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  1. So finally got out to the range to test this out, drilled the gas port to 0.096 with a #41 drill bit and still no luck. The BCG does start to come back now a little but not nearly enough and gun got dirty pretty quick (guess that's expected tho with gas block opened up all the way). What would be best next steps from here, an even bigger gas port? Shorten/weaker buffer spring? Lighter BCG?
  2. Okay thanks everyone, this is exactly what I needed and is good news. Was worried I was SOL with this build. May be a little while due to moving but once I get this completed I'll send an update with work completed and results incase others experience the same issue.
  3. Thanks for the input see attached for barrel specs
  4. Alright finally "completed" my 1 year build (tax stamp) and took it to the range for its first 50-100 rounds of testing and was unable to get it to cycle subsonic rounds while suppressed (haven't done any unsuppressed shooting yet). I have an 18" barrel with rifle length gas system and a superlative arms .750 gas block. luther ar stock (with supplied 5.3oz buffer and spring). I've heard two theories: 1.) Impossible for rifle length gas system to cycle 308 supressed subs 2.) My gas block is faulty/installed incorrectly Sidebar I did shoot some cheap supersonic ammo through which cycled fine after 6 clicks from closed on previously mentioned gas block. Any thoughts or information needed? Thanks
  5. Agreed willbird, I was just curious if anyone had actually used a decibel meter with suppressed .308 subsonic rounds (inside or outside). It appears no one else has that information yet either, I'm not needing this information for a dissertation or anything I just like looking at numbers (very curious how it compares to a sub 300 BO figures). My guess is that they should be about identical (same size round around: 200 grain, going the same speed).
  6. Link please? I couldn't find any for .308 subsonic suppressed.
  7. I've searched for the past 30 minutes online trying to find someone that did decibel readings on suppressed subsonic .308 rounds with no luck. I know it all depends on bolt action vs semi, ammo used, suppressor etc etc. Just looking for an idea of average numbers, what I'll be running once my build and tax stamp are approved is a semi automatic 18" barrel, 200 grain subsonic round with an Omega 300. Thanks!
  8. So good news, pushed the stuck detent all the way in with a small allen wrench then taped the detent spring to a 2x4, measured with my new detent how much to cut off the spring then cut it with a dremel (best route by far, needed to have the spring taped down tho). Started conservatively so had to cut off a few extra coils but finally got it to the correct length (pretty much flush with the reciever) and worked like a charm with the new detent and takedown pin! Thanks again everyone!!!
  9. Thanks everyone!! I'm waiting on so parts to come in and need to grab some more WD40 to try a few last ditch efforts but will update you with how things end up working out. COBrien, I'm probably 2 or so months away from finishing my build (buying parts as the extra money comes in) but will let you know how the completed rifle works once completed. Thanks again everyone!!
  10. Yeah I was worried about that, I don't think I'm at that point yet but I very well may need to follow your steps as I don't think my slight OCD will allow me to leave it in there. I will continue working on it, trying the WD40 and compressed air but may be following up with you for help of that's okay. Thanks for your advice / offer!
  11. Did a stupid mistake on my build and googled LR-308 forums and this was the first one. Put the front breakdown detent in before the spring and got it stuck...
  12. Oh and please ignore the cheap red dot site, put that on for just for fun and stock adjustments, coming off once build is complete.
  13. http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g245/andykappa515/Mobile Uploads/20200111_235545_zpsyacpch5g.jpg Not sure if this picture/link will work but here's my photo, no vent hole :(. A friend had mentioned cutting the spring and getting a new detent but was hoping to avoid that (but oh well).
  14. Put front takedown detent in before spring, and my dumbass self ramroded it down with the spring, so it is hardcore stuck in there now. Tried number mallet on buttstock and hitting front of lower receiver on rubber mallet but it's really in there... Any ideas on how to get it out or solutions?
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