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  1. I'm guessing nothing on motive yet? I was curious about that, but yeah, crazy situation. I carry anytime I'm outside my house and legally allowed, otherwise in the house its nearby and a nock on the door makes me put it on me...or an odd noise.
  2. I was linus in that high school play πŸ™‚
  3. well yeah - cheaper than 100$ I'd say I guess - Deer hunting would be my application with the 300 blk
  4. found a thread mentioning pawn shops for deals on higher quality - that's where I got my 1st shotgun and I still have it. Also mentioned Centerpoint, Konus, Tasco, and Bushnell so maybe I'll try some of those but feel free to sound off if you have any πŸ™‚
  5. anyone had good success with a cheap scope? I'm on a budget and want something to magnify my ar-15 and/or 300 blk.
  6. its not that bad - they are a blessing - the older ones help. The Lord knows what size family each person can handle
  7. is that to stay in the forum? πŸ˜‰ I like that goal, but I just got my 300 blk and haven't shot it yet. The thing that I think drew me to 300 blk was using the same mags as my ar15 and same lower
  8. yeah, we do have issues with that - 3 bathrooms and I've considered using a comode in the woods sometimes heh
  9. nah, I got youtube lol
  10. now accepting sponsorship - I take paypal πŸ™‚
  11. Hi Y'all, glad to be a part over here on 308ar, didn't know that was a thing till recently. Glad to be in here, hope I don't cause too much trouble. 40ish father of 8 (2 boys, 6 girls), in nc near Raleigh, ammo I use is 9mm, 300 black, 22lr, slugs and 223/556. Haven’t hunted but may in 2019. Love shooting targets and need to do it more, son likes it also, reformed Baptist, and data storage tech support work from home. thought about reloading bc I’m cheap and can see the benefits of it, but not bought anything yet Fav video channels: demoranch, hickock45, 180seconds aka Johnny B NRA and GOA member, but have considered not being nra anymore - we'll see don't have a 308, but have an AR15 and an upper for 300 blackout. 308 sounds fun
  12. so that's an interesting 'feature' - adding my 'website' link kicks me out back to the 308ar.com site when I save. Was trying to save it as this: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noelvs but that didn't work, now saved as : linkedin.com/in/noelvs
  13. got in thanks Belt-fed and 'matt' - will read up on the policies, probably need to do an intro
  14. see some of you are also on full30 also, thought this could be an interesting forum also. didn't get the 'welcome/register email'
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