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  1. @ARTrooper has it bud, it was 3! Shoot me a message, thank you guys so much for being awesome!
  2. We have 3 replies here, so here is the deal. @ARTrooper @unforgiven @sketch pick a number between 1 and 6, and the winner gets a mc black sling!
  3. I sent my resume and cover letter to Barrett... yeah, that would be INCREDIBLE! I have a buddy at double star, who hasn't messaged me back, but Ill be calling them today. HHmmmmmm I hope to get some traction somewhere!
  4. Good video! When are we going to have a friends of CROM media day?
  5. If this topic has already been talked to death feel free to delete the thread and accept my apologies in advance. Are you guys tracking Barrett has come out with a 308ar? I don't know anything about it, but I am interested, and I figured you fine folks probably know plenty about it! What are you thoughts? https://www.guns.com/news/2019/01/10/barrett-adds-new-rec10-rifle-in-308-to-commercial-market
  6. You guys are right! Lately it has been cutting down trees and splitting wood to keep the house warm- I haven't even been doing my YT! But really... I work on slings, then I do my other stuff... my priority should be advertising my slings and products, but its so hard to advertise myself! I owe yall pics of the reward! Ill get on it!
  7. Anybody have connections with any of the firearms industries in Ky or Tn? Im looking for work, and would like to work for Tn Arms, Barrett, Double Star, Anderson Manufacturing, etc. If you can drop a name, please do! Or any other local work gigs that you think are cool!
  8. Also, Idk if this is hijacking the thread, or if there is another thread about it... but how do you feel about that bipod?
  9. Doc, do you mind if I use that pic? That is a SUPER unique build! I bet that's going to be a heck of a flat shooter!
  10. This months sale is for 10% off your entire order using coupon code "love"- you guys know you already have a better coupon for that, so what I want to do is offer up an afformentioned Multicam Black sling if you tell your friends about this sale. Its going to be up all month, so we will go on the honor system, tell a friend about beachin tactical who hasn't heard of it before, if you want, mention the sale using coupon code "love", and comment below saying that you have done it! Ill pick someone at random at the end of the month! Extra criteria- please have something you can put the sling on and send me a picture! lol Ill post a pic of the sling tomorrow, thanks guys!
  11. Thanks for the order WG! Ill get the forums portion to them asap, and get to work on the order tonight! Thanks! Lets do a poll- If I do a gaw sling, what colors would we all like to see? Lets vote on webbing- Kryptek Raid Kryptek Typhon Kryptek Mandrake Kryptek Nomad Multicam Multicam Black Atacs Au Atacs Fg USMC woodland Pencott Badlands
  12. Hey guys, forum members have always had a coupon code, and yall use it! I appreciate it! The code is "7.62" I want to step it up a bit. In the past the code has been good for 10% off. From now, Dec 5th 2019 till Christmas, it will be 20% off, with an additional %10 sale going to help the forum. After Christmas, it will go back to the original 10% off for members, but I will still donate 10% to the forum. That seems like the right thing to do, its not like I properly participate otherwise! Btw, I have other stuff than slings! I also carry belt lanyards, paracord lanyards, fire kits, and my Sere Pouch- not to mention ThePreppersBunkerOutdoors patches! And I am ready to ship before Christmas, I reckon I have about 10 days to get orders in to meet the Christmas deadline, although I could do expedited shipping afterwords. Im also thinking about doing a forum giveaway... anybody interested in a Kryptek Mandrake & FDE Speed sling?
  13. Hey guys, as you might have seen, I recently gave up my Ruger MkIV. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't what I was looking for, and it was the last in a long string of Rugers that just weren't right from the factory. What I was really looking for was a kit gun, a light weight 22lr pistol that I could ALWAYS have, or store in a bob without worry. An Emergency hunting pistol. So, it has to be small and light, because my G17 that I carry every day weighs 35oz loaded with 18 rnds of 9mm, so anything over 25oz doesn't make much sense... really anything over 20oz, for what I want. It really came down to the S&W 317 kit gun... and about nothing else. 12oz, aluminum and stainless, 8 shots, it looked like a win win, except about 3/4 of the people online hated it... weird. So far my initial impressions of this pistol are really, really good. Hopefully it will put some meat on the table this fall. I can't help but feel like a lot of the complaints about the pistol online are from people who don't have something figured out, but tbh, all of the bores in my cylinder aren't exactly the same size, and we all know that S&W's qc is nothing like it used to be, so maybe they did screw quite a few of these up. Anyways, here is the video of about 400-500 rounds going down the pipe, I have come to already love this little pistol, and I forsee shooting it tens of thousands of times before summer comes. Ill try to keep this thread updated as that experience progresses!
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