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  1. So, with the LAW Tactical Gen 2 folder on there, it comes with and extension/insert that goes in the back of the BCG, to take up the additional length/space of the folder. After watching the Ian Harrison/RECOIL vid a few times, Rare Breed recommends a heavy (H3) buffer for operation... He tried it, and had to drop down the buffer weight to get the gun to run. I took notes, about that. I weighed that LAW insert, and it's 62 grams, or 2.18699 oz. Let's call that 2.187 oz, of additional cyclic weight/reciprocating mass, that's been added to the recoil system. Previously, I had an H-weighted buffer in this pistol. So, 3.8oz buffer, plus another 2.187oz is one heavy buffer... 5.987oz. If RECOIL Mag had issues with a 5.4oz buffer, then I predict issues with that setup. I swapped out the H for a standard carbine buffer, 3.0oz. That's still 5.187oz, pretty heavy, when those guys had to go lighter. So, I built 2 more buffers today, just in case. I grabbed 2 standard carbine buffers, opened them up, and substituted some aluminum weights. Took a steel out of one, inserted one aluminum. I'm calling that Carbine Buffer -1. 2 steels out in the other, 2 aluminums in, and I'm calling that Carbine Buffer -2. That's what they'd be, anyway... Standard 3.0oz carbine buffer + 2.187oz (LAW insert) = 5.187oz. C-1 weighs 2.55oz + 2.187oz = 4.737oz. C-2 weighs 2.15oz + 2.187oz = 4.337oz. One of these things should work. I'll take tools with me if they don't, and make a C-3 buffer, all aluminum inserts, and that would leave me with a 3.937oz buffer, as a last resort...That's still slightly over the weight of a 3.8oz H buffer, right there... BUT! The thing ran great with an H buffer before... If none of this works - hand-cut Delrin inserts, at a later date, if I can keep the trigger that long. Sounds like a great day. It's only supposed to be 114* tomorrow... All in the name of Science...
  2. Not sure yet, on which way they'll go, and I'm certain that they're gonna be very vague about it... The already have the language stated, and could have just copied and pasted it - but they didn't. From the SBR Rules: Barrels under 16" must have a permanently attached muzzle device, in order for the muzzle device to be counted as barrel OAL, IF the muzzle device gets that under-16" barrel over 16"... Then, they list two methods for permanent attachment - blind pin and weld, and 1100* silver solder. Those are not the only methods one could use - just the two methods that they listed... So, they had the words there already, and they didn't use them... Makes me suspicious. I can guarantee you this - if that 3" flash can is permanently attached, they can't turn around and state that it's one of those "non-operation accessories..."
  3. So, here's page 16 and 17 inside that 71-page doc that's been linked. THIS is their whole proposed "ATF Form 4999," the "checklist" to determined if you have a legal "pistol" or an illegal "pistol." There are glaring holes in this entire form... Look at it closely... Click it, many times - it gets bigger...
  4. They don't take retail customers to the shop, and they have no storefront. But, I'm local too, and have been there to purchase parts. It's how you talk to them, on the phone, that gets you in that door. You'll be impressed, once the door-guard lets you in. That main office is amazing... Call them. Explain the situation. You'll get an invite.
  5. I would totally do that to @JBMatt...
  6. China does more damage from polluting that you could with 1,000 of those backpack 2-stroke leaf blowers running Wide Open, as long as you could keep gas in them, and keep them pinned. We aren't the problem, so stop believing the hype. We could all drive 2-stroke dirtbikes or quads to work everyday - WFO - and pollute less than China. We aren't the solution - we need to look at the real problem, and stop listening to Libs and Progressives that tell us that WE are the problem. Look, instead, at the largest polluter on the planet. You wanna "reform" and make changes, so we don't all have to die in 10 years like AOC states? Look at the largest polluter on the planet, and do something about that, first... The US ain't the issue. No matter how many 2-strokes we run. No matter what those 2-strokes are, either. Rip Banshees all day long - won't make a drop in the bucket compared to China. Look it up if you doubt me.
  7. 98Z5V

    Head lamps

    I've converted to the OLight Perun Mini. Badass headlamp.
  8. Updated changes made. Tailhook Mod 2, B5 Systems P23 grip in FDE, not Coyote, and a PA red dot and mount. Ready to go for Sunday morning, to see how the trigger test goes. Don't know how long I can keep the trigger, but I'll have it for Sunday to test at least. Oh - it's over 26" long, ass to nose, so none - NONE - of this new "Brace BS" that's being legislated has any affect on this pistol, whatsoever. Read the fine print in that stupid proposal of theirs. Over 26" OAL? Doesn't pertain, not at all...
  9. The only gunsmith I'd trust to diagnose an AR would be ADCO Firearms. You'll have to call on the phone, and explain the situation - but there is no better commercial AR Gunsmith than ADCO. https://adcofirearms.com/
  10. ^^^ I'm with him. If it runs like that, then leave it, and run it.
  11. Fuqr, you always tune me out. I know how you are...
  12. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    ... Indeed, she does. Even when you DON'T TELL ME that I'm speaker phone, THEN I hear her in the background... I believe she's letting you remain alive, in order to meet me and slap the piss out of me...
  13. It needs to be 15.5" in length - a Real Armalite AR-10 Rifle Length gas tube... It's so easy to see in the pic you presented. PAINFULLY OBVIOUS. Research is done, now. That's the final answer... And that's one Step 1, to solve the glaring problem with your gas system. After that, address the recoil system, and after that, address the gas port diameter. Then - you'll have a fully functional gun,on what ever ammo you decide to toss in it.
  14. History will - one day - catch up with her stupid little ass. She knows not what she talks about, but it'll all come out in the history.
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