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  1. Used to make the guys do "dead limb training." Run through the course of fire many, many times. Improve hits, improve times, beat your own shot-timer. Who gives a shiit about the next guy's shot-timer - you beat your OWN timer, every time. Shoot that course of fire over and over, work on the little things. The shocker was "improving until you can't improve anymore..." You reached your own "success rate" and now your times and hits are going down. - Take a break. Think about it. Think about what was going on, what you did, etc. At that point, slight improvement would start to come back in a round of firing - and you hit 'em. Dead Limb. You're right handed, and you just got shot in the right shoulder - transition to the left hand with your pistol. Oh, mag is empty, recharge your pistol, left hand only. Pistol is in your left hand now, and your pistol mags are all on your left side - because you're right handed. Do it - fix this. Reload, and CHARGE the pistol with that one left hand... Pistol was easy to grasp with those drills. M4 sucked. Has to be done, though.
  2. I'd call that a "good start," Mac!!! How many windows you got in your house? 8?... If you have more windows than that in your house, then you need MORE shotguns, man! My rule of thumb, anyway... If any of your shotguns happen to be Mossbergs, and you really think you have the need to get rid of them, then I'm interested, and not on a low-dollar, screw-you-for-your-inventory kind of way. In alot of cases, the older guns are worth way more than the newest stuff on the market. And I like old Mossbergs. I'd really suggest keeping them, though. Not kidding, Mac.
  3. Brother, alot of the gauge - and actual sensor info that feeds those gauges - is on a 5-volt reference. 5-Volts DC is the base voltage that they feed from, and the return voltage is what the computer makes it's decisions from.
  4. Have no fears, brother, in any way - you are solid here. You always have been. We don't care if you have the gun built yet, or in 2025 - hit the place up when you have the time. You're more than welcome, if you don't fire a round in years. You're damn near family, by now.
  5. You still need to watch your 6. Skin-Suit and all. I'm just sayin'...
  6. Yes, he certainly did! Glad that dude is doing better. Seriously. Weird as it is, he really is one of us...
  7. I personally try to make sure that doesn't happen here - sometimes to my own detriment. Many of my "discussions" with a$sholes that have shown up in the past has led said a$sholes to modify their own posts, then cry to anyone that would listen... that I was being a dickhead to them. I won't deny that - being a dickhead to them. If they brought it, they then got served it. Without pause or remorse, on my part. No time to reflect, get it done. In the words of a well-known Californian member, "I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger..." I've since attempted to change my ways,and become a little "kindler and gentler," as has been deemed upon me from higher. My old ways were, "If I had a glass eye, I'd put it in a sock and beat your a$s with it..." Fuk, you went there... I hope @StainTrain is still using this vocab term in his AARs...
  8. Didn't think that at all, brother, not at all.
  9. The email order showed the knife, with confirmation emails, yada yada yada. The packing slip showed the .204 Ruger brass, right on top of the package of brass... Been looking over their online reviews - this kinda shiit is common from them. Shoulda looked them up beforehand, but this is fun.
  10. 1) YES 2) There are zero user-safeties on this pistol. There's no trigger safety, there's no grip safety, there's no thumb safety. That's the difference between it and other pistols... The physical weight of that trigger assembly is causing this malfunction. Not the pull weight - how much that trigger weighs. Mass in motion... Move to a lighter trigger, and it's solved, when dropped in this manner - according to the tests thus far.
  11. That's possible, if it's only the center of the buffer face that's raised - can't be a cutout for the pin, since the buffer rotates.
  12. Hey dude, trying to PM you about that DD Rail...

  13. The real question is.... If it fires without a finger on the trigger, pulling that trigger rearward, is it safe? Hell no, I don't care who the manufacturer is. I don't care what other "drop test standards" it already passed, either. Who would accept ANY firearms that fires, when there's not even a hand on it?...
  14. Yep, it's caused from locating the buffer retainer pin hole too far rearward - doesn't take much. Just noticed that my AR45 is chewing up the buffer, due to this. Yes, my expensive, machined billet, CNC Guns grease-gun mag 45 lower... Not happy. Can't put a CWS in a pistol-caliber bolt carrier, either... Going to have to machine something up for it. It still happens, brother. I wonder how many people catch it, and how many know it's "definitely not right."