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  1. Well tired of looking so I sourced some 9/32" tool steel and made my own. Cut to length, drilled and tapped each end for 6-32 and good to go. Just a tiny bit of play between the upper and lower now.
  2. I decided after experiencing the ease of putting together ar15's that I would foray in to the ar10 world. I know, I know, what was I thinking? Well most of it is now sorted out except take down and pivot pins. My holes on the lower and upper are 9/32" (.281) The pins that came with the lower kit are .270. I have searched far and wide for a set of 9/32" pins but MOST of the vendors seem to ignore the diameter in their specs page. The ones I have called have assured me that their pins are.281 but when pressed to go measure them are not 9/32" Can anyone direct me to a place I can buy the .281 inch pins? Thank you, and I mean Thank you !!!!!
  3. Bear Creek Arsenal DPMS pattern Gen 1 https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/upper-assemblies?spec_platform=441 Take down pin and pivot pin is 9/32"
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