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  1. Sorry it has been awhile since I got back to this, very busy and I had to put this rifle on the back burner. Anyway I installed a JP Enterprises high pressure bolt and the rifle now functions perfectly and responds the way I would expect when opening up the gas block and or changing the buffer weight. This ended up being the easiest and cost efficient fix. The Primers all look great and the rifle cycles perfectly and locks back on an empty mag, the casings eject at the proper angle. I figured I was going to have to make a custom gas tube for this rifle next, then I found out about the JP bolts at the Hicks show in Minneapolis. Thanks 98Z5V!!! This has been a great learning experience!!!
  2. The PSA upper that I am having issues with does not allow the gas tube to end in the center of the cam pin cutout. Unless I manufacture the correct length there is no available gas tube that is the correct length. So I have assumed I can get around that issue to make the rifle function properly but maybe not.
  3. 98Z5V, Thanks for the help, I have shot different ammo, Hornady 140gr ELDM then I switched to the S&B because it was less expensive. The same thing was happening to the primers. I also built another 6.5creed during this and used the same ammo with no issues, that build produced a fantastic rifle. During the construction I swapped out parts with the PSA rifle I am having the issues with and the only part that causes problems is the PSA upper. With the Odinworks adjustable buffer I can change the weights such that the gun cycles fine, locks back on an empty but exhibits the primer issues. Or the primers look fine but it won't lock back. I think that the bolt is opening too soon and I am not sure now how to correct that and still have the gun lock back . If there is any more information needed to help diagnaose this PSA rifle let me know, I am about to return it to the owner.
  4. It has been awhile but I am getting back to this rifle. The buffer is from Odinworks and is an actual 308 size buffer, the spring is for a 308 make by armalite I will check the firing pin but I do not think that is it because I have used the same bolt in another rifle that cycles fine and the ignition impressions look normal. What other details do you need, In previous posts I have pretty well described the rifle.
  5. So I have been fighting a guys PSA Build for weeks, I can get it to run just fine but I can't get rid of the primer issues. I have attached photos. When I get the primers look better then the gun won't cycle properly. The one on the left is from my gun. 308 adjustbale buffer, armalite ar10 buffer spring, Any Ideas on this one.
  6. WE were about 2 hrs SE of Dallas, near Palestine.
  7. Here is a very short video of the first time we got on the bacon this spring in Texas. It took quite a while to be productive in the extermination of these pests. The Semi Auto AR's were more productive than the M60 most of the time, except when they all ran down a path, then you could zip them up starting at the back of the line. 2nd 1in lifetime TX Hog Hunt.mp4
  8. When the gun doesn't cycle the primers look like on the right. when it does it looks like on the left (Domed in the depression.
  9. I opened up the gas port to .096 It had an adjustable gas block. The gun functions correctly now but the primers still are looking weird. There is a reverse dome inside the firing pin depression. I will try and take a photo and post it.
  10. I got a chance to take this apart this morning. It is a PSA upper 20" barrel the gas port diameter is .073" The Lower is PSA the buffer is a 3.25" H the spring I don't know it is 11.25 inches long. The buffer tube is 7.75" long. This is the first I have had a chance to look at it. I think the gas port enlarging is going to fix it.
  11. I came across this site when searching for issues with building 6.5 creedmoor MSR rifles. This forum had the best information I found in the old internet thingy. A member 98Z5V stood out as being a wealth of information. So I joined. I manage a gunshop, I build MSR's in 15 and 10 configurations for customers. I trouble shoot quite a few customer builds. I have not seen it all or know it all I just keep plugging along and keep notes. I like long range shooting and try to participate as much as I can, we have a 1000yd diagonal across two 40's that is open when the corn is not too tall. I have hit a 24inch square at 1800yds after a few tries. This spring I was blessed with the opportunity to hunt hogs in TX from a fully restored Huey helicopter for a few days using AR15's and mounted machine guns. After that I really can't think of anything left to do. Thanks for adding me to the group!
  12. Great discussion on getting the 6.5 creed to function properly as a AR10. My name is James and I manage a gunshop and build all our custom AR variant rifles/pistols. I am amazed at how many times I have had to open a gas port to get a rifle to function properly. I came across a problem I have not seen before last week and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Guy brought in a AR10 in 6.5creed it was not able to pick up the next round or lock back on an empty mag. The shell ejected at between 3 and 4 oclock. The primers on the ejected shells had a rebound dome inside what looks like a normal depth firing pin dimple. The rebound dome extended beyond the end of the case head enough to feel it raised with your finger, there is also a ring around this dome that is sharp. So far no adjusting the gas block or changing buffers and springs has made much difference. Our two gunsmiths think it is overgassed and the bolt is opening to soon causing space where the pressure can pop out that primer dome. I am not so sure. It is a 20 inch barrel, standard rifle length gas port. This is the first one I have not just been able to fix directly. I have not seen primers like that before. If anyone here has any ideas I would love to hear them, this is the best discussion I have read yet on this subject and that is why I am asking here.
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