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  1. Sawman speaks.
  2. barrel - I didn't realize you were talking about the block until I posted. I posted about the block, above. 0.125", max. Ever.
  3. ^^^That's in the barrel. Port size on the gasblock should always be 0.125". That's the max. It's the max size you can drill in a gas tube, which means it's the max size you can have in a gas block, and the max in a barrel. It doesn't go any higher than that - because of the gas tube diameter, and the max hole you can drill in it.
  4. From what I've gather about port size and caliber on this board, 0.100" always seems to get it done, no matter what barrel length, caliber, whatever. I'm not saying drill it to that, right away. Find out what you have first, let us know, and go up in every single drill-size increment from there (what you have)... Just what I've seen...
  5. I have another "Mother Nature" story about a skunk, and my paper route as a kid. It's not as bad as the deer, maybe worse than the beaver, but it was just bad... I don't think I've even told it here before. It didn't go well...
  6. I hooked him!!!
  7. Short AR-15 in 5.56, loaded with Barnes 5.56 70gr TSX round. Something with a (legal) 16" barrel. That round will drop a deer DRT, at that range. In it's tracks.
  8. DSG Arms has this spring in stock right now - they go out of stock fast., https://dsgarms.com/armea1095
  9. It's good. Matches that receiver extension. You only need the EA1095 spring, gen-u-wine Armalite part number.
  10. Keep the H3 buffer - as long as the buffer is 3.250" long. If it's shorter than that, it's another one of your issues with this gun.
  11. Shiit just got real, men. Brace yourselves...
  12. That's not the spring to use. Sounds like AR-15 carbine, at best, and it's not to that spec, either. Way off, from even AR-15 standards. Shiit spring, get rid of it. No joke. The Armalite EA1095 spring will be 34 coils, 13.75" relaxed length, and have a wire diameter of 0.072".
  13. Gas port diameter in the barrel is good, according to that info. that is not your issue. a 0.100"-ish gas port will fire almost anything through these ARs, big or small-frame.
  14. Navi, also need to know what the internal depth of your carbine receiver extension is... Internal depth. On an AR-15 carbine receiver extension, it is 7.000" internal depth. On the Armalite AR-10 Carbine Receiver Extension, the internal depth is 7 5/8". Only reason I ask is: shady vendors. Lots of places will advertise a carbine receiver extension, say it's "ARmalite AR-10" compatible, and - those people don't even realize there's a damn difference. When there really is. Measure your stuff, and let us know.