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  1. Damn! What model of Buck knife is that one? I really like that style - that looks like a good one. EDIT - Damn, I found it - it's the Buck Knives 620 Reaper with rosewood handles...
  2. Not all Californians need to reach down and figure out if the even have balls. Just that particular person. You were never included into that category, as it was singular in aim...
  3. The shoe? Or how I just dry-docked it right in there with no lube?
  4. #1. Fuk Cheaper Than Dirt. In the neck. #2. The buffer should be 5.4oz, no matter what the length, in order to control the additional weight of a .308AR BCG, and the extra force of the .308 Win round, over that of a 5.56 round. That was the original design, 5.4 oz buffer. #3. There is no such animal as a "LR308 AR10". Those are two completely different platforms. Now, with all that said, welcome to the board, and we'd like to see an intro post from you, in the Intro Section.
  5. You have support from the free states - more than you know. This is not new news, though, and all of you that live in that state know this. To express your unhappiness at a specific ammunition company that won't ship to California is ignorant, though. Pure stupidity. There are ALOT of companies that will not do gun business with California, strictly due to the gun laws in your state. Where's the outrage on them? Where's the lashback against them? Seems there's some massive butthurt here over an ammunition sale, and ignorance in the Big Picture, as far as Cali Gun Laws and Restrictions go. First person that comes to mind is Ronnie Barrett - where's all the hate on him, for deciding to do ZERO BUSINESS in California? Eh, there is none. Not in this thread. That was a BUSINESS DECISION that he made. Do you go through the hoops that the Cali legistators just dream up and make into law? Do you go through the hassle of contacting the Cali DOJ every time you have to send a firearm to that state? Or do you look at your bottom line, and determine that the amount of work that you have to do, as a firearms-based company, has to do, just to do business in California?... FOr many, the answer is simple - "I'll SAVE money by not doing business in that state, over what it takes me to DO BUSINESS in that state..." And there it is... Who's blaming all the companies that got dropped from the handgun list in Cali? Nobody. 2013, Cali Micro Stamping Law? Passed in 2007, went into effect in 2013. California Unsafe Handgun Act. That was a watershed moment for alot of other states, and they tried to one-up California, and made more restrictive laws, on all kinds of handgun and rifle and "Assault weapons..." Do you know that there are 44 different companies that won't sell to LEOs in certain states - based on their gun laws? 44 different companies. Here's a partial list of some of them: Barrett Firearms Exile Machine Tier One Arms Bravo Company USA Primary Weapons Systems Crusader Weaponry Top Gun Supply Kiss Tactical Clark Fork Tactical OFA Tactical One Source Tactical Templar Tactical Arms NEMO Arms Old Grouch’s Military Surplus Big Horn Armory Midway USA CMMG Inc Rocky Top Tactical Badger Peak Controlled Chaos Arms SRT Arms Norton Firearms Citizen Arms Evolution Weaponry Doublestar Corp JCW Industries Huntertown Arms Now, to get all asshurt over an ammo company that won't ship to your state... You're just being a whiner. Maybe you need to get your ass into your Cry Closet, and rub yourself down with the Vagisil that you keep in there, just so you can make it through a full day, tomorrow, of all this hurt, pain, disrespect, and condescension that you must go through... @DNP, you full well know that this post I've made isn't aimed at YOU... It's just my general observations on the course that this thread took. To whine about an ammo company that doesn't ship to you, and make it what's this thread has been? You have to be fucking kidding me. Reach down, find your balls and squeeze them tight - just to remind yourself that you still have them. The argument has been about whining, more than anything else. Now THERE'S some "condescension." If the shoe fits on your Candy Ass, then just lace that biotch up and wear it. Remember to take your Midol, too.
  6. ^^^ Truth. I think the newest goldmine is the information on the AR15 Pistol Caliber Carbines, with buffer weights and springs, and the .40 chamberings above all else. That shiit is gold.
  7. This thread pretty much hits on all the common problems in the .308AR platform, when dealing with non-factory rifles. Parts from all kinds of aftermarket manufacturers, that dip their toe in this pond - with no set standard to follow. Inside this link, are other links - this link branches off into all kinds of other links and discussions, each on a specific issue that we've seen, with solutions and recommendations. Hit this to start, and get into the information that if contains:
  8. It's a sickness, brother. Bad. Wait 'til you fire that thing. It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling... It's trigger perfection... Now, don't get me wrong - I love my LaRue MBT2S triggers - and I'll continue to buy them. But if I want trigger for a precision gun, that leaves nothing on the table... Geissele National Match, with either NM springs, DMR springs, or a mix of the both. I'll never use the Service Rifle springs that come with it - I'll never have a need for those.
  9. I'm just trying to get people with reliable guns, brother. Adjustable gas block: If the gun is never gonna be fired suppressed, then an adjustable gas block is not a necessity, IF... Your recoil system is what it needs to be, and your gas system is what it needs to be - it's literally a balance of those two systems that makes the gun run reliably... Bottom line - if you have a proper recoil system for this large platform AR, you have a gas port diameter that's drilled to the proper size for your barrel configuration, and a gas tube that's the proper length to end directly in the center of the cam pin cutout in the upper receiver - then your gun will run on just about any ammo that you can find for it. Properly sized gas tube - high importance. I went into it on a different thread, and got WAY into it during a board software change - that that one, the dog ate it. It's gone. Here's what I can recover from the other thread: Here's the original thread, where I got into it:
  10. So, Mr. Dictionary, please explain how I was having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority...
  11. My last one, I experimented and came up with a great combination - National Match trigger spring and the DMR spring under the disconnector - THAT is a sweet setup! I'm just sayin'... On the one I put in @Matt.Cross Mk12 Mod 1 Grendel, I set that thing straight up National Match, and tuned the weights "medium" in the range - that was a sweet combo, too. Damn that things SHOOTS!...
  12. I never insulted you at all, but if you took it that way, then it's a perception problem. It wasn't condescending in the least. If being offended is your first reaction, then you need thicker skin.
  13. We did a ton of BCG measurements in a thread here, and I can't find the damn thread to save my life right now. You should use that thread for reference - if it can be found... EDIT - here's the thread with the BCG measurements, and a ton more info:
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