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  1. New Armalite gas tube is installed. I'm going to test it before I drill out the gas port more, as I didn't have the proper bit on hand. When I put the bolt in it wouldn't go into battery, the gas tube was stopping it. However after working the action a few times it seems to fully seat now.
  2. Here is my build- I don't think the faxon barrel is dimpled, or at least I didn't notice. The rifle with an a2 flash hider, no bipod, optic or mag was 7.9lbs. however after adding all that stuff and a muzzle brake it jumped up to 11lbs. I'm not too worried as this is just a bench gun (at least until PA allows large game with semi auto) I'm currently troubleshooting a gas/buffer problem, heading to the range in an hour to test some new things.
  3. We didn't get back until 9pm last night so I only had time to disassemble everything after my kids went to bed. The new Armalite gas tube is at my brother in law's house and I'll be picking it up this morning, old one is already out and on the bench.
  4. So I couldn't find my big bit set but I did find a 3/32" (.09375") I removed the gas block and the butt end of the bit would almost fit, the cutting end fit in but just barely, my guess is because it is slightly worn. Seems like the gas port size is correct
  5. I messaged faxon and according to them the gas port size on this barrel is .093". I'll double check when I get back
  6. I totally forgot to check that. Before I head to the range I will
  7. Looks like my new carbine spring and Armalite gas tube are in, when I get back in the country I'm going to try the spring first and see if it makes a difference, if it still needs more I'll install the new gas tube
  8. And also to correct myself, it is just an M5 receiver set, not M5e1 🤦‍♂️
  9. I wish I could but in PA you can't use semi-auto for hunting unless it's small game/varmint. No sense throwing .308 at a groundhog, maybe coyote
  10. After I typed that in the post I thought twice about it lol. The rifle is 7.9lbs without the mag, bipod or optic
  11. My goal with this rifle was to make a somewhat "precision" gas gun. It just so happened to end up pretty light too. Besides some issues with the buffer spring and gas tube, which I have replacements on order for, it shoots great! It all started when I found Aeros M5e1 receiver set was on sale. I thought that would be a good start to a build and I can take my time gathering parts. Well once I got the receivers I lost my self control and ended up finishing the rifle within a few weeks lol (you all know how that goes) Here are the build specs: Aero precision M5e1 upper/lower receiver Aero precision M5 lower build kit Aero precision Atlas 15" m-lok handguard Radian raptor lt ambi charging handle Elftman tactical ar-10 trigger Faxon 18" heavy fluted match barrel 5r rifling Fortis R.E.D. muzzle brake Faxon nitride .308 BCG Seekins precision adjustable gas block Magpul acs stock Magpul m-lok bipod Burris medium height rings Vortex diamondback 6-24x50 Odin works ambi safety selector and mag release are on the way At least those are the important parts haha
  12. I've been using Federal gold medal match 168grain
  13. New spring, gas tube and some other small goodies on the way 🤘🏻 hopefully it runs after this
  14. I do have the bits. I'm wondering if I should order the gas tube at the same time just in case and save shipping and time. https://www.primaryarms.com/armalite-rifle-length-gas-tube-armeu0170
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