gas block, handguard, buffer tube, buffer, rear stock? a lot of coin as well, then there are the small parts and getting everything assembled to proper tolerances and working together as a team?? So I took one more shot at Mr. Wilson, he's got a set of Wilson rings and a 3x9 Leopold from the factory, the Wilson 4lb trigger, light weight Wilson BCG, so all that Wilson Kool along with "Tactical Hunter" engraved on the dust cover, and Mr. Wilson Combat who is going to Air Force OCS on June 30, took another couple of hundred off?? So little Miss Wilson should be on her way tomorrow, all gorgeous OD green upper/lower and barrel, I wish it had a better Leopold? I've even put a few hot rounds through my little Husqvarna "Axe Kicker", 30-06! She was named by a friend who only fired one round, and I was buying the ammo! I also shot the ugly little "Tactical Savage 110 in 308. I had changed both scopes, so there was quite a bit of jockeying around with adjustments, and the Husky has demented genius Maynard Beuhler's lovely bases and rings, which were allowing my Leopold 2X7 to keep setting back, so a morning tweaking that gal, and putting clear nail polish in the rear rings?? That Leopold has always been super stiff on the zoom, but it would not budge at all, so I got out a heavy old cloth diaper and the channel locks, and finally got to to move through about half the travel, thinking I would send it in?? but once I pulled the rear rings and spun the front out of the mount, it was clear that it had backed up so far into the rear ring, that it was all scarred up, and yes zoom travel went back to its normally super stiff movement, and yes, I hate it that I dinged up my scope zoom ring.. but after the range session with clear nail polish, not set back, although I did have to have the big screw driver loosen the big screws on the side of the rear mount and kick the rear of the scope slightly back to the right, so we shall see how I did maybe tomorrow... all my hot butt kicking gunshow ammo Dude's 110 grain reloads are gone too thankfully, I did notice a couple of split case necks, so that brass is going into the scrap pile.. FYI, Wilson has redesigned their upper/lowers recently and the formerly slab sided billet upper receiver, has a series of serious lightening cuts milled in the upper receiver, it is light though, but I liked the slab sided billet upper better.... Thanks everybody, for all the outstanding advice, I've been reading a lot of build threads here on the forum, and I'd like to think I learned enough to make a sound decision and buy a new, sorted weapon. I'm old and I hate dinging sheite up, especially expensive sheite, beautiful stuff, I just hate it, and while I fancy myself something of a mechanic?? cars, airplanes, Smith and Wesson revolvers, and some very light rifle work?? I kind of try to avoid projects these days, (yes, my old Firebird still isn't back together yet)?? in fact its for sale if I can get somebody to shoot me a fair price!
  9. Well as they say, they check is in the mail!
  10. billymagg

    458 SOCOM

    That's what I was thinking, so the I haggled with Mr. Wilson Combat, and we made more headway, so I sent him a cashiers ck for the Tactical Hunter in 308, that Savage 110 in .308 is a female cat cat, not like that little Husqvarna in 30-06, S so after looking at the 458 SoCom, I' think I'm over it, LOL... I shot my little Rock River in 5.56 and actually had two groups were one bullet cut another bullet hole?? so I must have been doing something right, and that's with 55's, my rifle likes the heavier 68's or 75's better... anyway, I'm hoping that ck gets there today or tomorrow and he can get it sent up here to Central Obamastan, before JB pulls another covid containment out of his fat back side
  11. Yep, maybe I am on the right track??? On no, well, it may be back on?? I'm holding my breath and saying my prayers!
  12. billymagg

    458 SOCOM

    Thank you 98, I'm leaning that direction, I've kinda sorta looked at the Wilson 300 HamR, as I kinda want a 30 cal., I realize these are 2 completely different animals....
  13. billymagg

    458 SOCOM

    Looks like fun, so its comparable to the 308 AR in recoil?? I've had two Wilson Combat 308's in my sights within the last month, and I missed one on Gun Broker, an Ultimate Hunter with 18" fluted and un threaded muzzle, I found a tactical hunter which had a folding stock, threaded barrel, and a nice Leopold, but it was pricey, I just couldn't pull the trigger... I'm gonna be 64 in a few days, and while I used to shoot an 83 lb compound and a 71 lb recurve bow? those days are over... I'm having a similar issue with my little Husqvarna in 30-06, oh I can do it, but its not necessarily pleasant anymore, but then I'm 40 lbs less man than I used to be too?? My young second cousin offered to let me come out and fire the so com, I'm wondering if I shouldn't build a 6.5 Grendel or a 6.8 SPC for my Rock while I'm waiting on a matched upper and lower for the WC-10 to be back in stock??
  14. Thank you my Brother, the lovely and always beautiful "Honey Badger" is the head teller at our local money repository, she was balancing the check book at home this am, and had a meltdown over 400 bucks she couldn't find.... I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger yesterday!!!! but it's still on the agenda, my local Gunny would love to build me one, but Wilsons matched WC-10 uppers/lowers and BCG are out of stock, when I call, they have no idea when that's going to change... I just love the Wilson Bill et upper and lower receiver,,, I'm kinda hooked on the OD Green??? damn, why do I have to want krap like that, why couldn't I build and Aero Precision M5 and be happy???
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