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  1. Thanks for the excellent write up and pictures!!! You mind if i share the pics? My personal vote is carry it 365- ill have some really rare collectable ones coming later than i can get you hooked up with 😉
  2. I bought a set of those the summer after my freshman year for .10
  3. Im familiar with spoon flower, one of the dudes who designed the alpen there actually modified it for me for a current project... A project that just might not happen, but anyways, its not quite right.
  4. Im actually probably going to be bringing that back pretty soon.
  5. Idk what is going on here but... A 2 point COULD be used on a micro unit like that, but you could run into entanglement issues when quickly deploying your rig- issues that could be uh... severe. Same with a 1 point if the 1 point were left attached of course. I have no issues running a 2 point on a 10.5 braced pistol, but on something that small everything is a comprise
  6. I havent done them in a very long time. I havent designed one worth a dang or special enough to produce. Probably because i hate em lol Until i come up with something that doesnr comprimise too much ill leave it in the btac graveyard.
  7. Will anybody be at blade atlanta?
  8. So I drove all the way down just for Blade- then got food poisoning and wasn't even able to really walk the first day, so I got an unplanned hotel room and felt better the next morning, so I went back... about 20 minutes into which I started puking and got another unplanned hotel.... and then I left. I was REALLY wanted to get some good content from the channel and the gram, and more importantly I wanted to promote and get people involved with the knife news update... The show was an absolute bust haha
  9. I know who makes the Terminus blades- spoiler alert, that is a NICE piece of gear!!!
  10. Alright guys- its been awhile- sorry I suck at sticking around. I hope I'm not bringing up an already hashed up topic- but who's going to bladeshow? Make sure to hmu 😉
  11. I can see it now RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!!! hahaha
  12. Hahahaha nah, im the slowest growing, least paid channel on the tube! Because i piss off more people than i encourage. Sadly.
  13. I would like to buy titan cord by the spool and offer it bbuuuuuuutttttttt lol Ill def make stuff with it if supplied. Its good stuff.
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