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  1. The Wall

    We DID set that off while they were driving around us...
  2. Vegas Shooting

    If you look at that information closely, every single rifle that was listed with a 100rd magazine was listed as having a bump stock. There is no deviation in that report, from that. The pictures don't agree with the written report. You can clearly see rifles with SureFire 100rd mags that do not have bump stocks on them. I saw no Beta C-Mag 100rd drum mags in any of those evidence pics, only SureFires, so I'm guessing that's all he was using, and I'm guessing that's all this report is referring to.
  3. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    History has proven that what these men did, resulted in how quickly a few SF ODAs smoked the Taliban in the opening days of the conflict after 9/11. There is a book out about this one specifically, and the book isn't that old. There are a few older books out there that talk about their actions, as they pertained to (what turned into) the larger operation. This is an excellent book on the opening days:
  4. The Wall

    I've taken Greg to places with certain signs posted. Illegals, dangerous area, and such. We were runnin' and gunnin' while USBP was driving around our shoot zone. @edgecrusher
  5. Range Day, 14 Jan.

    I will revisit the Grendel tomorrow - it's going back to the desert. I have 3 E-Lander 17rd mags now, and 2 ASC 25rd mags for it. I'll get the data up afterwards. I'll try to get it out to 400 yards on steel.
  6. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    EXCELLENT movie! Absolutely excellent. Very well done, great work. You guys will like it.
  7. Women are afraid men will kill them

    ^^^ True statements.
  8. First batch

    Same here.
  9. The Wall

    Not enough border agents - there's a shortage, recruiting is behind, and agents are leaving that career path at a fast rate. Who can blame them... They need more people. They've been pretty "unleashed" in the last year, but there just aren't enough of them. I would have left that, too, if I had 8 years in the organization - under Obama. Fuk that, hands tied, bullshiit rules, etc.
  10. New FN SCAR

    It's not available in the US because. Factory SBR.
  11. Muzzle brake question

    All the DPMS LR308 factory barrels are 5/8x24. Almost every single DPMS-patterned .308 Win barrel is 5/8x24.
  12. Vegas Shooting

    I can't even tell you how true this can be. Ever since the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) claimed alliance with AL Qaeda in late 2001... ISIS has been the new "claim" in the Philippines. There's alot of that shiit over there... This is no "coincidence" in the fact that this jackass did this, his g/f is phil, and he's wiring a shitpot full of money over there routinely. Hey now...
  13. DPMS high profile pattern manufacturers

    Just tell them it's "DPMS LR-308-pattern compatible." If they don't know what it'll fit, why are they looking at it to buy it anyway? Let them use something that doesn't work, if they're not willing to research it themselves. Oh, I forgot - they'll end up here after they buy it, wondering why they can't get it to work...
  14. Vegas Shooting

    Finally, some information... 81-page preliminary investigation report: https://www.lvmpd.com/en-us/Documents/1_October_FIT_Report_01-18-2018_Footnoted.pdf