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  1. He wants it, so he can hurt ME with it. Shiit you not, I'm his guinea pig. "Nobody wants to shoot these because they think they're HOT..." Fuk, Mike, I'll risk it - I'll shoot them. I'm not gonna be disfigured or anything... right?... Load 'em up, let's do this, brother...
  2. I have a bunch of the Lee cartridge case trim setups - this looks a hand-crank for them... I'm in.
  3. This upper - on another lower... does the same thing?... no matter what mags? This "jam on the next to last round int he mag" is some weird shiit, man.
  4. No matter what happens in life, I can't get over my Dream Girl... Jodi Arias...
  5. I think Eric nailed it! I shiit you not! I found this chik on jailbabes.com!... She was a HAIRDRESSER before being incarcerated! https://www.jailbabes.com/cheryl-334904.html Shiit you not, she can get out in a year - should start contacting her NOW, and planning this...
  6. I need to be Dennis Quaid. He's got it right - he's 65 and she's 26. Right now, my hairdresser is 35, and I'm 51 - so I'm not beating Dennis Quaid, yet - but I'll never give up. This is how I'm going out... https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/dennis-quaid-engaged-laura-savoie
  7. @AngelDeVille you are me hero, brother. You choked that thing down, and I hope you're still with us. Please respond, and let us know that the damn chicken didn't get you...
  8. So many guys hit on so many things already, I feel like this might be a wasted post. Here''san AR-10 upper compared to a DPMS-based upper - you can obviously see that this isn't gonna work, when you try to smash it intoyour lower receiver. You see the diference here in the upper receiver cuts? Those same differences are in the lower receiver cuts. This is AR-10 versus DPMS LR-308. The Armalite AR-10 is on top, DPMS LR-308 on bottom. Here's an Armalite AR-10 upper receiver, TRYING to be pinned to a DPMSLR-308 lower receiver... ^^^ That right there is as close as you'll ever get, too. You try to pin a DPMS-based Large Frame .308AR upper to an Armalite AR-10 lower, and you're not even gonna get close to making that happen. Nomenclature matters. Product matters. Pattern matters. This isn't AR15 shiit, where everything is compatible. It's NOT compatible, on the Large Frame .308AR side of the house. You need to pick your parts wisely, and avoid stupid companies that don't even know the difference between the platforms. If a company is selling DPMS-based parts, and all their website shiit says "AR-10" this and that - then they're fucking stupid. They shouldn't even be in business in the first place, because they're dumbasses, and more importantly - YOU shouldn't buy shiit from them. Who knows what garbarge you'll receive?! Oh, I know one thing, though - when you have an issue with your Franken-Gun from mish-mash parts from less-than-reputable vendors... you'll be right HERE, on this board, asking questions about "why doesn't MY gun run right?! It's an AR-10!!!!..." ^^^ It's at that point that we have to try to figure out here - what YOU did with your parts - and we NEVER get a straight answer, until it gets ugly... Once confronted about bullshiit parts, it gets ugly often, too. "Disbelief that I got Fucked" is the major outrage, but that outrage gets taken out on us, for telling the parts-bag owner that he has a shiit-gun. Now, WE are the bad guys for defining the problem... Go figure, yeah? Those guys can lick this. I hope, at this point, that you GET the point. Buy your parts from a reputable vendor or manufacturer, and don't buy shiit-parts from the cheapest online place that you can find, that doesn't even know the fucking difference in the platforms in the least. "Budget Guns on .308AR" don't exist - all those budget gun out there have fucking problems. The biggest "budget gun .308AR builder" out there is fucked up, and can't get their shiit straight, no matter how many times they're told what the direct issue is with a specific malfunction that all their guns have. Just don't buy cheap shiit. If you do, expect "cheap shiit" performance from it. That is ALL YOU at that point. Reap your rewards. Oh, did I mention Rock River Arms? That the THIRD platform. That's the old Bushmaster BAR-10 -and it's different from DPMS LR-308 patterns, Armalite AR-10 patterns... Yeah, this is fun - just stick to the proper terminology, or you'll only fuk yourself, in the long run.
