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  1. Here's the Dana White interview after the fight tonight:
  2. UFC 254 tonight - Khabib retired after the fight. Unreal 29-0 record, only lost one round in his entire career. It was nuts tonight, incredible fight. Then, the retirement announcement. Wow...
  3. Welcome aboard, man - GREAT intro!
  4. Starve a cold, feed a fever. I know I had this shiit in January, but I'm not getting tested for antibodies, just so they can add another "positive test" to their BS counts. I was over it in 3 days, never missed work. 2 of those days were the weekend. Fuk COVID.
  5. Sweet! I love it when a plan comes together!
  6. Carbine Recoil System - the depth is right on the extension, so hang on to that part. Buffer is too light, needs to be close to 5.4oz, and the spring needs to go. The spring of choice would be the Sprinco Orange spring - it's made specifically for these 7" .308AR carbine recoil systems. KAK make a stainless-bodied buffer that weighs 5.3oz, and that's close enough.
  7. 98Z5V

    My last Elk

    If she rides Mike - then nothing else matters...
  8. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Yeah, That might be a great aircraft, but fuk that thing. Just for it's name.
  9. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    De Havilland makes the RC-7 for the US Army - badass airplane, badass deployment of it. Love them.
  10. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    You're a Pants-Down Hug anyway - just how you are. But, if that's your 2nd Fav plane, what the 1st Fav?... I'm curious now...
  11. You look like a troll, based on your reply. Thanks for joining, though. Buh-Bye.
  12. Interesting note on the LaRue triggers - remember when the cans disappeared? I bitched about it, because I threw a can away and should have saved one. The triggers came to you in a parts-bag, for a short period. I was BUMMED. THE CANS ARE BACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! It's not a can, with a foam cut-out in it anymore, it's an actual injection-molded custom-fit FDE plastic can!!! FDE!!! I'm so excited, I don't wanna give this one to Doc!!! He's LONG OVERDUE getting this trigger, though. Like 2 years overdue... @Armed Eye Doc -that's your box o' goodies right there, that I took this picture on... Those of you that are showing up for the Fall Shoot will understand what that means, once we get to camp, and the sun sets...
  13. Talked to them Monday this week - LT-158 mounts were in stock, and the lady was checking on triggers - said they were 2 weeks out on the triggers, but if one was there, she'd put it in with my mount. Those were two items that I added to my Ultimate Upper order. She broke those two items off my original order and sent them to me. I got the mount and trigger yesterday. @Armed Eye Doc will be happy, because that's actually HIS trigger... If he gets an 18" Grendel Upper kit before I do, that's when I'll get pissed... Nah, LaRue is keeping up as best as LaRue can right now, with all this Crazy Sheit going on. I get it.
  14. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    I absolutely LOVE this post!... I could kiss you right now, just for posting that. ❤️ A-10s are the sheeeiiitt!!!
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