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  1. I can't say enough positive things about this optic. Not in this lifetime. I think this thing is the most perfectly developed, designed, executed, and shipped fixed 3-power prism scope that's ever been developed. I'm dead serious on that statement. This tiny little thing is completely badass, and really, REALLY works well. If I had to rate it to a 5-star review, and see where it fell in there - I'd give it 7 or 8 stars. Solid little fucker.
  2. Gen 5 barrels, if they'll fit the earlier Gen that you have. The Gen 5 barrels are a big improvement over previous factory barrels. Back in the day, I'd recommend Storm Lake Barrels, but I don't know where they're at now. They got gobbled up by Remington, that bigass company got smashed and spread out, and I think Storm Lake brand went to PSA. Yep, PSA bought them. PSA also owns DC Machine, from way back in the day, and they've made PSA's gun barrels for a long time. I'm not sure, can't prove it, but PSA DID buy Storm Lake Barrels, and I'd wager a very hefty sum that DC Machine is who is making all the Storm Lake barrels now, but just to the Storm Lake prints and proofs. Not sure if I'd go that route, but here's the info on who owns what now. https://www.guns.com/news/2021/08/05/bushmaster-dpms-panther-arms-black-rifle-brands-revived
  3. Alright, I found a barrel maker already, for 6 Creed gas guns. I don't know anything about this company, so do some research on them https://deadshotbarrels.com/product/ar-10-6mm-creedmoor/ I went through the menu, selected a stainless 18" rifle gas barrel (1:7.5" twist) with a 0.750" gas block diameter, heavy profile, threaded 5/8x24, added the gas tube for another $12, added the steel 0.750" gas block for another $20, and the thing comes up to $297. That's a pretty damned good deal, right there. But, like I said - research the company. Look for reviews. 6 Creed is just necked down 6.5 Creed, which runs the same base diameter at .308 Win, so any .308 AR BCG should have you doing okay, as long as it's a quality BCG. Rainier Arms also has an 18" barrel for $350, heavy fluted, about the same specs, but it's 1:8" twist. They state it's a Match chamber and designed for the 105gr to 108gr heavies. Might work, I don't know. I'd go for a little faster twist rate than 1:8" for this gun. That's the extent of my reasearch, so far. Happy Hunting, and let us know what the thought process is along the way.
  4. Right on!!! You'll be building this one to be a gas gun, too, I'm guessing. Which is cool. Yeah, I caught it - you stated that when I re-read it. Perfect... You reloading yet, or using off-the-shelf ammo? 1k yards would be a cake walk for a 6 Creed, literally. Not even a challenge for that cartridge. 6mm ARC will do the same thing, in a small frame AR - just tossing that out there. So, reloading. First thing is gonna be finding the gas gun barrel. Then, finding the right twist rate in it, to do distance. Some of the heaviest 6mm projectiles you'll find will be in the 108gr range, some out there a few grains heavier, but not by much. Find something with a 7" twist, preferably, or a 7.5" twist at the slowest. That'll get the heavies out there to distance easily. Next thing about the reloading question - .243 Win will do the same thing as 6 Creed, but you're making brass from .308 cases, and turning the necks down. That's an almost unlimited supply of brass, once you find good brass to make it from. Then, there's finding that barrel again... Just to get us started. We can figure out what to do, and how to spend your money -again. Awesome update on the .338 Fed gun, perfect follow-through, all the way. You did it well.
  5. Kids with Fathers will do anything to impress them. Kids without Fathers - turn into criminals. I'm just sayin'...
  6. Those fuckers will Steve Irwin you in a heartbeat.
  7. 98Z5V


    Just getting warmed up, like great leftovers, and the sleeping bags in camp at night...
  8. I should have tagged you, so you see this faster. Quoted now, instead, for that purpose.
  9. Hit this link: https://www.primarytactical.com/product/brownells-brn-10-prototype-handguard-rifle-length/
  10. Nope. To all 3 questions. Give up the deails on the gun build. Complete Recoil System specs and complete Gas System specs. That's where the issue lies. This level of information, right here - read this: Here's why all that information makes a difference. This explains what the purpose of drafting that one up there ^^^ was. Because of this information, below, we need that information, above, in order to diagnose a gun over the internet, just from written words:
  11. More common language - from Attorney Tom Grieve again. Frame and receiver smacked back again. ALL THIS will get incorporated into the Pistol Brace ruling, when they get smacked around again... Guarantee it. Watch this one...
  12. Mike Glover, 2:52:40 in that vid above. Talking about transitioning out, and moving to .civ status. "Look, I have a degree in Homeland Security. What's that gonna translate to?" I know @beachmaster has that degree, so it makes me want to know more about it. What is it, really, and what does it do? I have an "Associate's Degree" from Pierce College in Tacoma, Washington, Associate's in Technology. That was just a few classes, combined with all my military school's worth of accreditation for credit towards it, and I think it was 5 or 6 real college classes that I had to take to get it. At that time, you're not making E6 if you didn't do something towards Civilian Education on the promotion point worksheets, so I knocked it out, maxed out the civ ed block of the worksheet. The title of the "degree" didn't mean shiit, but it got me promoted, finally.
  13. That one was the VL800. Sidedraft carb behind the air cleaner. Way easy to take care of, and reliable. The VS1400 did suck to tune, too, you're right.
  14. VL1500? Or C90T? I love those bikes. You can keep the VZ-800s from back in the day, and their fuckin' wacky carb setup. That one's a motherfucker to carb-sync and tune right.
  15. ^^^ He was NOT the Group CSM in November 2003, when I had a 12-hour notice mission briefing that I was leaving that night from McChord AFB, to Afghaniland. In the mission brief, I asked for Mk12s, 2 per team, 3 teams going on the ground. I was denied that request (the only one that I had that was denied, all other requests granted). Had he BEEN the Group CSM, I would have had those 6 x Mk12s for my 3 teams. They would have been useful. Fuk, when we were in the PI in 2002, we had a Group Change of Command - got a new Group Commander. He was the one that assigned me to rooftop oversight duty, on top of the stadium, with an M4A1 and Aimpoint. "Any vehicle or person tries to come through that perimeter fence that surrounds the stadium, while this ceremony is going on, DROP 'EM!" Roger that, Sergeant Major~! This was the early days of red dots, so my gun looked just like this:
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