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Everything posted by PoolShark84

  1. 83" 😬 Holy shiit man!! Why would one actually need a spacer though if the SBA's are adjustable? Adjustability and secure mounting are my 2 main concerns for the brace. Comfort and cheekweld are also pretty high up there. I absolutely HATE when something is loose are not as tight as it could be.
  2. I've thought about the "long-arms" issue heavily, while buying parts for this build, as I have Gorilla arms too! Which brace would be best (LOP/Comfort) for us Long-Armed-Folk?
  3. Thank you, tallen and Shooter! I'll probably roll with the SBA4 then.
  4. Alright, I'm trying not to complicate shiit, with complicated shiit 🤣 With that being said, parts list is complete and I'm ready to order. -KAK 12.5 stainless barrel (carbine) -KAK BCG with the double ejectors -KAK gas block and tube The only parts left to pick out are the brace/stock and handguard. So, question: Will a standard AR15 brace work with the large frame build?
  5. Man, what a response! I think you just answered every question I may ever have. Lol. As expected, another great worded response.
  6. Thank you good sir! I had no clue they were interchangeable.👍 Will going the Armalite route limit my handguard choices? While we're at it, I guess I'll ask another dumb question 🙄; does the same apply for the MWS pattern? I know you're probably thinking, DAMN, this guy is stuck on LMT shiit. He should've just bought one 🤣
  7. Thoughts on this KAK barrel profile? It seems a bit on the heavy side for a 12.5" barrel. Side note: I'm having a hard time finding a quality 13.5" barrel. I may just end up going with 12.5". https://www.kakindustry.com/lr-308-parts/308-upper-parts/barrels/kak-762-stainless-125-inch-carbine-stainless-barrel
  8. Haha. I can only imagine. I try to research most parts before buying, although I do impulse buy as well 🙄, especially ammo. I feel like it may turn to gold soon, if the government doesn't come for it first.
  9. This! That's why I felt safe coming to a forum rather than a BS FB group. What a joke that place is! I don't settle on cheap stuff, that's for sure. Especially something I'll be trusting my life with. I'll be sure to update on the parts list, once I can find what I want in stock. Stop buying all of the AR stuff, man! Who has a .308 in every barrel length imaginable? 🤣 Can't you save some for the rest? I fukkin love it though!! As I said earlier, you all have YEARS on me in the firearms game.
  10. I never got that feeling at all, man. I'm a sponge right now with you guys, I'm all ears! I absolutely know y'all are beyond my intelligence with ALL firearms. I'm here to learn, and hopefully build badass rifle for my very first time.
  11. Gotcha. I'll try my best on that one. Lol. I'm fairly certain I bought a worthy reciever extension.
  12. Yeah, I read through your thread about gas ports. Very good info! So, I'm guessing with the reciever extension, you are meaning the buffer extension, like the LMT version i purchased?
  13. 😍 I can't wait to get this .308 done. I'd love to find a barrel/bcg combo that would be able to run without an AGB. I know the buffer system can fix some stuff, but it can also cover up the real issues going on.
  14. 400 yards with a red dot? Yeah, I need some more time behind the trigger, or better yet, some glasses 🤣 I can't see for shiit!
  15. Good to hear! The AR10 you posted above, is that a stock or a brace on there? I'm assuming a stock since it has a straight foregrip. No, I'm not the Ayy Tee Fff. Lol. Just trying to decide if it's worth waiting out for a SBR form to come back. The .308 is a beast, and I'd hate to imagine how she feels with a brace back there.
  16. Hmmmm. Details please! I can probably cut .5lbs from that with a SB.
  17. My man! Exactly what I wanted to hear! I'm starting to feel like I went the cheap route with the Aero recievers. All of my rifles that I own have been bought 😒, and all were $2k, not including optics. On this .308 build, I was expecting to tickle the 2k mark. I'm one of those "buy it once" type of guys. I'd love everyone's feedback on mid to high tier parts that are a must. Serious question: How bad is the .308 in a SB form, especially a pistol? Would it be wise to go ahead and SBR the .308?
  18. Quick question: will the LMT MWS bcg work in a DPMS reciever? I really like their gas channel design on their bcg's.
  19. Pardon the dumb question, but is there an app for this forum? Having to use my browser is kind of annoying.
  20. Same. I'm waiting for a spot to come open on first. But, I do love the calm atmosphere that usually comes with 2nd shift.
  21. This is what worries me, as much as I'd love to make this build last a year, especially since I'll be waiting on a can, I have a gut feeling things are gonna turn south in November.
  22. We were indeed. I'm paying the price today. Lol. Good thing I live the 2nd shift life.
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