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  1. ^^^ That right there is the key to the whole thing.
  2. The Texas Rangers did, right away.
  3. 98Z5V

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    Yeah, SOOOO CLOSE, and got that ass-whoopin'... "Almost" only causes pain, brother... That's like somebody sayin' "I ALMOST kicked Mike Tyson's ass this one time..."
  4. 98Z5V

    Glock 19 BBQ Build Challenge

    I love it!
  5. 98Z5V

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    I've been called many a time, from friends that were hunting... "Can you come out here and help me track this deer down?..." ...and I've done it. Never been in a situation with them where I've not found that deer, too. This crazy "intuition" that I have for that later led to some military training that I got involved in, which was the accreditation of a "tracking course." @edgecrusher is probably the only other person here that I ever told about that... What a badass curriculum that was... Whenever you guys need a downed critter tracked - I'm that guy.
  6. 98Z5V

    My PSA PA10 adventure

    ^^^ What's more into it on there that most people never, ever pay attention to - is the bend in the gas tube,. Every single time you use an AR15 gas tube on your .308AR, you bend that gas tube out of proportion, and you're inducing more contact between the end of the gas tube, and the carrier key on the BCG. It's a height-over-bore thing, and most people never, ever understand it. Those are "midlength" -ISH tubes. PSA doesn't make an 18" rifle-length gas system, and the barrel info came from the poster. AR15 midlength gas tube (generic manufacturer) versus Armalite AR-10 Carbine Gas Tube (there's only one manufacturer, that get's it right every time).
  7. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Doc, you KILLED IT, but this one right here really hit me. I've been watching this fuk AZ up since 2005 - and that's just the first time I personally saw it happen... It was likely going on long before that, I just never witnessed it firsthand...
  8. 98Z5V

    Joke of the day

    I LOVE IT!!! Do you have to be over 70 to use that stuff - because I'm ready NOW!...
  9. 98Z5V

    Help me spend my money!

    Dimpling barrels is gay. Set screws are made to bite in to the material that you "set-screw" them into. Dimpling barrels is WAY over-rated. Line it up, and lock it down.
  10. 98Z5V

    DPMS 308 Carbine Buffer kit spring

    There's so much information about this on this board, it's not even funny. With you, having been here for a minute, you should execute your search skills. This topic is so over-talked, it'a a non-issue,for someone that's "been around" here for a minute. Especially with your credentials.
  11. Just the fact that they tell you it's a "mil-dot bar reticle" with MOA adjustment - I'm out. Any scope that mixes those two - I'm out. If you're mil reticle, you have mil adjustments. Cool If you're MOA reticle, you have MOA adjustments. Cool. 3.4377 is the number to make mils into MOA - I can deal with that. (mil) = (inches) in target (height or width) x 27.778 / observed mils in the reticle (height or width) = yards to target. (moa)= (inches) in target (height or width) x 95.5 / observed moa in the reticle (height or width) = yards to target. 27.778 x 3.4377 = 95.4924306. Fucking Nerd Magic Math, right there. Now, I'll take that, to convert from mil to MOA, when I'm spotting mils, and my buddy is shooting MOA. I'm not going through that garbage inside my scope, with mil this and MOA that, inside the same scope, just to get a shot. It's either mil/mil, or it's MOA/MOA in the scope itself. You couldn't pay me enough to run a scope that's got a reticle in one of them, and adjustments in the other. That's a junk scope, right there, IMHO. I'm not so humble about that opinion, either.
  12. 98Z5V

    I cant shoot left handed

    I can talk you through this whole thing, brother. Seriously. There are some techniques that you can use that make shooting off-hand, one-handed, really easy. In a drunken stupor, I let all my cards out on the table at about 2am during the last Fall Shoot, and I gave up all my secrets to @Matt.Cross. The shiit works. We were banging steel in the dark, and making hits that I normally can't do during the daylight...
  13. 98Z5V

