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  1. Here's another 6 ARC success story, men. When info on this thig dropped on 3 June 2020, it wasn't supposed to - that was accidental. This was all a SOF-developed thing, and had been going on for a couple years prior - and the "public release" wasn't supposed to... Yeah, well. Fuk it... So, here's a good story on why this went where it went, and why. We knew SOF was behind it, but now that's been narrowed down, and it's SEALs behind it (not a shocker). They're still mad that it was 5th SFG(A) that came up with the Mk12 (the "original SPR") in the first place... Cool article, and WAY BADASS GUN!... https://www.recoilweb.com/water-dragon-grey-ghost-6arc-drac-174693.html
  2. Next couple of weeks, George, I'll have alot of data for you. At the last match, I shot my 16" precision gun again, and it did very well for me. After that match, we always hit the local place right outside the range, and rip up some burgers and bloody marys. we decided a couple days ago that we're shooting SBRs for the next match, just to make it more interesting, and see what happens at distance... So, December match, 12.5" ARC is going out there, and battling the ranges/distance that we have. Longest we've had in a match is 710 yards, since I've been shooting it for the last 1.5 years-ish, and last month we shot 660 yards. We'll see what "Pint-Sized Precision" can do... Next weekend, I'm working on speeds on the chrono, to get my dope chart straight for that next match. Details inbound...
  3. No offense intended, but these aren't houses, cars (unless you're building high performance engines and into tuning the volumetric efficiency of each cylinder, as in modern computer-software tuning nowadays, hacking ECMs in cars to make them "better"). <<< Yes, I do this. This isn't setting up pinion bearing preload or backlash on a ring gear, building a differential. These things are like comparing those skills - to comparing apples and hammers. Guns aren't the same, and gas-guns are vastly different than any other guns. Sprinco states it best. They make the broadest range if the highest quality recoil springs of anyone else in the gun industry. Here's how they break it down, right on their website: WHAT SPRING DO I NEED TO ORDER? READ THIS BEFORE CALLING Unless you already know which spring you need for your rifle, please refer to the following resources before calling for a recommendation. If you call prior to knowing the answer to the specific current performance of your rifle, you will be referred back to this request to provide results. If you haven't built or shot it yet, neither one of us can predict the outcome. Bottom line is this - if you've only hand-cycled rounds into a chamber at this point - then we can't help diagnose anything with the gun. There are no "performance metrics" that can be applied here. We have no idea what your gun is gonna do when you fire it, until you fire it. I've outlined some things that concern me with the build, so address those - answer the questions I asked, and I can give you an idea of what's gonna happen... Until then, though... Hand-cycling rounds isn't gonna give you a single clue about how that rifle will perform, when you pull the trigger on a live round... That's my $0.02 on it.
  4. MAN! I've been waiting to see what this turned into! Is this the .243 Win gun? Well done...
  5. Exactly - toss a random question into a specific section, and hope for the best. Let's get this moved somewhere appropriate, that's not this "Firearms Industry News" section.
  6. 1st round is always from the right side of the mag, so 2nd round would be from the left side of the mag. This tells me that it's not the face of your ejector. Square-faced ejectors have issues with rounds from the right side of the magazine. Not the left side of the magazine. Based on the mags you're using, I know how the stack is in those mags. My bottom line, jumping ahead - is don't worry how a brand new build hand-cycles rounds. Shoot the gun. Worry about how the gun SHOOTS, not hand-cycles rounds. But, that's jumping ahead. Nice - built with a built-in 7 5/8" internal depth receiver extension in the stock, so it can run AR15s with VLTOR A5 recoil systems, and .308ARs with proper, Armalite AR-10 Carbine Recoil Systems. ...and this is a recoil system in a package, that's (#1) too light of a buffer, at 3.8oz (H1 buffer), and (#2) designed to run in a 7.000" internal depth extension (AR15 carbine extension). So, how did you set the UBR 2 up? You insert that spacer that's inclided with it, then the spring, and then buffer? This is very important information, that you need to provide here... Need specific details on this barrel configuration. 18". Got it. 0.750" gas block journal diameter (got that from your gas block information). What's the gas system close to? Below, you state it's a proprietary gas tube from Spike's. How long is that gas tube? Is this something longer than midlength? Something shorter or longer than rifle length? How long is that gas tube? The important parts here are two or three things - besides the trigger hasn't been pulled on a live round yet. Recoil system - the buffer is going to be too light, the spring is questionable. Not good parts, for a .308AR, even though it came straight from Aero. The gas port diameter is imperative, as well as the gas system length. I can figure everything out, with those details. If you set this gun up with that UBR 2, and those recoil system parts, and you didn't include that 5/8" spacer in the bottom, you'll damage the ears on your lower receiver if you shoot this gun in that configuration... Your BCG will smash the shiit out of your lower, first time a live round touches off...
  7. You haven't fired the gun yet - and DON'T. You've only hand-cycled a couple rounds. Don't shoot it. I'll be back with parts quotes from you, and explanations on "why don't fire it." If you shoot it, you'll fuk it up.
  8. 98Z5V


    You can't go wrong with uncomplicated parts. Don't complicate shiit with complicated shiit. Keep it simple, and it runs. And runs and runs. The spring and buffer you listed will work great - if you have a carbine extension that measures 7.000" internal depth. Internal depth...
  9. Take the one that wouldn't get @Belt Fed killed by a hog...
  10. That monkey is SMART!!! He's got a hand full of sideboob! That is truly badass right there...
  11. Oh Sweet Precious Little Baby Jesus... this is gonna hurt...
  12. You know me, brother... In addition to whatever you've got for me, add the ones above. I'm in. Let me know the total when the time comes, and I'll fire it off to you.
  13. ^^^ This process is the best way to go. Mike, both those ejectors are held in by the same roll pin.
  14. It was the very first powder I used when I was loading 5.56 heavies, the 77 SMKs. Worked well. It works great for .308 heavies, too. Very comparable to Varget and RL-15, as far as what you'll see it do/performance.
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