  9. This is strange. I want this gun to play with, just because. This is some really weird shiit, brother.
  10. So, AAR-wise, Saturday night... Fuk me, we're two nights in, then SATURDAY HAPPENS. We hiked that fuckin' hill Friday - and it did suck. Both up AND down. The view on top, on that ledge, was well worth it, but fuk me, does it take it out of you. @Matt.Cross plan worked out perfect - "We hike that hill early, get that High Angle out of the way, of sorts, and FRICK! We get to lay down and do nothing on Long Range!" He was right as rain, on that. We layed down and did Long Range on Saturday, but DAMN! Saturday night, I let loose. I went Full-On GREG on Saturday Night. @edgecrusher Gun Pusher John showed up - and I didn't say this part - I think it was Eric @Cunuckgaucho ambushed me Day 1 and layed a bottle of Jameson on the driver's seat of my truck. Took hours, but I found it. Well... all that came out on Saturday night... @JBMatt had some bottle of Salted Caramel Whiskey... I had a bottle of Jameson's. When we got back from the Long Range site, we got into the whiskey. Outta nowhere, I think it was @MikedaddyH brings out this bottle of Henessey. FUUUUUUUCK me. Gun Pusher John shows up after it's dark... Someone (I think it was Eric, again) brings out this bottle of "KRAKEN" black spiced rum... this was a recipe for disaster. Skip, the Ranger Master for Dillon Aero shows up with his wife, beer is flowing, whiskey is disappearing quickly, and NOBODY is shooting the 450-yard illuminated night target. Alright, I'm gonna fire this up, and get shiit moving. I grab the .260 and a full mag, lay waste to the 450 - and it's going again. Like re-starting a campfire. Flame is burning again, people shooting targets, 200, 250, 450 all illuminated. @Matt.Cross FINALLY gives up his .45ACP pistol wisdom on a 200-yard target - and people start shooting the 200-yard target with a pistol - at an illuminated target, at NIGHT. I grab the pistol, do what was told to me, and shoot the 200 - hit it first shot. Theeeeeen... I angle over towards that 250. Matt says, "No WAY, Brother! You can't apply the SAME THING and hit that 250!!!" He was right - I didn't apply "that same thing." He told me what I needed to hit the 200, so I applied "a little more," and made the shot. I hit that 250-yard target on the first round. I walked away, set the pistol down, and acted like I MEANT TO DO THAT SHIIT!... That's the kicker - if you make a lucky shot... you STOP right there, walk away, and act like you MEANT that shiit!... You WALK AWAY COCKY - LIKE YOU MEANT TO DO THAT... That's a hard act to follow for a lucky shot in the first place, so you TAKE those lucky shots, and just WALK... Like you ALWAYS do that... I'm telling you, I CORKED that 250 with a pistol, first round, too... At night... A$shole, I know... but that was pure luck... So, we progress into the whiskey night... Well, we progressed into the whiskey, Jameson, salted caramel whiskey (DAMN was that good!), that damn Hennessey, and that crazy Kraken black spiced rum... and we were running out of firewood. Me and Kate (Ron's daughter) left in the Big Dumb Dodge on a Firewood Recon... Driving slow through the desert, looking for gathered wood from washes - it gathers in the corners of a wash, where water had to turn a corner in a wash - it's almost ALWAYS there. We were striking out - and then we found the Holy Grail... old fence posts and an old teletphone pole about 6 feet high. Shiit, whadda we do?... BACK TO CAMP FOR THE CHAINSAW!!! We turned that Big Dumb Dodge around and pined it back to camp. Grabbed the chainsaw, and we hauled absolute ASS outta camp, saying we found the motherlode. Assheads in camp thought we were crazy - until we came back. We dragged more wood out of the back of the truck... I grabbed that section of old telephone pole out of the truck and slammed it down by the firepit like a UFC fighter slamming someone to the mat - in normal life, I'd never be able to do that, but I was fueled by a BUNCH of different whiskeys... We had some WILD fire that night, too - but it doesn't end there. The whiskey (and Hennessey and Kraken) caught up with me, eventually. It certainly caught up with Gun Pusher John, too - he bought a chair from Kate that night, after he barfed all over it. My experience was much difference, though. No Barf. Craziness, instead. I "decided" it was time for a Sobe Bomb, once the Jameson bottle was empty - glass bottle, metal screw-on cap - fire - spare gas... Gun Pusher John punched too big of a hole in the metal cap, soit was less-than-perfect, but it was still bitchin... I don't know how I didn't fall in the fire emplanting that bastard, but I didn't. GPJohn has the video, and I need him to send it to me to post