    Gun Pusher Chronicles

    Damn, my Gun Pusher just dropped me off - no WAY was I driving home. Actually, HE didn't drop me off, his wife was driving his hig diesel truck, and he HATES that... She can drive the SHIIT out of it, too... So, I work out of town on Fridays... He calls me at the end of today, and tells me they are going out - at the town I'm working in, and he's bringing his GOOD sister... So, we're out at this place that has "beer on the wall." You get this wristband, then you can just grab a glass, head out to the surrounding walls, scan that wristband in, and draw what you want from the taps. It charges by the ounce. Prices were good, too, not outrageous. I found this Russian Porter that was 10.5%, and DAMN WAS IT GOOD. GP's sister was all about some Coffee-blend thing (it was prerty damn good, too), and things got a little crazy. So, I let him know that there is NO WAY that I'm driving home tonight - no issues, get in the back of the truck. My wife will bring you down here tomorrow to get your car. Bigass F-250 Crew, and I'm in the back with his GOOD sister, and another couple, he's riding bitch, and his wife is driving... Before we left, I grabbed me shiit out of the car, and we head out. We are not even ONE MILE down the road, and his sis is all over me. We get TEN MILES down the road, and I say, "FUK MAN!!! My house keys are back there in the car - DIFFERENT KEY RING!" The beer got me. We turn around,head BACK there to the car, to retrieve my keys, and the sis is all about it, because it's more time to molest me... So, we're back on the road again, and the drop-off list is - my house first. So shiit, she's gonna see where I live - but she's not gonna remember it, really... We pull up, and that's when she says she needs to go to the bathroom... I tell her I've got a cat that might try to kill her, but she has to pee... I lead her in,take her to the bathroom, and she's asking if she can stay the night... Uh, only if I blindfold you, baby... Fucking NO SHIIT, TactiCat stalks her ass all the way into the house, right to the bathroom, and that little fucking fury-ball is waiting outside the door. Psycho bastard. She does her business, and I lead her right back out to the truck - and that little fucker stalks her right back to the front door. She needs to come back in the daylight, and move SLOWLY around him... He's more of a "SEE YOU" kindof guy than anything else - he has to make eye contact and REALLY check you out. So, here's the text messages later... Gun Pusher, 10.43pm: Ummm just saying you would have scored Me, 10:44pm: She was fired up! Me, 11:08pm: I smell like your sister now. Her perfume is all ON me... She was fired up! Gun Pusher, 11:10pm: Just saying she would have devoured you... Gun Pusher, 11:10pm: LOL! Me, 11:14pm: So, maybe, she really will go out to dinner, then... The cat was fucking STALKING her in the houise the whole time, that shady fucker. She needs to comeover in the daylight, cause he is a nutty bastard... Gun Pusher, 11:15pm: You sire are an honorable man. Aaron and I said it. Me, 11:18pm: Nah, I almost fucked her in the back of your truck, with Aaron and his wife watching! I got her fired up, man... Gun Pusher, 11:19pm: Lol! So, another chaotic night, and it's all because of the Gun Pusher. He's the one that's really at fault here. There's a LONG story on this, and NO MOTHERFUCKERS, THIS IS NOT BLUEBERRY!!! This is pretty scary to get into, and it's deep - I think the only one that knows about this, seriously, is DNP. I'm quite hesitant, to say the least, and there's a reason. It ain't because of the woman - she's not bad at all. She's pretty cool. It's just some pretty weird circumstances surrounding everything...
  14. 98Z5V

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    No more. Never again. That is a BAD judgment call right there, brother...
  15. I just did that very thing last weekend, breaking in a new gun. Shifted a "stolen scope" from another rifle just to shoot it. Zero'd the scope in 12 rounds at 100, confirmed with 10 rounds on steel at 100, and got first-round hits at 500 immediately. We took that target out there, and just planted it - distance wasn't a concern, at the time. Get it OUT a little bit. Got back to the firing line, sighted on it through the mil-dot scope... Damn, isn't that thing an even ONE MIL WIDE right now. Sweet, 500 yards, exactly. That target is 18" wide, so when it turned up 1 mil wide in my scope, I knew exactly how far out it was. That's the magic "mil-math" right there. That's all from training, over time. It's all here, in this link: That comes down to 2 years on this specific cartridge, knowing what it does, how it acts, how it drops - and shooting it through 4 other different guns of the same caliber at distances to 845 yards before. Even the 12.5" gun get's to 845 yards on this load. Nothing is impossible. It just takes time, practice, and patience.