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  1. Keep us updated. I'd like to know how that barrel works out for you. I'm shooting with a 24 in so you should get less harmonic disturbance than me. Also the phase 5 extended bolt release will work on aero lowers. Good luck
  2. You'll be fine. I suggest you reload to tune it properly. As I've said the way the barrel is made it will become stiffer as it heats up. I tested it with a 20 round string shooting as fast as I could (accurately) at 100 yards and noticed my groups either tightened up or stayed the same. It was a long time ago so I'm sorry for being vague. But I can say for certain that my groups didn't get worse. I was extremely frustrated with factory ammo hence the reason I started reloading. Good luck.
  3. I understand. The biggest reason I'm using the tuner is because I have BSF CF barrel. It's a good barrel, but it's very floppy. I can confirm that rigidity increases with heat. I hate messing with seating depths so I'm hoping I can just pick one to fit the magazine and be done with it.
  4. How is it now? I know it's been a long time, but if you're still having issues I'm willing to try to help.
  5. After watching Eric Cortina's "chasing the lands is stupid" video and his promotion for his barrel tuner/muzzle brake, I decided to buy a similar product from Short action precision called the "Adaptive Tuning System ". The reason being because I wanted to use my own brake. My theory is I can use the tuner to find a good accuracy node without farting around with seating depths; given everything else is consistent. I have not yet done any tests yet. Are there any oversights that I'm not considering? Eric Cortina's tuner https://www.shootsmallgroups.com/?s=Tuner&post_type=product Short action precision tuner https://www.shortactionprecision.com/products/adaptive-tuning-system Chasing the lands is stupid videos
  6. I started reloading some 121 gr solid copper bullets from Lehigh defense. The bullet gets caught on the chamber, where the shoulder of the brass meets. Has anyone had this issue with the bullets? My thinking is they're too long. Gonna try seating them deeper in the case.
  7. Started building an AR10 chambered in 6.5 creedmoor. Ordered a barrel from BSF and the upper, lower and handguard from f1. The feed ramps on the upper are too short and the ramps on the barrel protruded past them by about 1/16 inch. I'm new at this so I went to several gun smiths who didn't know how to help me until the last one told me the feed ramps on the f1 upper were out of spec. I contacted f1 about it and they played dumb and told me that it should not be an issue. So I finally built the dang thing and did a cycling check with the charging handle. No feeding problems occurred but there are some scratches on the bullets. The rounds go straight up the barrel extension and don't even touch the upper feed ramps. Not a huge problem, but still annoying. I called BSF to get their two cents and they said that they have seen this before from f1. Apparently f1 has an ar10 problem. BSF has told them that their poop is out of spec but they just haven't gotten around to fixing it. Like I said, it's not a big deal, but it just grinds my gears that a well known company like f1 has not only sent me a defective product, but has also refused to admit that their measurements were wrong. DONT BUY 308 UPPERS FROM F1 FIREARMS! THIS KIND OF NEGLIGENCE IS UNACCEPTABLE! Also, will scratches on the bullets affect accuracy?
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