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  1. Alot. Short .308ARs. Out to 400 yards, with a thread here on it. I don't know where the thread is, but someone can find it. Listed ranges from 100, 200, 300, 400 with the red dot, and the hold I used to hit those targets. It was a thread I did originally over on FUll30, so that might help in the search for it. Pics of all hits to those ranges, holds described, and pics of impacts on steel IPSC targets. That was a 13" Armalite Competition barrel on the gun I used in that thread.
  2. 98Z5V

    Sig 716 Tread

    I have a Geissele SSA and SSA-E, and both those triggers have never failed me, on any military-grade primers. There are very, very few "military grade" primers out there, and they're all made by CCI, by the way, for US munitions. All of them. And CCI primers are all I use for reloading.
  3. What's the vision-issue that's causing this? I recommend @Armed Eye Doc in this situation, pending your response.
  4. I'll get some machine gun brass from Dillon Aero, and get some measurements for comparison. That's all minigun brass, right there. I know it ain't a 240 or M60, but there's a difference in brass.
  5. AS long as it doesn't deform (bulge) the base of the shoulder, then you're good. The machine guns are chambered so those bastards can keep shooting - ALOT - even when fouled. Badly fouled. That's why most of the good ones are open-bolt designs. They fire from the open bolt, not a closed bolt. If you need a machine gun, and have to stop using it, to clean the chamber because it stopped running - then the design of the gun in the first place is bad. Machine gun brass will be quite a bit longer than the numbers you're stating. This was all just stuff that was shot from different guns.
  6. Sure do - I'm gonna rub that stupid comment of yours in, every single chance I get.
  7. We use LA's Totally Awesome in the cleaner at work. It didn't fuk up my NiB BCG at all. This stuff:
  8. Not mine - dude at the shop bought it, and it's decent sized. I took the BCG to work the week before that match, and tossed it in there, all broken down. I ran that thing over and over while at work that day, didn't even check it - just kept turning the machine on. At the end of the day, it was amazing. I'll check all that stuff at work tomorrow, and get the details on that cleaner up. We clean small engine parts in it. I guess I know more than just gas ports, right @jtallen83?...
  9. 98Z5V


    Awesome way to start a day - I'm envious, living in desert. There's water around, but it's fished-out, mainly. I miss fishing, grew up on it as a kid.
  10. I just did this about 6 weeks ago. NiB .308AR BCG in the .260 Rem gun, the week before the June match. I was amazed at how well it cleaned it, even in the cylinder in the front of the BCG, and how well it cleaned the shiit off the bolt tail. I'll be doing that again, when it's necessary.
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