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  1. 98Z5V

    LR-308 Combo Armorer Wrench

    Same here, same barrel nut.
  2. 98Z5V

    Full30 Forum Invite

    Does that include the Rob skin-suit that some want so much?...
  3. 98Z5V

    2018 Fall Shoot Documentation Thread

    ^^^ MA-TEN... vvv .260 Rem... 3.5 hours of sleep last night, no sleep tonight...
  4. 98Z5V

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    Hate to hear this, brother. Pass my condolences to the family.
  5. 98Z5V

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    I'm still up - Mikey decided to build a SECOND one. From his spare parts bin...
  6. 98Z5V

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    It's almost 2am. Mikey decides we're gonna build him a brand new AR15. Right now... ...from his spare parts bins...
  7. 98Z5V

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    If the timing was a little better, I'd tell you to stop at a steakhouse in Fabens, a little east of El Paso - Cattlemans's Steakhouse. You guys gotta plan that one in for the trip back home. You'll be impressed. http://www.cattlemanssteakhouse.com/
  8. 98Z5V

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    HURRY. UP. MOTHER. FUCKER... Yeah, shower, you neanderthal bastard. We stay clean out here in the dirt...
  9. 98Z5V

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    I sent a text to Ron at 5pm my time. 17 hours on the road for him, at that time. He was already 35 miles from Fort Smith, Arkansas then... He's fucking MOVING!...
  10. 98Z5V

    Magazine specs

    I love hearing this kinda stuff, man. I really do. I'm glad it's running like it should.
  11. If you're ripping into the rims, it's one of two things (could be a third thing). 1. Sharp teeth on the edges of the extractor, just like that video I linked above shows. File them down. 2. Overgassed. Can't make a smaller gas port in the barrel, but you can add an adjustable gas block, as JT stated above. (Possible) 3. Under-recoiled, from a bad recoil system, that's too light. Make the buffer heavier, make the recoil spring stronger. Use a matched recoil system with KNOWN-GREAT components. Never "trust" a manufacturer in what they say for recoil parts, unless they're a proven, solid, known recoil system manufacturer. ^^^ The "aftermarket" routinely fuks up #3... Routinely.
  12. 98Z5V

    LR-308 Combo Armorer Wrench

    That MagPul wrench is the SHEIIIT! I don't know if it works on 308 barrel nuts or not, but that kinda doesn't matter anymore, when most rails show up with their own proprietary wrench - or you have to buy that proprietary wrench anyway...
  13. 98Z5V

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    There's that place in Yuma, that always has everything you will ever need - they cater to the Snowbirds that live in their camper through the winters. I've been there a couple times for weird shiit to fix my hot water tank, and to fix a faucet - they had the exact parts I needed - take the parts with you, in there, or know exactly what you need. They're gonna have it. The first arrival is already here. Mikedaddy thought we were shooting tomorrow morning, first light, and he showed up at 7:15pm tonight...
  14. 98Z5V

    Primer Info !

    Because they have it out for you...
  15. 98Z5V

    Builder's sets

    I've got one factory AP FDE lower - the rest I've done myself. I haven't been able to wear anything away, to determine if they coated in the white, or if it was annodized underneath. If I beat it up, and can determine, I'll post up in here.