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  1. No word on whether all the scope mount parts came in. Tried to call him twice today, went to VM. He must have been smoked at the shop - which is good, and bad. That means he didn't get the damn scope mounted...
  2. Happy Easter, fuckers... This one is pertinent, too...
  3. 98Z5V


    If that's the case - you might not be going to sleep, brother!...
  4. You gonna be over here for this one, brother? I'm LONG overdue on delivering a badass-painted truck gun to you...
  5. Here's the link - there's some pretty significant stuff on a serious sale... It's pretty good. Pick your discount percentage and look in there. Like NTX stated, handguards are under the 75% tab, and barrels are under the 50% tab. https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Spring-Cleaning-Blowout/departments/1129/?utm_source=Wilson+Combat&utm_campaign=3fb9b963b3-SpringBlowoutSale_04_19_2019&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d7d9381842-3fb9b963b3-35734037
  6. Damn! That is some nice leather. I've always been a HUGE FAN of Mernickle Holsters, but some of that stuff right there is damn nice! https://www.mernickleholsters.com/ Bob and Sherrie Mernickle are WAY cool people.
  7. Which one did you buy? There are two 14.7" on sale, one midlength gas (Armalite AR-10 Carbine gas) and the other one is that weird "intermediate gas that they just started doing, with the 13.25" gas tube... Weird one: https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Match-Grade-Barrel-338-Federal-Recon-Tactical-147-1-10-Twist-Stainless-Fluted/productinfo/TR-338RC14F-10/ "Normal" one: https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Match-Grade-Barrel-338-Federal-Recon-Tactical-147-1-10-Twist-Stainless-Fluted/productinfo/TR-338RCS14F-110/
  8. Those hookers. They would be better off noticing the diameter of your cylinder, rather than the length of your barrel...
  9. .338 Fed is an EASY neck up on .308 Win brass, brother. I'm just sayin'...
  10. Fuk me, that's a Gen 2 rail right there. All the first Gen rails went straight to the military contract, then they changed them to the Gen 2 for production. I can't zoom in on that front sight enough to tell, but I'll bet that bastard is one of the originals, too, with the elevation drum on the middle of it. I went Gen 3 on my rail, because that's what was available when I built this beast. 2011? 2012? I can't remember. It is bad, though, for a 5.56 gun. They haven't seen the need to make a Gen 4 yet - but they DO have a new carbon fiber rail with M-LOK slots in it. It's not even on the website yet... Looks just like a Gen 3, but with M-LOK slots. Badass. Here's some "original guns" that don't even go out often anymore - but the Mk12 Mod 0 is the second one down from the top - that's the Gen 3 rail and top rail. Top to bottom, the first .308AR with the Sierra Precision SPR-1 adjustable buttplate, then the Mk12 Mod 0, THE Woody, The 16" precision gun on the Spikes billet receivers, and the .45AR.
  11. They have one HELL of an Easter Sale going on right now - I saw that in the email today, and hit the different percentages - all the barrels are in the 50% category. $140 for a .338 Fed Wilson Combat barrel is a damn STEAL! Make sure you buy an Armalite AR-10 Carbine gas tube, that is 12 1/16" long... You'll need it...
  12. I am LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW... <<< My sides hurt. That took 2 minutes to type, I'm laughing so hard... Well done, though, brother - you certainly didn't fuk about with making a whole gun out of a barrel sale... 😁
  13. 1. You'll get the pants-down hug, too, so just brace yourself right now... 2. Motherfucker rear-ended me in STOPPED TRAFFIC, 3 weeks after I got it from Dirk. I've been dealing with that nightmare since 10 December 2018. Construction company truck, driven by their driver, and he was looking at his phone (I can't prove that, but I have pics of the cool brown leather recliner he had in the back of his "work truck" that day...). Traffic backed up 1/2 mile at a stop light - he stops 50 yards behind me... for a couple minutes, literally, he's 50 yards back, sitting there. Then, I see 2013 Toyota Tundra chrome grill and SMASH in the rearview... Shiit flew everywhere. Right rear quarter damage on the car, because the jackass swerved at the last minute, before he crushed me. He tried to yank it off the road, but failed. After we get the car fixed, we get to talk about why I can't turn my head beyond certain ranges of motion, left and right now...
  14. Corey Taylor (Slip Knot and Stone Sour) AND Aaron Lewis (Stained, and just HIMSELF...)... This is badass.
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