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  1. Yes that is a concern and this target shows it might be (that flyer is called). I can get a piece of card stock down one side easily. But the other side is real close I am rechecking it. I am not sure how much a barrel "whips". I loaded a ladder with Hornady BTHP and 4350 today and I will try them tomorrow.
  2. Wasn't butt hurt, I solved the problem with the adjustable gas block. Ejecting now at 3-4:00 I left it there. Brass only had one very slight ejector swipe but not enough to be of concern. I used Hornday Black (that stuff is a little warm) to adjust it and get a rough idea of accuracy. I will tear it down and try to get those pics. Gas block appears to be touching the handguard and the old one showed signs as well. Accuracy was around 1 1/4 but showed clusters I will get that pic up also. 98z you got some issues man hope you work them out...
  3. Sorry If I offended anyone thanks for the effort. I have built a couple of Ar's myself I will resign from the forum
  4. Not according to the guy at Sprinco and two other barrel vendors. Gas block is on the way should be here Monday or Tuesday. Need one anyway he is getting suppressor. Ejection is at 11:00
  5. The Extradtor is OK I spoke to several people and confirmed it is overgassed and have and adjustable gas block on the way. I did find a load that works. Horn. 140 BTHP 41.4 H4350 CCI BR2 OAL 2,800 got .936MOA 2736fps SD 15 Thanks for the help chasing down the problem. The case is being ejected from the chamber under pressure.
  6. Probably about 500 rounds and some factory of which none shot very well. It locks back properly on empty mag and is feeding and functioning fine. We are about to put an adjustable gas block on it. He is getting a can for it and his .300 Blackout. I did call a precision barrel manufacturer and he said also that the problem is in the gas system. He puts +2 gas system on all of his. Armed his is similar to the one you posted only in 6.5 Creedmoor. It is due for a good cleaning I will check the gas tube length then and get some pics of the bolt face. I did measure the base of a fired and unfired cases. The fired cases were .001 larger at the base.
  7. My son is left handed and bought Stag10L it showed problems with ejector swipes and extractor problems at the outset. Was sent back to Stag and returned with a new bolt. I have tried several different loads with this gun. RL16,RL17, and H4350 and still showing ejector swipes well below the Hornady book max. Next step I can think of is start about about grain lower than this 40.4 and chrono in .1 grain increments. Problem is this will be well below the velocity I would expect to be reasonable. My inclination is to rebarrel this thing. I have been told this is normal for an AR10 but I am thinking there is still a headspace problem. Thoughts?? H143ELDXRL17.xls
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