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  1. Hey guys, until the 5th speed slings are 30% off using coupon code "patriot" Remember the meaning of the celebration, and please use the occation to launch some lead, especially with family. Also, if you could share my video, that would be epic!
  2. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh... You guys are always good for this. 😉
  3. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Oh for some reason i thought you were running carbine gas.... You know what, i should just get my barrel hacked, but i also want to get it turned down, at which point i might as well just get another barrel.
  4. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Heck yeah So is anybody running 14.5" mid length gas?
  5. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    I have considered the pistol route, but idk if i would really want to go much shorter than 14.5 anyways. Maybe 14.5 with a 1" break instead of 1.5"... But man... someday, someday.
  6. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    You guys are my heros
  7. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Great Googly Moogly its beautiful... What are the terminal ballistics like? Or what do you think they are like? Have you reached out with it? That barrel looks nice and light too. Its perfect. 😄
  8. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Where is @98Z5V when you need him!? 😉
  9. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    It would also be cool as an 11.5" fire breather, but idk if that would be worth it with the 308
  10. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Its kinda over sized, and ugly, and big, and ugly... but I want it.
  11. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    I would like to go with a new light weight barrel for my gii, and I believe I talked to Faxon already and they said they would do it. Its a $ problem tbh, even for that. With that being said... The Double Star upper and lower are TANKY! They look wild! Maybe Ill try to upload a picture. But they are heavy. A light weight 14.5" barrel (probably also from faxon) and a double star cqb UL buttstock assembly would make a TINY package with a little reflex sight.... it would have all the pew. The thought makes my heart have all those butterflys that girls talk about.
  12. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Im not adding to the stable, just fantasizing, and hoping that you guys would help me fight these urges lololol The thing is, Double Star is local, I am going to work with them on some of their knife stuff for reviewing, and I would like to do a shop tour for them, and maybe launch some lead with them. I would sure like to own some of their pew pew stuff, because I think they are a cool bunch of guys. But I have to crack the code on actually making money before I spend any, so for the time being, yeah, I am downsizing everything accept the homestead. Less guns, less knives, more plants, animals, and fruit trees. lol Im betting against the crowns longevity at this point. Or at least the crowns ability to keep the status quo.
  13. beachmaster

    14.5" 308 Ar

    I know a lot of you guys probably have them, and some manufactures offer them as standard options, but who here has the coolest 14.5" 308, and how do they run? Every time I talk to the double star guys their ar308 set calls my name. Not that my wallet can answer, but a man can dream. lol Is the energy lost worth the drop in weight/ length?
  14. beachmaster

    History's Alone S5

    Hey guys, idk if yall are into Hisory Channels Alone survival series, but its near and dear to my heart, and I know a lot of the people involved. Admittedly, its been awhile though since I have watched. This year will be different! Season 5 is for contestant from previous seasons, and it aired last night. Holy cow. So many familiar faces, and I guess at this point I should leave it teaser free? I figured if anyone was into the show and watching we could talk about it here. So far, episode 1 of season 5 was the most gripping episode of Alone for me... ever. Wow. Ill have video links of discussions, Lord willing with Justin Vititoe from S2 soon!
  15. beachmaster

    Kabar USMC Fighting Knife... The ultimate survival knife?

    thanks for that!