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  1. I've had the pleasure of shooting the originals, and fell in love with them. I want that FN pretty Effin' BAD...
  2. That's gonna be sexy...
  3. Simple fix. They like to use AR15 recoil parts in their PA10, been documented. They just don't care. Glad it's sorted out now, and runs, like it's supposed to run straight from their factory, in the beginning.
  4. I took my computer away, so she won't be posting for a few more days...
  5. Roman, tell me your Jeep problems. I've been through all of them in the YJ, and your XJ is the same thing, except it's unibody, and unibody is gay AF.
  6. I need to lock my fukin' computer up. It's that simple. I'm pass-wording every post from now on. Reds are batshiit nutz, brunette's aren't that bad - but I love Jodi Arias. The Blondes are my kryptonite. Can't do "normal blondes" - they HAVE to have problems. If it can't kill me, it doesn't interest me. My curse, my blessing - however you interpret that. I can't interpret it, throughout my own life. It has to scare me. Or it's boring. I won the lotto here. I won Kimmy. Again. Lucky me.
  7. This is Kim. hush Tom.. You are more chaos... Got used to quiet life... Enters you... I can not blame you.. You are my type of crazy..
  8. Bro, you know I can't live without the chaos... FML...
  9. This is KIM.... you bet He loves it..
  10. I'm just letting all this play out... Tom-Actual. Out.
  11. LMAO... yeah right.. ask tom.. it will fit
  12. This is Kim.... I like you more... because TOm said NO... YES!!
  13. This is Tom - I feel like I need to delineate this now... That was the Great Chupacabra Attack of 2017, right there...
  14. This is Kim, I like you already... I like tom bc he is not normal.. "touch of crazy"... and yet if i was meek.. He wouldn't like me either... ask him about the tequila and and falling off the horse
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