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  1. This is great news, man - fantastic. I thank you for the results of what it took. These .260s are a bitch to figure out, but we're getting there... This info goes into my "mental album" of gas port diameter information on these guns.
  2. Which is probably not overgassing, at all, in reality. How many of those guys that are saying this, because they're using 3.8oz H1 buffer weights and weak springs? They're not even close to being overgassed - but they ARE under-recoiled, in a big way... Not a question for you, Jim - you already know it, man. Just food for thought, at the amount of compromises that are made in this platform, because companies want to do their own thing, and think that "their own thing" is the way to go... They're so far off-base it's not even funny. JP Rifles makes Race Guns, too - that's what they're know for. Race Guns are for the Gamer Crowd - how many rounds can you keep on target in a few seconds on target, keep your score up, have heavy projectiles going "xx" speed (Power Factor calculation) - and beat the other competitors... Race Guns are not hunting or fighting rifles, they're not truck guns, and you don't beat the shiit out of them... Race Gun parts have their place, but it's not everyplace... Just like you woudn't take an F-Class competition rifle to a Combat Zone. It wouldn't last out there, in the combat zone... Might be accurate as fuk - until you have to strap it to a rucksack and kick it out the door or tail of a helicopter, on a questionable landing zone, in the middle of the night, in snow, at 8,000 ft valley base elevation...
  3. That's just speed in the ram, right there. Gotta go slow/smooth, since we're upsizing the necks. I split a few when I started, but caught that quick. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Haven't split one since.
  4. Damn, that's a good lookin' short .308, brother. You nailed that one, right outta the park.
  5. This is such an easy cartridge to make, brother. Pass your .223/5.56 brass through the 25-45 resize/deprime die, and you're done. Instant 25-45 brass. It's that easy. My best accuracy results were with Sierra GameKings in the 90gr flavor - excellent accuracy. I'm using RL-7 powder and CCI-400 primers. Nothing special. It's a great round, and I need to put it to a coyote, it's driving me bananas... I still need to sort out my load with the Barnes 100gr TSX projectiles. If I can make that work, it'll be one badass coyote-smashing load.
  6. @392heminut, HELL YEAH, BROTHER!!! I still can't believe I did that whole gun, and didn't take a damn picture... Sorry for costing you a new truck, brother...
  7. Yeah, straight from DPMS. My first DPMS stripped lower is a K serial number. It's true. Every stripped LR-308 lower they ever sold is a K. If it doesn't have the K - it was a complete gun. Go down to question #12 if you doubt what's being told to you - this is the actual DPMS website. https://www.dpmsinc.com/Frequently-Asked_ep_55-1.html
  8. I have a very close friend, that was a dirtbiker as a kid, and through his adult life. He's my age. Jeff doesn't have a right arm. He lost that arm, as a kid (11 years old), riding the powerline trails, with a buddy on the back of his dirtbike. There was a downed power line that he didn't see, and he hit it. The amps traveled through his body, into the guy on the back of the bike - it blew that guy off the back of the bike. The amps left Jeff's body through this right arm, and blew his right arm off. Right off his body. He never quit, never stopped riding, and never stopped racing MX - and raced for 18 years with one arm. He raced motocross with one arm. He moved the throttle over to the left side, moved the front brake over to the left side, pointing down. He still had the clutch lever out forward. You had to roll the throttle forward, instead of twisting it back. He won races like that, including jumping all the jumps on the track - with one arm - and running everything through the left hand, controlling that bike. I rode his "then current" bike one day in 2012, and it was all I could do to get the thing into 3rd gear - once I was in 3rd gear, I almost killed myself on that damn thing - and it was a Kawi KX-450. Don't ever quit...
  9. Shiit, I was afraid of that. That's the shifting foot. I can't give up much right now, but I'll do something in the meantime, monetarily. For the future, if that foot has to go, I'll buy the kid a Pingel Air Shifter, and install it on his bike - and come over there to do it for him. He's not gonna lose that passion for riding, never will. Missing a Shifter Foot is no reason to stop, either. That Pingel Air Shifter will still allow that, from shifting by hitting a button on the bars. Let him know that, when the time is appropriate. Next - be a mechanic, with a missing limb? There was a guy on the Army Golden Knights (parachute demo team) that had a bad accident, mid-air, on a jump - collided with another jumper - he lost his legs. He fought the Big Army BS, fought to stay in, and continued jumping with the Golden Knights - legless. Again, when the time is right, have the kid research Dana Bowman. He'll find all the info. This is just the beginning: http://www.danabowman.com/dana-biography.php Next - you NEVER QUIT. Have this kid research Derek Weida. Knee shot apart by an AK round in a house raid in Baghdad. He went through 12 surgeries, with them trying to fix that leg, and he kept telling them to just take it off so he could get on with his life. One surgeon finally gave in, and took the leg off. This is him now: https://derekweida.com/about-us/ Don't ever quit... Rolling over and giving up is what sissies do. When the time is right, let me talk to this kid, on the phone...
  10. Everytime I hurt and Motrin won't make it go away, I eat an Extra Strength Midol. Seriously. If it will crush a woman's menstrual cramp pains, it'll damn sure fix what men bitch about...
  11. I pulled 2 boxes of those Hornady 178 ELD-Xs from Cal Ranch in CG, on a lunch break. Would'a snatched more if they had more. I need to develope this load on it's own, and not just copy my load data for the 178 HPBTs... This is crazy G1 and G7 drag numbers for these things... I'm up in the air on RL-15 or Accurate 2495 for these - I think I'll build both and see what shakes out.
  12. And I though Larry was a big motherfucker... which he is, have no doubt... Larry is not normal. He's WAY BIGGER than normal... Al isn't even on the same plane. He has to be part kryptonite. Or part dinosaur. Something really, really fucking BIG... I feel like less of a man for posting this... about these huge fuckers...
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