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  1. Waffle House shooting

    The father of this guy is gonna go down. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/24/waffle-house-shooting-suspects-father-could-face-federal-charges-official-says.html
  2. 2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    You're good. That's all legal and shiit now. We recognize you as a colonial patriot. Just show us a scalp.
  3. "My 4 day visit to everything PSA "

    Like it or not, it's the truth... Yeah, it's the ugly stepbrothers that were always dicks to you, the slutty stepsisters that always pissed you off... The a$shole cousins that only show up for family reunions... ...and everybody acts "happy" because they haven't seen each other since last year... You have no idea... This place is a ZOO...
  4. The next Black Rifle Build. .45 ACP

    Woody guns ROCK! Everybody online (ARF) thought I was a jackass for doing it to a real National Match 20" AR. IN 2010 or 2011. Bad comments everywhere. Battle Arms makes a PDW Woody, and the ARF fanboys are all over it... Do it, brother. There is NEVER enough wood...
  5. "My 4 day visit to everything PSA "

    Brother... listen to this...
  6. I was 28.5gr of Accurate 2520 on 123gr ELD-Ms, in Hornady brass, CCI 400s. HOT. It was 2585 on the 18", with the same ejector smears and flatass primers. I worked it down to another accuracy node at 27.5gr, no smears,but this thing just flattens primers, no matter what. But I haven't had it out yet to develop the drop data. Just accuracy grouping at the node lower. I need to get it back out, check drops at the same 500 and 845, and determine the real velocity to make the drop chart - I don't have a chrono, and reverse-engineer it all based on "clicks to get hits, equals..."
  7. "My 4 day visit to everything PSA "

    Refresh the whole board, on your computer, and REALLY look close...
  8. I was respectfully waiting, because I just snatched the last batch for sale here... That short Grrr is SWEET!!! GOOD PAINT!!! AGAIN!!! I ran my 12.5" out to 845 yards last month - and was FLOORED. I couldn't believe it. Ammo was too hot, running 2370 out of a 12.5", flat primers like a MOFO, ejection smears... I backed it down and need to rework my dope on it at distance. I must say, it was IMPRESSIVE, though!!! Matt Cross is gonna see this - and I already have a sick rail from him to build a short Grrr on, for him...
  9. The next Black Rifle Build. .45 ACP

    Don't call me "Sir." I worked for a living...
  10. Pic Of The Day 2

    ^^^ OH, HELL YES!!!
  11. If someone swoops in with a BIN offer, I'm cool with that, I won't be butthurt. However, you can consider it sold, when I can catch up this Friday or next Friday. You ARE my Brass Pimp.
  12. Gimme a week or so, Pete, and I'll get it. I just had to fight my way through a deal with Eddie on this stuff, and it wasn't even prepped. Eddie made me work for it. I'ma complete hooker for stocking up on Hornady Match brass... As bad as Matt Cross is with his current state of Grendelitis, spending like he's a California Politician with a pocketful of taxpayer money... I'm in that boat, and just spent about $400 on a chest rig dedicated to hauling Long Range High Angle gear up a hill...
  13. The next Black Rifle Build. .45 ACP

    Standard mag catch spring. I have spare roll pins for this thing - I can give you the length/diameter dimensions, and you can Ace Hardware it, for the correct one. Lemme know. Don't listen to the short barreled guys, brother. This 16" barrel has you ringing steel centermass hold, at 200 yards. WITH A .45 ACP ROUND... It's not even loud, either - because it starts out at subsonic...
  14. 2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    You guys are as bas as Millennials... All ya gotta do is click Page 1...
  15. A quarter is 0.069", so you had one of those receiver extensions that was close to 8.000" internal depth. The fix is easy, and you found it - I wouldn't change anything just because of that. Measure it, internally, just to be sure, and check what you get. You might want another quarter in there, depending.