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  1. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    ^^^ That's EPIC! Ron is gonna pick up on that, I'm positive...
  2. 98Z5V


    Try a Walther P22, brother. I've had one for about 10 years or so, and it eats everything, and goes bang every single time. They're old enough now, that you might find one cheap.
  3. I'm sure he'll never be banned on Full30, either. This is how the corrupt news media started playing their games, too. "Quid Pro Quo" Joe was a master at it. I'm just sayin'...
  4. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    I honestly think that you need some of this SEXUAL CHOCOLATE in your life, brother. I really do. It's a full-day affair, to tear the gun down, soak it in acetone, rack all the parts, gas it out, cool it, paint it, bake it again, get it back together... So plan an extra day for the Fall Shoot and I'll fuckin' DO IT! Cost is Free-Fiddy Free, but your ass better show up early.
  5. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    Too stressful - running around everywhere, spraying - running parts from the oven to the spray rack - from the spray rack to the oven, balancing everything out... I need a HUGE wall-sized oven, and a compressor that's at least 45 gallons instead of 15 gallons... The "Soak in Acetone," then the bake-out/gas-out, to make sure all the parts are completely cleaned - which comes before the paint even starts... It's a pretty crazy process, at least in my house/my mind... @392heminut's desert tiger stripe on his truck gun is one of the better things I've ever done, and the "dirt distressed look" on my 18" Light(er) Grendel was a close runner up. THis shiit is fun - but I don't know if I could make a video of it. Maybe we paint a gun when all you guys are over, and YOU guys film it - and splice all that crazy shiit together... This was a mix of 2 parts Patriot Brown, 1 part FDE and 1 part Burnt Bronze. I casually refer to it as "SHiit Brown," but the real name I think it needs is... "SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!..."
  6. Oh, I get it - I AM THE worst of the Enablers... then you post THIS SHIIT!>.... So?...
  7. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    I have one pair sewn into the inside of my hat - so the pus$y is always on my mind...
  8. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    She left 'em - might as well use 'em. They won't cover much, so I'll make multiple passes.
  9. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    I see what you did there... Now that it's got a proper Cerakote base to it, I can use the ex-wife's lacy underwear to add a decent Krylon pattern to it...
  10. That's still good stuff - solving that problem from way back in the day - and that solves it. I love it.
  11. Lots of guys have cut barrels, and made improvements. A former Marine Sniper runs a school out here in AZ, and he disproved this myth. By cutting the barrel an inch at a time, and shooting 900 yards, everytime. Zero loss of accuracy. Maybe a change in DOPE, but no loss of accuracy. Contact GPS Defense for more info. They used to have a very good article about it up here, and I've linked it before - they used a SawZall to cut the barrel, and re-test - and didn't even recrown the barrel. https://www.sniperschool.com/
  12. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    This fat hooker finally got some paint today. My custom Cerakote mix. I call it SHIIT BROWN. It's amazing in the sunlight... Oh, let's not stop there - lets just paint the Athlon scope, too... It's FINISHED now. Proper dirt colored, and it's right. Everything is good in the world.
  13. The thread is ELEVEN YEARS OLD, Sniper. 11 years old. Keen perception skills you got there. Oh, welcome to the board - go rip up the Intro Section, and tell us all about yourself.
  14. 98Z5V


    Contact them.
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