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  1. And so much more... 550 yards on a 14.5" gun with a red-dot, pregnant women rocking auto-loader shotguns and TEARING IT UP... That was one of the very first ones - and we did it right, brother.
  2. The rip into Tombstone that night was the clincher. What a damn good night.
  3. Local store is SITTING on 20 boxes of Hornady 108 ELD-M Match ammo... SITTING ON IT. I found it the other day, and said, "Give me two boxes of that 6 ARC sitting there..." "Sir, we can only sell you ONE..." As she points to the SIGN back there... Okay, Give me that ONE box then. Next day, I go back and buy another - and I get another girl that runs the gun-counter for awhile, and she laughs... "You are the FIRST person that I've ever seen buying this ammo..." Yeah, no shiit, chica. Brand new cartridge, unveiled on June 3rd, 2020, and I built a gun in July - and EVERYTHING is sold out now... SO... I'm probably THE ONLY MOTHERFUCKER that has one of these things in the surrounding 5 counties. Period. You gonna sell me those 20 boxes now, or do I come back and see you for the next 20 days?... "Sir, we can only sell ONE BOX a DAY..." Fine. I'll rape you every day for the next 3 weeks, until you're out. I'm fine with that. I have ammo, if you need it, brother. Lemme know. It's collecting dust on shelves, at least for the next three weeks...
  4. I have obtainable ammo. Tell you what... you run downtown, grab two blowjobs, bring one back to me, and I'll grab that ammo for ya.
  5. Remember this - just crouch down... It's not gonna do any good, but do it anyway... The attack won't stop - you're getting Chloroformed, and you'll wake up at the SDTF...
  6. Oh, you're already signed up... Just wait for it... and when it occurs, just lay back and let it happen...
  7. If he comes out here - should we ride him like a Circus Pony? Asking for a friend...
  8. Update on Armalite recoil system kits - ordered another AR-10 carbine recoil system on Tuesday at 10:25pm, got tracking on Thursday morning at 8:59am.
  9. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Looking back at this now, a week later - this happens daily here, with Newbs. I'm just sayin...
  10. Shooting here on 6 Feb, if you're in, brother.
  11. Yes, they do use larger, longer pins, if you're comparing it to the AR15 part. No way, no how will the AR15 part work in a .308AR. Searching online is the best way, just to find some - but everything is backordered right now. I'm on a waiting list for 4 of the solid pins, just waiting. Used my last spare a few weeks ago.
  12. @DayWalker got it hard, too...
  13. If you have any difficulties with the MagPul mags, after ordering them from anything that I stated, then I'll buy them from you, and cut your loss. I have plenty of guns that run them well, and that's my money-back guarantee, based on my recommendation.
  14. Drew warned you about how you'd be treated here, once you disclosed your working relationship, right? I'm just asking...
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