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  1. Today through Monday- the first 5 folks to use coupon code "blackfriday25" get 25% off! Stock up for Christmas! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  2. Mr guns in gear posted that they are back in stock- I dont want to get one, like you said, i have mine, but when i saw it posted as "small frame" it piqued my interest is all
  3. I dont understand a lot, but what i do seem to understand is that psa + 308 + ar = aids My question is- is this "small frame" a g2 pattern? Or yet another proprietary, or half proprietary platform?
  4. Hey guys- Yeager is reaching out for the dude who got shot in the neck due to negligent firearms training with Gary Marr. Check it out and consider reaching out or sharing the link. Its a bad situation for the dude, i can only imagine paying for training and paying a price like this for it. https://youtu.be/gFJhIapRCPE
  5. A few things- What a company officially releases to the press means as much to me as what the military officially releases to the press. It could be 80% true, or it could more likely be 10% true. If i believed every word that Colt said in that release, i would surmise that they are going to stop selling long guns because they cant charge enough for their name anymore and they dont actually have any desire to A- sell their current quality rifle at a competitive price, or B- raise the quality of their product to meet their price, OR C- get your foot into the premium grade ar market, which we all KNOW they could do. BUT- why do ANY of that when they can sell their rifles grossly over priced to over seas militaries? Why try to be competitive in a market where you dont have to be. At best, Colt = American H&K. Screw em Maybe next time they go bankrupt and get new management they can get the rights to the Pony back and actually sell competitive and modern firearms.
  6. Hey guys- i am building a rifle for my brother in law- he paid for the parts, and im assembling them. I meant to order a bear creek arsenal upper like mine, but accidentally ordered it in 7.62x39. To return it, i would have to pay shipping AND a %15 restocking fee- so i would be paying like $60 out of pocket for a stupid mistake. If i put it on consignment, i will also lose. So, for what i paid, $215 ill ship it to you, or ideally for $240 ill sell it with a custom beachin tactical speed sling to cover my shipping costs- so i can order my brother in law the proper upper without getting screwed. Caveat- i need to sell it quick. I dont want the warranty to run out before i return it, so i want to try to consign it asap if i cant sell it. The upper has never been shot, never been installed, NOTHING. Literally new in box. The bcg is nitride, and the bolt is mpi.
  7. What do yall think? Is colt ran by commies? Or are they simply dying? Or both? I feel another black list coming.
  8. It is a camo pattern from late nazi germany/ the czech republic/ most commonly- switzerland
  9. Yeah, liebermuster/ taz57/ alpineflage are all the same thing, or close enough. Im so excited to start making alpineflage stuff and having it made... i guess ill find out if there is a market for it afterwords LOL
  10. Material roll- and after all this time, i found it! Or something similar. By its original german name, liebermuster. Now begins the adventure of new alpineflage gear πŸ™‚
  11. This might only be loosely shooting related, so i apologize if it needs to be moved But i have been looking for taz 57 (swiss alpineflage) fabric for YEARS now. Either surplus or someone who could make it. I KNOW its available and likely being made in Russia, but i cant find even a shred of info leading to it, besides the fact that i can buy new nametapes in the material cheap from russia (but they wont tell me anything about aquiring the fabric) Anybody have any leads? Or leads to leads? Or leads to leads to leads? Lol
  12. Im pretty sure i have read a few articles online that said as much, so so much for their nda, everybody knows. I mean lets be honest, when it says "made in china" on it, you had better hope its made by holosun! As far as nc star... thats bold. Lol im not hardly willing to gamble on optics, im amazed i was able to buy a red dot that wasnt aimpoint, trijicon, or leupold... its a crazy world we live in!
  13. As yall know, i went with the sig romeo 5. This optic, and primary arms (at least their dots) are made by holosun. Im somewhat interested in the primary arms cyclops also, and their 1-4, 1-6, and 1-8
  14. Lol sasquatch is rumored to be in this area after all. Lol
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