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  1. Fellas ! top of the start of the weekend! New topic for open discussion----> Headspace gauges and I got a tri-set with a field gauge! Upon inserting and checking I am good for GO on My headspace , on my new build.. Interesting how these gauges, will indeed save your face! Feed on, im all ears Guys! You `good ol' boys have amazing knowledge.. I will read up on, soon from you all. FWD assist has awesome info, keep it coming... Jay
  2. Afternoon fellas.. Thank you! In into assembly stage , had a brain cramp on the fwd asst and went to the masses for input. My ret.sniper chief, had said to me "carry extra charge handles and a extra bcg in your tools box bro!' I get it Nice convo today! Jay
  3. Question to toss out... Can you and I, if we wanted to take it on, modify a upper w the boss lug of aluminum where the forward assist would be ..drill out hole install a fwd assist.. Simplified version.. Can u buy a jig for installing a forward assist that, doesn't assist? Expand on fellas! Jay
  4. Morning 98, super info... much I found out dining thru tons of reading ..I thank you for backing verifying what I read... Honestly the pencil barrel just wasn't flying in my head , the long size , aluminum , 18" alum hanguard... she's got weight already... im not at all worried about the fact I may have to hump it thru woods, 4wheeler for that haha... choirs gonna be set up, as I had my .223 table bipod or my bean bag logs for targets down range! Thank you for the conversation, friend Jay
  5. Unless you have chipped brass on the inside of upper, or your bcg is having or causing interference, it's gonna be gas block, especially 80% .... have trust in ODIN...see I have a creedmoore I built and going longer...barrel.... gas can't reset bcg accurately according to grain size...soo your correct length gas tube and say Odins adjustable gas block having correct size needed, can and most def will help with a lot of problems guys think is on the internal inside and it smack in front of their narrow sighted 'viso' ! Forum is to learn even if we think we know, were jus half way there! Thanks for all the feedback..knowledge is power.. J
  6. 98Z, thank you ... strictly a long range target rifle, I was in a face to face convo last night and I may just get another build going.. 16" or 18"...a retired chief sniper , has told me long range longer barrel...stability , swing weight yes if your standing, I will be tabled or grounded with my bean bag logs.... and for our 'dick' non-dick (no harm!) Pencil profile barrels according to reading and word of mouth.. weight reduction...and they sometimes have a 1% less crown... Caio for now.. J
  7. Im looking for 800+ yards , thus 20" problems would only be in what one doesn't know, realizing gas pressure is a huge factor i will be altering should I need too, working with larger buffer weights and springs...RAINEER has the 20" Faxon Pencil for $247 at the moment... still digesting ! Keep em coming fellas 🤙🐰
  8. 20" big gunner...however my build is complete milled and meticulously polished on the inside from the end mill job... I and my due diligence with my barrel choice, may take time I know but it will be worth my wait to factor advice! Thanks for Your reply 'Doc' ! J
  9. Without having to read the entire post, it had to have to have been the gas block hole size! Yup🤗
  10. Hi all names Rabbit, please feel free to holla Jay ! Looking to finish my .308 build.. been researching barrels... I've set a budget of 290- I want 20" and I want for distance 800+yds.. distance ... so anyone wish to please enligjten me im all eyes!! Jay
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