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  1. THERE he is again - didn't listen to a damn thing that was told to him, either. Imploded, when he didn't understand... He's a MACHINIST, DAMNIT!!! You're one of those people that DEMAND information - information that we don't have, because you're making up the criteria that you're DEMANDING information for. None the less - you're one of those people... You think that we HAVE information, so you can DEMAND information, and you think you're ENTITLED to the information that we have - so we OWE you information. It doesn't fucking work like that. Not out in the real world. Good luck with your life, it's gonna suck...
  2. So, what happened to this one? Oh yeah - you kept going...
  3. He's a fuckin' Youngin' that's for damn certain. He already knows everything, argues against information that he doesn't know about, and counters with bullshiit that doesn't make any sense - because he doesn't know any fucking better. Yeah - he's smart, and knows it all. Damn Dumbass. Grow up and listen - not "hear" - really fucking LISTEN for once. The shiit you're spouting is because of what you THOUGHT you read - it's not grounded in reality, or fact, or anything that any one of those manufacturers actually stated - it's what you THOUGHT you read...
  4. I don't know, brother - I think I'm gonna keep that M16A4 top-sling adaptor on there... Undecided right now... Plus, I'm all out of those Noveske Flush Cups now... Hey, @Ravenworks, thanks for your For Sale solicitation right in the middle of my build thread. Pimp that shiit in the For Sale thread.
  5. What "fact"did I overlook? What "website sssociate" stated something that you think backs up what you state, or THINK? Where does your "research" over-reach my opinion - and more importantly, my EXPERIENCE on this .308AR platform?... How is it that you think your "research" over-rides what I've already done with this platform? I'll wait for your answer.
  6. Yeah, you've given us a hell of a laugh - that's for sure. Enjoy your stay. Maybe you should eat more meat, calm your ass down a little.
  7. Yeah, you should, because you don't even know what you're quoting here.
  8. That's where your ASSUMPTION falls critically short. They're NOT ALL THE SAME - THEY'RE ALL DIFFERENT. Yeah, but you won't listen - you already know it all, and you're saying they're all the same. Good Luck. That has to start with YOU here - Stop being an A$shole. Once you do that,so will everyone else. Don't be a Dickhead here.
  9. ^^^ I was way less "subtle"about it. Call that my downfall.
  10. This shows exactly what you DON'T know -and you're blaming us for a manufacturing market for a .308AR platform that does what it wants, based on a lack of a set standard, or a set platform. There is NOTHING about a .308AR that's standardized. NOTHING. Not trying to, but you're making it hard here. Really hard. Everyone in this thread has been curteous to you, so don't turn into an a$shole now, and demand that people haven't. Get your shiit in check. Quick, too. You're asking about small-frame ARs in .308 Win platform - and there are 4 custom manufacturers of those guns. No more. Then, on top of that, you're asking if those parts, from those 4 proprietary manufacturers will swap. You boned the 5th one - the M&P isn't a small-frame .308. YOU might be the answer here, to these rare, seldom owned small-frame ARs. There are very few people here that even own the DPMS GII. Let alone those other three over-priced answers, that are looking for a question to solve. Maybe you should buy all 4 - then come back here and be the fucking expert on it all. In the meantime, don't be blaming anyone here for trying to help you out. You can fuk yourself.
  11. You do realize that there is ZERO pattern to follow in the .308AR world - there is no TDP, like there is for the AR15 family of firearms. Nothing is set, and any manufacturer can do whatever they want (i.e., PSA). There's zero guarantee that anything from any manufacturer will actually even work in the first place (Iron Ridge Arms, for example), let alone swap to a different manufacturer...
  12. For something like this, then - why are you asking us?... If you have the answers, why are the questions being posted here?...
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