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    Wood working, Building high-end custom Furniture & one-man fishing boats, Re-loading, and anything that gets me out of doors!

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  1. Had a similar issue when I put a new barrel on, the guys on this site figured out my gas tube was too short (by about 3/16") but before they jumped in I went through the whole process of drilling the barrel to spec, installing an adjustable gas block, etc. Check the thread below. They did a great job of diagnosis! New 20" barrel, now it short strokes
  2. I don't do serious well, but in this case ... the Precision Armaments M4-72 break is fantastic at reducing felt recoil (I'd have to guess at least 50%) and it is wicked cool looking on the rifle but the back blast is uncomfortable at best. Not sure the reduction in recoil is worth the gas in the face and the sound blast is almost as bad, I had to double up on ear protection. The RSO at my local range asked me to move to the end bench because it was causing the shooters on either side of me to flinch!
  3. So my nabor, Bubba, comed over ta the hous the other nite an he had him onna them new PA M4-72 muzle brakes. Who we, hit wuz some kinda purty! I sez, "Bubba, that there hunka steel shore is purty but how come y'all ain't got hit onna gun?". He sez he had hit onna gun but hit kept on blowin his hat ofen his noggin. Well, seein as how Bubbas got a kinda pear shaped noggin I could see how he mighta had a mite uv a problem. I aloud as how I mite be intersted ifn he wuz wantin ta part wif it and he wuz so I traded him a jug uv Pappy's Moonlight Sprang Water fer his akes an pains. Well lemmy tell ya, at there brake shore looked purty on my new 20" barrl an I proceeded out ta the pasture wit Mary Lou an Pappy ta see ifn hit wuz all hit wuz kraked up ta be. Well dog my cats, hat there thang wuz wunnerful. Hit cut the recoil down so much hit wuz like shootin a lil ole four hunnert an tin bore! Only issue wuz the back blast wuz somthin fearse, hit blowed Pappy's too-pay slam offn his head an we still ain't fount Mary Lou's Brazeer!
  4. 98, took the second tube back to the shop where I bought it, sales weenie didn't know there was a difference between Armalite and DPMS tubes. Then went to my local shop to get an adjustable block, talked to the 'smith about the different length tubes. He basically said ... "Crap, how the @$#!& did I miss that!" then proceeded to discount the new block by 50%. I think he won't forget to look at the tube length in the future!
  5. Blue, just measured the old tube, exactly 15-3/16". I ordered a second Armalite tube (from Armalite online this time) and UPS just delivered it! It is 15-3/8", a full 3/16" longer. I'm taking the other tube back to the shop where I bought it and letting them know (in no uncertain terms) that it ain't an Armalite tube! Now, with the new tube AND the max gas port, I may be over gassed, guess I'll see an adjustable gas block in my future! So tell me, do you EVER get by with just ONE modification on these things???
  6. Well folks, I picked up an Armalite rifle length gas tube and it was exactly the same length as the other one. Put it in anyway, test fired the rifle with the same results. Went back to my gunsmith who checked the gas port, supposed to be 0.0890" mimimum to 0.0960" max, actually drilled at 0.0760". Drilled it out to the minimum 0.0890" and it "kinda-sorta" worked most of the time, went back and drilled to 0.0960" and now it works like a champ. Chamber and barrel were also pretty rough but I lapped them with JB's and it really cleaned them up. It almost seems that Anderson Parkerized the chamber and bore when they did the barrel. Hemi Nut, sorry you are having issues, I've only fired 50 rounds through mine (Remington 150 gn factory, Winchester 150 gn factory, 150 gn handloads, and 180 gn handloads) but getting MOA from the RP factory loads and the 180 gn handloads (different POI but really tight groups). The Winchester factory rounds were about 2 MOA and the lighter handloads were shotgunned! My thanks for all the suggestions, there is more knowledge on this site than I can imagine! Soon as I get the barrel broken in I'll post some "Group" photos.
  7. Thanks, I didn't realize the AR-10 used a different length tube. I'll have to order one since my LGS is firmly grounded in all things not Armalite but then call everything an AR (Hey, what can I say, we're all Hillbillys around here)! Had the headspace checked and it was good (cases grew 0.001" - 0.003" when fired), the chamber is pretty rough but I'm planning to lap it and the barrel so that should go away. I'll get the new tube and try it out then let you know what happens. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the barrel's accuracy, firing single shots it was sub MOA with my 168 Gn Match loads!