up here. All kinds of audible warnings, prior to... "Tom, NO! DON"T DO IT!" yada yada. "YOU'LL DIE AFTER YOU CATCH ON FIRE!!!" Okay... I'm posting this, so I'm still here, not on fire... After that Sobe Bomb, things went south, quick. I think I drank the entire camp out of whiskey, then I tried to combine spiced rum and Hennessey to that... I had a Gravity Attack... I went down, by some reports, I went over backwards and my head hit a big piece of wood that I'd drug back before. @JBMatt was certain that I was fucked up for life, and we'd need medics - he said I hit that thing that hard, right on my mellon. In reality, I don't think I hit that log/railroad tie/whatever it was that hard - I just stumbled a little, tripped backwards, something stopped me from a somersault - and I was back up. No Blood, No Foul. I was fine - minus Gravity fucking with me. So, 30-ish kinda minutes goes by, and I have ANOTHER Gravity Attack - this time, I'm not stopping myself from going face-first in the dirt... Called it, right then, dragged my ass to the bunk in the camper, and that was the night. DONE. That was a vicious night, by that fire. Rough. That was a desert party like no other. The "Sunday Story and Long Range Day 2" is coming up. One comment I remember from Saturday night was when Kate and I got back to camp, on the firewood hunt, when we found the stuff out there that needed cut. I V8-Dodge-screaming-318-thunder slid to a screaming dust-filled full-brake non-ABS stop back into camp, leaped out of the truck and yelled "I NEED THE CHAINSAW!" while Kate was taking the small shiit that we found out there before, out of the bed of the truck... Someone in camp said - and I barely heard it - "Who brings a chainsaw with them out in the desert?...? THIS GUY...
  11. Here's what the back of that bottle says, in case that came up too small... A-Z premium gun lube is the best damn gun oil on the market. Hands down. No questions asked. Whether you are a competition shooter, hunter, or a range fanatic, you will notice that our gun oil is the answer to all of your firearm needs. Our oil is manufactured in the good 'ole USA by Americans with a passion for advancing shooting sports to the next level. This is the reason we take care to only use the finest oils to protect your firearm from any conditions you can throw at it. Where other oils fail, A-Z premium gun lube continues to perform and keep you in the fight. If performance and protection are the most important things you think about for your gun oils, there is no substitute for the best! No matter which gun you are using, if it's your collector piece or your truck gun, We've got you covered from A-Z! I just wanna see this gun oil get big enough to have challengers challenge it - they'll soon find out that their stuff comes up short. I kid you not. The money was spent on other oils, to compare it to this, and they all came up short... Far short... We're more than 2 years through the original testing, when I sent this all out to you guys to run, try, abuse, etc. YOUR contributions, abuse, testing... Brought this here. You guys did this. Roman's fuckin' Dirt Test did this... For the original testers - I have 18 bottles of the new-label stuff to send out. Appreciation gift, in a way. Get me your ship-info via PM, and I'll get one on the way to you. @JBMatt
  12. Yep - that is nowhere near "AR-10" as in it's description - it's description is bogus, and misleading. It's based on a DPMS LR-308 pattern. If that company doesn't even know the difference, and falsely advertise it as that (either to get clicks, or through their own stupidity), then I'd just stay away from that company completely,and stick with a company that knows the differences, and doesn't mislead it's prospective customers. Even if it costs a few more bucks. Cheap is the name of the game for AR15s... they all have the same pattern, and are rarely screwed up. No so, with the .308AR world. mis-match this or that, and your gun doesn't work. Stick with reputable dealers and vendors, that accurately describe their parts, and know what they're doing. They are more reliable when you have an issue with your gun.
  13. Nothing on their website is AR-10 compatible. Only DPMS LR-308-based. Here's every large-frame upper that they offer: https://www.cbcindustries.com/collections/upper-assemblies/?filter_platform=ar-308-ar-10&query_type_platform=or Just the simple fact that they advertise DPMS-based parts as "AR-10" has me leery of them - they're offering the parts to consumers, and they don't even know the difference?...
  14. This jam only happens on thenext to last round?... Various mags?...
  15. Welcome, from AZ. I'm south of Phx - where you at?
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