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  1. I cant seem to find any reasonably priced 5.2" buffers out there. Would you happen to know a company that makes them? Or would a heavy carbine buffer work just as well
  2. If rifle reciever extension is the same as the buffer tube then yes that is my internal measurement(9 11/16") but the buffer after triple checking still measures 5 5/16". Do you have any experience with soft point causing issues and if so could you point me to your preferred deer/boar hunting round? But I'll go to a range this weekend and shoot without the compensator on to see how it functions.
  3. Yes those parts are all by aero and this is the link to the compensator: https://www.odinworks.com/product_p/mb-atlas.htm the buffer is 5 and 5/16
  4. I have a 16" wilson combat barrel and intermediate gas tube. I have a rifle length buffer system, lower, upper, gas block designed by aero. I have a prs stock and mag designed by magpul. I am shooting 180 grain soft points made by federal. I also have the odin works adjustable compensator on the barrel.
  5. I also have the adjustable odin works compensator on it
  6. The rifle is in 308 with a 308 buffer system from aero normal mass bcg non adjustable gas block and a 16 inch barrel prs stock from magpul wilson combat barrel aero lower
  7. I have finished my ar build and I took it to the range to sight it in and it was cycling to fast pinching the round between the bcg and the barrel. I think i need a heavier buffer but cant find any adjustable or heavy rifle length buffers. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to do
  8. I have an aero rifle buffer tube .308 rifle buffer and spring and an aero reciever with both an aero reciever lock nut and end plate
  9. I bought parts here and there when I had the money. And sorry I'm new to how forums work this website is my first experience. I bought a buffer kit so all the parts fit together but when I go to put the lock nut onto it along with the end plate the is no thread left. All of my receiver parts are aero
  10. I also forgot that a bolt is a part of a gun so I need help there as well1😭
  11. I have no clue about buffers and I think I bought the wrong one so could one of yall point me in the right direction
  12. I used the bigger detent pin and it is very crisp
  13. My selector switch is a little sloppy is there any way to make it less sloppy or did I use the wrong spring
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