  8. It looks like the gas tube extends into the gas block about 1/4" - 3/8" with the bolt in battery but doesn't make it to the halfway point of the cam pin cutout.
  9. OK Gentlemen, what did I do wrong? My DPMS LR-308 (16" carbine length) was running good just not accurate enough at long range. Bought a new Anderson 20" barrel on the cheap to try out, changed from carbine length to rifle length gas tube but used the original gas block. Tried it out today and never got a complete cycle. I ran two different factory loads and two different handloads, no joy. Slopped it with oil, checked the BCG, everything looked and felt good. I thought maybe the gas port was too small or the original buffer was wrong. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Just found a new Armalite AR-10A4 at my LGS, $999 out the door. I already have a DPMS LR308 with a 16" heavy carbine barrel, SSA-E trigger, and Magpul MOE furniture that shoots great. The AR-10 has a thinner barrel but with a mid length tube and is also equipped with the Armalite 2 stage trigger and MOE furniture. I thought of buying the AR as my "plinking" toy and then fitting the DPMS with a 20" rifle length system for long range accuracy. Any thoughts? Is the AR a worthy investment? Thanks
  11. Holy Crap! And I thought I was crazy! Give it the loud peddle and HANG ON!
  12. As much as I love my high revin' Rice Rockets, there ain't nuthin' classier than Classic American Iron! Good lookin' ride! (Oh, and welcome aboard!)
  13. Bubba was a hitch hikin' down ta Possum Holler with his little ole squirrel dog, Beau. Been out there there a while watchin' the city folks zoom past in their Cad-o-laks (fer some reason, most of um rolled up their winders when they seed him) when here comes wun a them snortin' bellerin' 427 cubic inch, 500 horse par go-fast machines. City feller drivin' says "I ken give ya a lift but I ain't got room fer yer dawg." Bubba allowed as that was awerite cause Beau cud jest run long side. Feller screeched outta there an run er up ta bout 30, looked over at Bubba an said "Where's yer dawg, boy?" Bubba looked out the winder and said she was fine, jest a lopin long side. Feller looked a mite perturbed and showered down on that big ole engine, run er up ta bout 60 an said "Where's yer dawg now, boy?" Bubba checked er out and said she was fine, runnin easy. Feller looked real perturbed and reached down, got nuther cuppla gears took that big ole sporty car slam up ta one hunert n atey six miles an our, hit was some kinda fast! He looked over at Bubba (who was gittin him out another dip) an said "OK, boy, where's yer dawg now???" Bubba looked down, said she was fine, jest startin ta stretch out a mite. Well that feller hollerd out wun uv them ex-ple-tives (y'all no them wurds the Preacher frowns on) slammed on them big ole 16 inch car-bone fibr brakes an slid that big ole car to a skreechin stop in 37 feet flat! Smoke was a rollin frum the tars, the brakes an the motor too. He jumped out the car, run around tother side an sure nuff, theres Beau jest a sittin there pantin a bit. Feller looked at that little ole squirrel dog an said nuther wun uv them wurds looked at Bubba an said "Boy, I jest kaint beleve it that that there little ole dawg cud keep up, but whut's that ring round her neck fer?" Bubba looked at er an said "Oh, that's jest her center of uranus, she ain't used ta stoppin' that fast!"
  14. OK, I give, tube frame, twin cam turbo 4, double A frame suspension with coil overs, and what looks like a water cooled intercooler ... what ya buildin?????
  15. The Gen 1 (AP1) '99 - '03 were 9 grand redline. The only issue was that you didn't get any power until you were way up in the band. Over-reving was common and the valve spring retainers would fail if you went much beyond 9,500. Also they were noted for being tail-happy (they like to drift and they were not a car for the inexperienced driver). In 2004 they brought out the AP2 with a larger engine (2.2L), with a longer stroke (which increased the low end torque), dropped the redline to 8,200 and tweaked the suspension to make it a bit more docile. It still likes to drift but it is much more controllable. The issue with both the AP1 and the AP2 is that when you hit VTec at 6,200, you only have an instants warning before you are bouncing off the rev limiters and you are real busy trying to get the car back under you when that happens! Mine is modified a bit and I love cruising the mountain roads in Tennessee (OK, I admit it, I have ... exceeded ... the posted speed limits ... Uh, by accident ... maybe twice???) but most of the time the car is on a race track where if I get stupid I won't hurt anyone else. Incredible cars purpose built for fun!
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