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  1. 98Z5V

    Reload Trouble

    Looks like ejector issues. See how that ejector looks like it's almost squared off on top? It needs to have a slight radius all the way around it, or it's gonna catch every single round trying to feed from the right side of the magazine.
  2. 98Z5V

    Illuminated reticle

    Illuminated reticles are very useful for shooting at night - if the illum will turn down far enough. I love them.
  3. 98Z5V

    What are you listening to?

    Kyber, or some fucker you got cuffed and stuffed?!...
  4. 98Z5V


    You know she's gonna see this one day - and she's gonna go all THIS WAY on you, brother...
  5. 98Z5V

    300 black accuracy

    My 150gr FMJ-BT loads are very accurate at 300 yards, at MOA or just under, through the 16" gun. Gotta know the drop on them, though. I don't know if they'd be as accurate through the 8" gun or not, but this is definitely worth testing out now. The 8" is irons only, so it'll take some "figuring out" for the drop, but I'll put the scope from the 16" on it and see what it does. That's about all I load for Blackout, so I don't know how different ammo will perform. I need to try out some lighter stuff and see how far it will go, accurately.
  6. 98Z5V


    You evil bastard...
  7. Looks like Tactical Machining sells many of those to vendors - might be worth contacting them on specific parts. I'd bet they are the Matrix pattern, from the looks of them.
  8. Curious to hear what you bought, specifically. That will determine what parts you hunt for. Welcome aboard.
  9. 98Z5V

    Black bean chili.

    I like that - once I cook them down. There wouldn't be much to drain anyway. I'm ALMOST there on those beans, too, and the whole thing is close!....
  10. 98Z5V

    Custom .308 Hoodie

    Right on - more power to the boss.
  11. 98Z5V

    Black bean chili.

    It's amazing, brother. Amazing. Here's the chili stock right now - black beans are almost ready to add in there, but not quite yet. This is unreal...
  12. 98Z5V

    Bert Reynolds

    Yes. I did. It served me well, too.
  13. 98Z5V

    Xanthos build \m/

    How the hell do you shoot this from an AR15 with a .308-based case? It's like a 300BLK on steroids... I'm interested...
  14. 98Z5V

    Custom .308 Hoodie

    Eugene, would you be interested in making a few more? I'd be in for about 4 or 6, lemme know what it would cost.