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  1. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    I talked some shiit about this very thing a few months ago here, and went out and did it. I can't remember what thread it was in, but that day SUCKED... I said I was gonna put the 75gr handloads from the Mk12 Mod 1 on the 850 - this whole thing was spurned from another topic of shooting a Mk12 at that kind of distance. Okay, I'm your Huckleberry... Well, get out there and go through the process of setting that 850 up - which isn't a small task... Might as well set the 500 up, because it's on the way, and it's some confirmation of medium distance before you go longer... and the wind is HOWLING. There was a brief moment of rational clarity that "this might be stupid..." So, let's get the Kestrel out and see what kind of wind this is... almost steady at 13.9mph, directly from the left - Full Value wind at 13.9. FML... I got myself into this, by talking about it, so we're gonna stay out here until this works - or die trying. Doping that wind was INSANE. Hold centermass, fire, let's just see where this thing goes - I don't have a wind chart for almost 14mph... WAY RIGHT. Looks like 5 mils. Hold 5 mils off target left, and it still impacts right. A little. Hold 5.5 mils left, and it just goes around the target to the right. Hold 5 3/4 mils left - BANG! TING! Fuk yeah, let's do that again... BANG! TING! Figured it out. And it sucked. I now know that if I'm shooting that gun at 850 yards, in a 14mph Full Value wind, that it's 5 3/4 mils of wind drift hold. That's a shiitty thing to have to learn. But, I opened my mouth - so that's what I had to deal with. I think the .260 Rem was 1.5 mils of wind hold that same day, same winds. My 10mph hold/dial for that thing, at that distance is 1.4 mils, dialed. That's the difference on 5.56 at distance, and these newer, sleeker projectiles like the Grendel and .260. I think the 6mm will be very, very similar. 5.56 at those ranges - it's doable, and it's easy, if there's no wind, I don't care what anybody else says. That kind of distance for a 5.56 precision load isn't hard, from a properly-built gun. It's far from impossible, and not hard - in no wind. You throw wind into the equation, and it then becomes a very different story for the 5.56 out at that distance. 850 yards from an 18" 6.5 Grendel SPR gun is almost a joke. Haven't shot one of those in a 14mph Full Value wind, though, but I wish I'd had it out there that day, just to see. My Full Value 10mph wind hold at 850 yards for that gun/load is 2.2 mils. Maybe I'd hold 2.3 or 2.4 mils for 14mph, on that gun? Significant difference, over that 5 3/4 hold for the 5.56 precision loads, fired through a Mk12 Mod 1 gun...
  2. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    This thing isn't ready for 800 or 850 yet. I'll need the initial data on it. Right now, night shoots are what we usually do here, with the misfit-band-of-local-degenerates. It's almost all we can do - because the overnight "low temp" hovers around 90*. And that's usually at 5 or 6 am. Even night shoots out here at this time kinda suck - but you still need to get your lead out, I get it, just to stay "normal..." I wish I had that camera system that you set up on the target, and monitor at your shooting position. It's some thing that comes in an ammo can, and it's cool. If I had that thing, I'd think about an overnight, right now, and that would be some COOL VIDEO to put up... I'll just head out early, and get it done, before the heat gets stupid. I was moving shiit into my son's new apartment yesterday - started at 3pm, finished around 8pm. It was 115*. You just learn how to deal with it, and know it's gonna suck. At least he got a 2nd floor this time, and not a 3rd floor...
  3. 98Z5V

    98's 6mm ARC

    Gonna be FAR SUPERIOR, in my oh-so-humble opinion, and just dominate the 5.56 at those distances. Putting a 5.56 projectile on target at 800 yards isn't easy. It take patience, and some skills. Shooting a good Grendel gun that far is almost kinda boring - skills still necessary, though. It's certainly gonna smoke the living shiit out of 5.56 loads, no matter whose loads they are. This is a necked down Grendel. It's gonna behave the same. I can't wait to see how it performs. Next Sunday morning, early, I'm firing it up at 100 yards at least, to get a zero on it and initial speed numbers. I'll probably take it to 500 yards that day, too. Might as well. Look for the update here on the afternoon of 9 Aug.
  4. Had to catch yourself there, didn't ya?...
  5. Nice Pulp Fiction reference, there - welcome aboard.
  6. 98Z5V

    375 SOCOM

    Yep, 7" vital zone. I'd run that one with the 50-yard zero you put on it. If he's a tick more then 50 yards, just hold lower an inch or 2 and let it fly, brother. I'd be intensely interested in seeing what a 75-yard zero looks like, when shot at 50 and then 100 yards, though. Could be a sweet spot, for zero distance.
  7. Damn! This one knows what she's doing! Notice where her left hand is, during the draw?
  8. What other components were used to build this gun?
  9. So, funny story... Old guy works with us, just turned 69. He's our summertime driver - make runs to the other shop, pick up rigs (other shop gets all the vehicle deliveries and builds all the vehicles). We send him out for other shiit, too - parts we don't have, but some other place has - go get 'em, Steve. So last week he has to drive to another dealership and pick up something we don't have. He comes back, and he says, "MAN! you should have SEEN this girl that I had to get the parts from!!! She was GORGEOUS! She was just unreal..." He tells everyone else, before he comes back and tells me... His setup, got him... So, he comes back and tells me this, and I kinda chuckle - I knew the area of the city that he had to go to, but not the specific dealership - several in that area. I says, "Steve, WHAT dealership did you have to go to?..." He says, "I had to go to Peoria, and this lady was HAWT!" "So Steve, was she about 5'6", blonde, tattoos on her left arm?..." "Well..." he says, "yeah, she was - what a woman!" "So Steve, did you get her name?..." "Yeah! Her name is Kim!" "So Steve - that's my ex-wife, brother... " His fuckin' jaw dropped... He didn't believe me, so I had to pull up some pics and prove it to him. That confirmed it, right then... THEN, he has to go tell the other guys that the chick he's raving about is my ex... Now, we all fuk with Steve for creeping my ex... THIS WILL NEVER GET OLD!!! Chicks with guns thread, I get it - stay on topic... Coyote hunting - she's on the Mk12 Mod 0... I had to show the fucker some wedding pic before he believed me...
  10. 98Z5V

    Komodo smoker

    Damnit... I need to get a smoker, and get into this stuff. @Madhouse, what did that beast run you?
  11. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Damn - that didn't take long. You Bastard. Yep, that's "unprocessed brass" right there, and THE perfect Can Cannon Delivery Vehicle. I'm trying to process that brass tonight... The Ballistic Coefficient on this device is FAR superior to any other flat-face plain old can - these things right HERE, really get going! Fill 'em 2/3rds full of dirt, and they're amazing projectiles... I think we need to test these on IPSC steel at 25 yards, this fall. I'm just sayin'...
  12. 98Z5V

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Anybody know what the REAL answer is here? Anyone know what these are?...
  13. Thank you, my good man - I appreciate that. These things have been a headache for several years, as shipped. It's taken alot of time (both ways, back and forth with owners) requesting information, studying information, comparing information - testing and fixing some myself... It's not been an easy process, over the years. But there IS a pattern to follow to get them running tip-top, every single time, no matter what. The hardware is great - most of it - some of the specs on the individual parts, not so much. That's what needs changed. They'll never change it, tough - so we keep helping people with them, and make them run. Thanks for the props - it does mean alot.
  14. I love those 4" bobtails, man - that is some FANTASTIC work!!!
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