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  1. Once you fire a brand new piece of brass, it's now fire-formed to your chamber. Measure the length of it, fired. Use comparator gauges, and check the length, against the shoulder. Set your dies up so that you bump the shoulder either only 0.002" or 0.003" back from the fired length. You'll never, ever have a problem.
  2. You can try WMD Guns. I know that they'll NiB coat parts for you, at least they did in the past, before they got huge. I don't know of a company that just does the QPQ/Salt bath nitride for people... It's worth calling them and seeing. If they don't do it, they'll either tell you who does, or tell you to go to hell...
  3. I'm sincerely sorry to here this, Mike. His pain is over now, and he is peaceful, traveling forward from this point. Call me, brother, if you want to.
  4. Just to be PERFECTLY FUCKING CLEAR here, this was in no way referenced to any individual, for anything, about that performance that day. I fuckin' layed it down, that day, and coffee and Copenhagen started my morning. You go, boys. My posting of that was none other than the postings we've all made here before that listed "Wiskey and Hate" - which I have a t-shirt of, and I love that t-shirt, and nothing more. Plus pics. Whiskey and Hate pics. Caffiene and Hate pics. The day of this shoot, I was purely fueled by how poorly I'd done in the October shoot - and I didn't shoot the November shoot, due to scheduling... In November, I shot pistol local (SDTF), with DirtBike Tommy and @Moon Boots. Apparently, someone took that posting the wrong way, and thought it was personal. When it wasn't. Wiskey and Hate, Whiskey and Hate... spell "whiskey how ever you want... Those pics abound here, as well as "anything" and Hate - and that's what keeps the savages here going. It ain't personal - but if you want to think that, then you re-work your thinking, and your paranoia. Thanks for listening. It's not about YOU, and it wasn't PERSONAL... Thanks, and enjoy.
  5. Sounding a little bitter, here... What's up there?...
  6. You fuckers are just straight savages against each other. I'm not saying that's a bad thing - it keeps the comedy up. How long have you two been married?...
  7. That's because it's not a VACCINE. It's never, ever been a VACCINE. Not in the least. It's just another shot, that doesn't do shiit - just like Flu shots every single year... My $0.02 on that bullshiit...
  8. Approach a hog with TWO PISTOLS DRAWN. Have I not taught you nothing, here?...
  9. The only difference is in the bore size of the gas block, for the gas block journal size. There's some weird ones out there now, with custom shiit, but the common ones are 0.625", 0.750", 0.875" (there's a pattern there, 0.125" apart), and then there's the 0.936". Gas blocks are gas blocks. Doesn't matter what AR they go onto. Depends on the barrel maker. Gas TUBES between large frame and small frame ARs SHOULD be different, because of height-over-bore between the two platforms. Different bends between the two, because of height-over-bore. Problem is, alot of barrel makers spec out an AR15 gas tube length for a Large Frame AR... it's not a huge deal, but it's still a deal, to deal with... Check this pic - it should be obvious...
  10. Speer Gold Dot is definitely the answer, brother. Mine used to be in .45 ACP, but I'll take the 9mm these days, too - it still works, quite well.
  11. Always approach a downed deer with a pistol drawn, pointed right behind it's eye socket, right in front of the ear - right in between those two reference points. If that motherfucker even TWITCHES, pull the fucking trigger. Fuk deer.
  12. I love seeing pirates get fucked up. I'll never tire of it, ever. RHIBs are badass. We (Army) have two configs for the Zodiac boats, RB-15s commonly called, or F455s if you're looking for it on someone's "Army Drivers License"... 35hp motor with a soft floor, but you put the 55hp motors on the transom and you have to run the hard aluminum floor, or the boat with fold when you twist the grip. RHIBs are fucking badass...
  13. We'll get you back, brother - next one is next Saturday, 22 Jan. Reg opens this coming Monday night, 7pm.
  14. A shot of carb cleaner fuks them up, too. I know this for a fact.
  15. ^^^ I know a girl like that - she's pretty badass...
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