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  1. Nam62

    New frrom Idaho

    I don't know what the A1 Skyraiders mission was in 1962. A guess would be ground support. When I was in Nha Trang the VNAF was training with the T-28. (That's another story) When we were TDY in Soc Trong a VNAF pilot crashed on Landing. The pilot walked away. He took out several Marine Corp. Helicopters Crossed the road and took out a woman walking down the road. The photo is the aftermath of the crash that injured the woman. I don't know if she lived or died! Note: See the flag on the tail of the A1 Skyrader
  2. Nam62

    New frrom Idaho

    Shooterrex you where 14 year later. It all started withe the De Havilland Beaver. 98Z5V that ship looks like a Porcupine with all those antennas! Happy to meet both of you. Too bad we don't live closer to each other. Here is another photo of a A-1 Sky Raider going past us. We didn't let Saigon Radar know we would be flying up on the Cambodian border. Saigon radar reported 2 unidentified aircraft where diving on Soc Trung Marine base.. We were on the downwind leg coming in for a landing when he went by us. I taking pictures of Soc Trung and snapped this photo...
  3. Nam62

    New frrom Idaho

    Shooterrex Great to meet a fellow ASAer. Was from Dec 60 to Dec 63. 9th ASA Aug 61 to Jan 62. @ Clark AFB, PI & 3rd RRU Saigon & Nha Trang. Jan.62 June 62. Airborne DF From June 62. till Nov. 62. My MOS was 286.1 Than back to Fort Devans till Discharge. Being Airborne was new I talked The Captain into flying a few missions to find out how it worked. After that I went on all the TDY with them in the CoPilot seat. 2 of the photos I took.
  4. Nam62

    New frrom Idaho

    Sketch I had no problems with U.S military rounds I had on hand. My handloads were short stroking. The case is G.I 79' with 47 gr. of 4320 & 150 gr. FMJ. The cases all looked the same as the GI loads. Like I said this was the first time out. Going to try H-414 & Win 760 before I buy other powder. IF I can find some!! Supply of powder is bad. It's the wrong time to experiment. But I'm retired.
  5. Found this site using the DUCKDUCKGO search engine. Hate using Google!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello everyone I am new to the AR-10 world. Just picked up a Palmetto PA-10 and shot it yesterday had a problem with my red dot sight. It would not adjust. El Cheapo that I had laying around. Mite have to steal the Eotech off my Ruger SR 556.
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