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  1. Ok, did that process again doing even more smoothing and I think I have it perfect now. Before/after
  2. Took it apart real quick again and eased the edges on the extractor a little more where it looked like it was gouging the case. Tried 2 sanded cases and this was the result. Definitely better. First one is before the cycle
  3. So I smoothed up the damage and tried to ease a few of the sharper edges on the extractor and ejector. I then tried to polish those spots a little. I reinstalled everything with only 1 o-ring on the extractor spring. I sanded one of the spent brass casings until the imperfections were not visible then inserted it into the barrel. I had to drop the bolt from full lock to get it to seat all the way. I then ejected the casing. Here is the result-
  4. It appears this one is a double spring double o ring set up. Seems really stiff
  5. Here's the extractor removed and uncleaned, should there be 2 o rings on the extractor spring?
  6. Well, last range trip this gun ran flawlessly. Today was a different story. I had just finished a box of federal Berger 168 and that was running really good (has what seems like nickel coated cases) and started on a fresh box of Hornady match 168 with brass casing. Almost immediately ran into problems. The first round wouldn't fire, seemed like a light primer strike. What it ended up being is that the bolt wasn't going fully into battery. I fired about 3 rounds after getting it into battery. Loaded a new mag and chambered a round. Trigger pull no fire I then attempted to pull the charging handle back and let it reseat it on the chambered round. Charging handle won't budge... The bolt was stuck somewhat into battery with a chambered live round. After trying multiple things to get the bolt back, including trying to knock the charging handle back with a small block of wood, I decided to instead tap it forward into full battery and just fire it. Fingers crossed it wouldn't explode in my face. It fired the round. After that I didn't shoot anymore. I feel like something is up with the extractor. It's marring/burring brass like crazy, not so much on the harder cases of the federal. The gun also seems to be denting cases near the neck down. I somehow managed to get a mean scrape on the extractor (see silver in the pics) which may have been caused by try to force the bolt back. I know the gun needs a good cleaning but no reason that should have caused this.
  7. I did not know that. This was my first attempt at delving into the large frame ar world.
  8. I know your numbers weren't specs, but faxons were. At .093" gas port size and Dwell time of 4.875" those are their specs, since they make all the 18" match barrels to those numbers. I'm giving you a compliment, since your numbers that you calculated were right in line with the manufacturer. It must be my certain set up that necessitated a larger gas port to work with the orange sprinco spring. I am not discounting your input in the least, you helped me attain a well working rifle and I thank you for that. These numbers should be shared so that others may know what works and what doesn't. (It seems like a lot of people are using Aeros upper/lower combo and faxon 18" barrel)
  9. Please do Gun works great with 168gr, I'll have to wait to try different loads and see how it does. Your advice did make a nicely working gun. In Faxon and Wash's defense, faxons barrel specs were right in line with your numbers and the gun did operate after swapping the buffer spring to a lighter one. However I also didn't have a chance to test that set up with different loads. In the end I decided that your advice was good, as it gave me more room for overall adjustment without sacrificing a working set up, and I'm very happy with the outcome. As a side note, to make the gun cycle with the orange spring, I did still have to open the gas block 1-2 full turns more than with the weaker spring. Even after drilling out the gas port.
  10. Are you talking about the screw that adjusts how tight the upper/lower fit together? If so I've never even touched that on all 3 of my Aeros
  11. Yes it is that exact barrel. Also running a Fortis r.e.d. brake, not sure if that makes a difference in the gas system
  12. .0995" gas port Rifle length gas system on 18" faxon barrel Armalite gas tube Sprinco orange spring 5.4oz 2.5" buffer 7" buffer tube Seekins lopro adjustable gas block
  13. Another great range day with this rifle. Got it running perfect now. Installed a new Ergo grip and at first I didn't think I'd like it because of the big palm swells, but I actually like it alot.
  14. Just got back from the range. Gun ran great with the enlarged gas port and orange spring. A small adjustment on the gas block was all that was needed. Gun seems to like 168 grain, might try some heavier stuff eventually. I need to start reloading...
  15. I would double check the length of that gas tube, that ended up being the main issue with mine
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